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How did you get together?

H2b and I met in my first year at university and became close friends straight away. I kept a diary all the way through university (yes, I should have grown out of it by then...) and was reading through some of my third year recently when I came across an entry in which someone asked me whether I fancied h2b and I just laughed and asked why everyone kept asking me that recently - it had genuinely never crossed my mind that I might! Apparently all our friends had known we liked each other long before we even realised ourselves...

Did you know h2b was the one for you straight away? Or did you, like me, spend years failing to realise what was right under your nose...?!



  • nicandleenicandlee Posts: 1,743
    I met my H2B Dad before i met him,he bought H2B'S motorcycle leathers into be repaired at my shop, his dad told me that his son will pick them at weekend.

    Well as soon as we saw one another we hit it off, laughing and joking, he asked me out on a date, and well as they say the rest is history!!

    We've been together 5 years, have a 3 year old son, and getting married next year!!!

  • niccy_ctniccy_ct Posts: 319
    H2B and I met at Waitrose when he was my boss and I was one of his weekend assistants...

    I fancied the oants off him there, but nothing happened as we were both too busy seeing other people and it was a bit of a no no in the company...

    We both met by chance after i sent him a text accidently and he came into Yates where i was working with his new work friends (both had left waitrose) and he asked me out for a drink.

    And the rest they say is history... have now been together fror nearly 4 years and I still can't belive sometimes that I am with him.

    I think fate had a hand in it!!

  • Quoted:
    H2b and I met in my first year at university and became close friends straight away. I kept a diary all the way through university (yes, I should have grown out of it by then...) and was reading through some of my third year recently when I came across an entry in which someone asked me whether I fancied h2b and I just laughed and asked why everyone kept asking me that recently - it had genuinely never crossed my mind that I might! Apparently all our friends had known we liked each other long before we even realised ourselves...

    Did you know h2b was the one for you straight away? Or did you, like me, spend years failing to realise what was right under your nose...?!

    Loooooong story so won't bore you with it.

    Basically h2b had a motorbike accident i was in car behind him and jumped out to do first aid, then sat in hospital with him for 6 hours which at the end of he asked me for my number so he could take me out when he was better to say thankyou.

    We were friends for 9 months and spent every weekend together and he continuously asked me out but i didn't want it to be like in the movies where we HAD to be together because of the way we met (even though for both of us there was an instant attraction even with him covered in blood!!!!).

    Anyway he went away for 10 days one weekend to visit his parents and after the 3rd day i couldn't bare it so i called him and told him i missed him he came back straight away, took a walk along the geneva lake and finally got together and it felt soooo natural!!

  • scoobyduckscoobyduck Posts: 139
    WE met the way I never wanted to meet anyone, in a night club!

    My best mate was going out with h2b's cousin, they were going through rough patch so took my mate out for a drinks. Towards end of night she decided she wanted to sort things out so told her to ring him and meet up tonight. when we met him he was with my h2b. As it was just us 2 we started talking and things went from there.

  • LisukLisuk Posts: 233
    Not as glam as your meeting Claire =) ... ours was at work (in the hospital). I'm a nurse and hes a Dr. We'd known of each other for about 6 months but didnt get talking until the hospital summer ball, after a drink or 2image
  • TheHistoryGirl1TheHistoryGirl1 Posts: 1,656
    Classic campus novel scenario. We met as graduate students - different subjects, same college. We started dating within two weeks of meeting and knew it was permanent within six months although it took him 5 1/2 years propose!
  • suep511suep511 Posts: 25
    I've known my H2b on and off ever since primary school!

    When we were young, his mum was the Avon Lady and got friendly with my mum. We went to different schools so i didn't really see him very much until i was about 14/15 when i started a saturday job and he was working there too. I didn't fancy him then though.

    He left when he finished school as he had an apprenticeship and didn't need to work saturdays, so i didn't see him again until i started college.

    I lived in a little village in the middle of nowhere and had to walk 2 miles to the bus stop two villages away, this meant i had to walk past his house twice a day. He started giving me lifts to college and from the bus stop home and it went from there!!

