Bridesmaids dilemma

How can I co-ordinate my bridesmaids outfits if I can't get them together? One lives in Surrey, one in Newcastle so I was planning to take my sister up to Newcastle to go shopping with my friend who's just had a baby so not fair to ask her to come all the way down here. Only now my sister's refusing to go up there. I'm so stressed out about how I can get them to look right if we can't all go shopping together.


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    what i have done is told them what colour thay need and sent them all looking 4 their dress so they can choice there own style 4 there shape and they was all happy with that
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    If you go to a nationwide chain it should be no problem e.g. berkertex or pronuptia or if they both go searching in their own areas and find things just look for stockists near to the other one - that's what we ended up doing and we got from a range called 'Olive bridal' v. nice google them and they hae a website and they have stockists all over the country - there are loads of others that do that too! Good luck.
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    I have six bridesmaids and they are doted about! I got them to look at the dresses online from Debenhams and some went to the local store to try them on then I ordered them. The only problem now is getting the right sizes!
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    Why don't you just get their measurements and then look at them yourself and then you don't have to worry until nearer the time when they need a fitting. I did ask mine about what styles and have got the same fabric in three different styles to suit body shapes, tastes etc. I have one in traditional flower girl outfit, two in two peice strapless dresses and one in an off the shoulder dress but as they are all in the same fabric, they look super.
  • I've got 4 bridesmaids who all live about 600 miles from me and miles from each other. I've bought my dresses from America, I picked about 20 dresses I liked and a couple of colours, took the pictures from website and put them all on my own website and asked the girls to email me with ratings for all dresses. Then I took everyones results & narrowed down the selection and asked the girls to do the same again with the remaining contenders, I was really surprised that I got similar replies from very different women! dresses arrived last week and are brilliant, I am off down to mainland to meet girls next week for a trying on session & practice run for hen night..... dresses came from and their service is BRILL, really helpful and saved £££ on buying here. they have ranges that are available in UK so you can go and try out at a UK shop and buy from USA cheeper.
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    Fiona. That is such a great idea the dress I was going to order for my bridesmaids this weekend is on there and at half the price. I just wanted to ask you was the delivery charge of $80 for all the dresses or per dress and did customs add on any VAT (my mum said tehy might do this). Thanks a lot for the help.
  • Hi, the $80 was for 4 dresses & they put on the customs form that it is worthless polyester clothing so no customs or vat charges. They are super good - they often have sales so say when you email them that you were hoping for a little discount (I think I got a $69 discount which is better than nothing). say that I reccommended you (Fiona from Shetland Isles) and maybe that will butter them up a bit more! hope it works well for you.
  • does that make sense? - $80 in total for all the postage......
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    Fiona. Thank you so much that is really sweet of you. I think I'll order them next week so I'll let you know how it goes.
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