i'd say leave it until after your photos and then put it back. I'm just so scared of losing mine that not sure if it would be better to leave it at home!


  • puntobabepuntobabe Posts: 446
    I was also wondering about all this, I would put it on my right hand until after the pics, but my right hand is slightly bigger and so it wont fit, think I will either give it to someone who I trust (like my mum) to look after it, or put it in it's box and leave it in the hotel room with all my stuff for the wedding night
  • PippaukPippauk Posts: 146
    I have the same problem: my right hand is too big for my ring. I've heard of people wearing them on a necklace but that was probably in the apst when it wouldn't be seen under some big dress that covers everything. I'd like to have it in some pictures though so would be sad to leave it at home.
  • craftycharlicraftycharli Posts: 3,175
    I am going to have my engagement ring on for photos - I have seem some with and some without and both works! My engagement ring is quite different and special to us - it is just a sapphire no diamonds after a frined of mine was killed in an armed raid on a diamond mine I could never have had a diamond! So the blue sapphire in my ring has been the basis for our blue colour theme so it seems crazy not to have it in piccies!
  • PippaukPippauk Posts: 146
    I feel more confident now then in having mine on too, I l;ove it so much I want ot included, so I'll just have a bridesmaid keep it for the ceremony. Thanks.
  • I picked my wedding ring to compliment my engagement ring (which i suppose is the norm but my engagement ring is very unusual and was bought from an antique shop - finding a wedding ring to suit it was a bit of a nightmare!) and they look so nice together - like they were made for each other, so i think i'll be keeping my engagement ring off for the pics - sort of so the wedding ring looks more like a statement - then popping the engagement ring back on for the reception.
  • troubleuktroubleuk Posts: 70
    Gosh you forget all the decisions you have to make! My wedding ring is in the process of being made at the moment as I couldn't find one 'off the shelf' that went with my engagement ring. I am not sure if the wedding ring might look a bit odd without the engagement ring so will reserve judgement until it is made. I might ask the photographer to take photos with and without and pick the best one. Fortunately my engagement ring fits on my right hand so that shouldn't be a problem.
  • blossom25blossom25 Posts: 3,072
    Are you no meant to wear your ring straight afterwards then? I hadn't even thought of this. It's too beautiful and meaningful to be totally left out so think I may do the same as Kirsty. xx
  • kelukkeluk Posts: 1,468
    i will put mine on other hand then next day put on same finger as wedding ring with the wedding ring being inside,that was what i was told.
  • I'm going to give my engagement ring to my chief bridesmaid to look after until after the ceremony but then I want to wear it for all our other photos. Like Kirtsy, I feel my engagement ring is too special to be left out of the photos. I absolutley love it (and h2b picked it out all by himself!) so it would feel strange not to wear it on the most important day of our lives. Sorry, getting slushy now, but I do get emotional when I start to talk about the big day!!!
  • blossom25blossom25 Posts: 3,072
    Our engagement rings should be part of our big days as they are so meaningful to us I think. xx
  • MarieukMarieuk Posts: 30
    I think i've actually decided i'm going to be different and wear my engagement ring on my right hand after the wedding and keep it there. I've always thought that two rings on one hand doesnt quite look right and my engagement ring is difficult to fit to anything else. Plus i know exactly what i want for my wedding ring and am not sure it would go...

    Is there anyone else doing this or is this totally not allowed?!?! Worried now!
  • blossom25blossom25 Posts: 3,072
    Think that would be totally up to you Marie. My Mam and sisters never wear their engagements rings apart from special occasions anyway. I intend to though! Your actual wedding ring will be on your ring finger so I don't see why you can't have your engagement one on whatever finger or hand you want. I suppose it's only reserving the space ready for your wedding ring anyway xx
  • craftycharlicraftycharli Posts: 3,175
    Yes Marie it is totally up to you. As Jules pointed out lots of people end up not wearing their engagement rings unless it is a special occasion - I think it would be much nicer to be wearing it on the other hand after all I am sure it cost a bit and it would be ashame not to be ablet o show it off any more!!
  • CA1312CA1312 Posts: 384
    im going to wear it on my right hand then chang to left after the ceremony. Cant bear to be without it
  • I think I may go with CA1312 as mine is my somehting blue (contains blue topaz) n i also have chosen my ring to go together - although gorgeous on its own. Wasn't something I'd thought about only which way round do you wear them afterwards?
    Tam x
  • Saint-BertieSaint-Bertie Posts: 6,678
    hadn't thought about it but will put it back on straightaway for the photos as my wedding ring is being shaped to fit with my engagement ring so might look bit odd without it!
  • jaynekukjaynekuk Posts: 2,893
    I put mine back on as soon as we were announced man & wife. I dint want to leave it off. love jayne.x
  • thirdthingthirdthing Posts: 582

    I will put mine on my right hand just before going in to be married, have a few photos with just the ring, then put the engagement ring back on top of it - the wedding ring is very narrow and the engagement ring sets it off - they complement each other well.


    My mum only wore her engagement ring when going out etc, but I intend to wear mine all the time.

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