    We've been together 8years now and got engaged in February this year on his birthday.
  • cheeseukcheeseuk Posts: 125
    We met in Australia, he's Dutch, I'm English. It was just an innocent handshake which sent shivers down my spine, we've been inseparable ever since - 10 years next month!
  • cazthebintcazthebint Posts: 59
    Running rival pubs in the same village. 1st date was in the curry house between them - a veritable no man's land! 2 happy years and counting xx
  • EthanJonnyEthanJonny Posts: 46
    I met my H2B through my sister, she was having security gates fitted to the front of her house & she just thought the guy(H2b) who was fitting them would suit me, she don't know why she thought it but did, so she asked him out straight if he was single & fancied going on a blind date with me. At the the time I was horrified when she told me she had set me up anyway she got his number & said when Im ready to text him if I wanted no preasure though, it took me a week to pluck up the courage & when I did I was so glad I done it. He is wonderful, funny & so fancy him, we get on so well & my sister is so overwelmed we now call her Cilla! And believe it or not this all happend in Feb 06 only a few months back. O yeah he said he knew I was the one just by texting so thats why he sent me a dozen red roses and valentine card on Valentine's day without even seeing each other first, of course we went out that night, we couldn't wait any longer. Like one big whirl wind romance. Im so happy xx
  • Knew of him as a friend of a friend of a friend through work.

    But actually got together when another friend in the chain had his annual fancy dress pub crawl come party and I just couldn't resist his Nun costume!
  • binnyukbinnyuk Posts: 53
    dating agency on internet!!! thought it was a normal chat room. Went on line, new flt and computer, got really drunk and started chatting on this web site, little did i know it was a dating agency! Happened that it turned out great and getting married in 17 days x
  • RandomBunnyukRandomBunnyuk Posts: 2,096
    We met through a band (how rock and roll!) I went to a festival in Ullapool and met a great group of people who kept in touch through the bands website. After the festival I went online and chatted away to all the other fans. My H2B was on there (and I remember seeing him at the festival but we never spoke). We got on amazingly well, but he lived in Aberdeen and me in Bristol. A different band were playing that we both liked in Bristol but I had noone to go with, so he jumped on an overnight bus to go with me. I remember a friend asking me if I thought anything would happen and I just laughed. But we spent two days hanging out and after the second day knew we wanted to be together. So a long distance relationship ensued (which sucked!) but we got engaged after 7 weeks and I moved to Aberdeen after 3 months. We're totally happy, it's the best thing I ever did going to that festival, and as fate would have it we're now friends with the band that got us together in the first place! (and they're hopefully playing at our wedding yippeee!)
  • becky_lpbecky_lp Posts: 123
    I met my h2b the first night i was at university, there were After two months we moved in together after 5 months he proposed and now we are planning our wedding!
  • LisachickukLisachickuk Posts: 113

    He was up in Leeds to watch the Liverpool/Leeds match and was out in Town the night before, I was out with a mate and decided that we wanted to do something different. We went to a club that we hadn't been to for a couple of years and we met there. FATE!!!

    Both in similar circumstances (both separated for about 8 months) - got chatting about that. Exchanged numbers. He was back home 'down South' the next day, but for the next 2 weeks we spoke every night, and then I plucked up courage to drive down to see him..... aw, it was lovely.

    Almost 6 years ago now - and we get married in ... 71 days - can't wait to be Mrs M.

  • HarrietPenguinHarrietPenguin Posts: 5,848
    I also met my H2B in a club and like you both say it's not the way I imagined meeting my future husband.

    I had a French lodger at the time and me and my friend (who is now a bridesmaid) decided that because he was so clean-cut, sensible, "preppy" etc (nice hair parting, lovely jumpers... etc I hope you get the picture...) we decided to take him out for the night and "break" him. We took him to the dirtiest pubs we know and ended up in the dirtiest club ever (the Phono in Leeds if anyone knows it - sticky floors, cheap booze, heavy metal/rock music, full of kids and weirdos - I loved it!). We were all fairly drunk and when I went to the toilet I came back to find them snogging each other. I waited for them for a bit but went off to find some other company. Went up (drunkenly) to my now H2B and said "my mate's snogging a frenchman so I've come to talk to you"..... and the rest is history! We'll have been together 5 years when we get married in 16 days time!!
  • loumadcowloumadcow Posts: 101
    The full and unabriged version!

    We met at King's church (not Lizzie's normal church but just went there randomly one morning!) on the 9th of March 2003. Despite promising her mum that she would be home for lunch, I (Lizzie) decided to stay for the church lunch when I was introduced (By the lovely Kay) to a dashing and handsome irish man! (I incidently was looking awful in trakkie bottoms as I had been up all night writing an essay for university!) We chatted in the queue for lunch and sat on the same table over the meal and continually chatting. At the end of lunch I offered to go out for coffee with Stephen (I hadn't yet discovered that Stephen doesn't DO hot drinks! I was also very nervous, I was never usually this forward!). Anyway, needless to say Stephen had to do trumpet practice and blew me out. image( I went back to my mates at uni and screamed that I was in love ... something that Kipp has never forgotten! Following that my university building was around the corner from the naval base where Stephen was in the Royal Marines Band. I often used to look at who was on gate duty as I walked past and prayed that if God wanted us to be together then he would bring us together. I went back to King's church week after week praying that Stephen would be there and he wasn't. I never gave up praying though. Stephen was my one ray of hope in a really difficult year. Finally on the 28th of June I was just finishing my final essay for university ever and I decided to go out to Emma (My best friend's) 18th birthday party. We had a couple of glasses of wine to celebrate uni and birthday's and consequently when I went to bed that night I forgot to put my mobile phone on charge. The following morning I had time to go to church for the first time in ages (I did say my final year of uni had been hell!) and my church didn't have a service so I went to King's church. The moment I walked through the door I saw Stephen. :0) Anyway after re-introducing ourselves (I pretended to have forgotten his name)we sat together during the service. After the service all of the young people (who I was friends with through university and church unity events) went to lunch. Stephen and I ended up sat next to each other. Slowly slowly everyone else went home and left us to it. When I was about to leave at around 4pm to go and give my essay a final check before hand in at 9am on the Monday morning, Stephen said "you're not going to leave me here alone are you?". So naturally I didn't! Anyway we left the bar, after copious diet cokes, at around 6pm. I offered Stephen a lift back to the base and he jumped at the chance. On the way back to the naval base Stephen asked for my phone number so we could maybe go for a drink "sometime!". By the time I got home 10 minutes later I had 4 texts on my phone (remember it was on charge) from Stephen saying he really thought I was lovely and could he see me later that evening. Anyway we arranged to go out for a walk later that evening once he had done his ironing and I had proof read my essay! I went to pick Stephen up from the base at 9pm. He was 15 mins late, I nearly left thinking he had stood me up. Anyway just in the nick of time I saw him storming across the car park of the base ready to meet me. We went for a walk in Old Portsmouth and ended up sheltering underneath the Sally Port as we watched a raging thunderstorm out at sea. The rest as they say is history, but we have been together for three years now!
  • LisachickukLisachickuk Posts: 113
    PENGUIN, my club is even worse!!!

    It is dead strange, but one of my bezzy mates was in the Phono that night, and met her now husband - whilst I was probably only 50 feet away in (I'm ashamed to say it) ....... TC's!!! (where I met my H2B)

  • CarlycukCarlycuk Posts: 1,877
    We met at work! We first spoke to each other on Xmas eve 2004, and I knew straight away he was the one! Grew closer and closer as friends over the next few months, didn't realise he had a long distance girlfriend and had done since the Xmas I first spoke to him. Found out about her in May, and got drunk a couple of months later and told him it was too hard being friends as I had feelings for him. He left his girlfriend the next day as he'd felt the same but been too scared to do anything(not that he actually would have cheated on his g/f, just left her sooner). We had our first date 2 days later 07/08/05, and the rest is history! Moved in together in Sep, got engaged in Oct, bought our first house in Feb 06, and now here we are! He's my soulmate.
  • alexiaukalexiauk Posts: 255
    met him at a party ... men dressed in dj in august .. very hot which was super slow .. we stole a bottle of whisky .. hjacked the dj .. he gave me his bowtie to tie up my hair .. 6 years later - we getting married!!!!! image (besides being carried home by 4 people that night I could say it was great!!!!) hehe

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  • DeborahtDeboraht Posts: 2,882
    We went to school together! I was a year above him so he was supa cool guy with older woman! (i say woman, I was 15!) Been togther 10 years in oct and he surprised me with my GORGEOUS ring on june 10th this year. The date is set for our wedding on 24.05.2008.:\)
  • we met at friends 21st birthday party, we both helped rescue a very drunk birthday girl, but neither of us plucked up the courage to leave no's etc, then met again at her 25th (birthday girl was more sober and intensively matchmaking) had fantastic evening flirting with h2b and never stopped laughing fund out we only lived 20 mins apart swapped no's and have been together last 4 years just wish i'd had the courage to ask for his number when i was 21!!! living in our own house and looking to get married august 2007, have just got to decide between two venues we have fallen in love with xxxx
  • My god, you load of old romantics. Met mine at work & thought he was an absolute tit. Later discovered he was doing the classic mating ritual of pretending not to be interested & basically acting the big arrogant I am. Got to know the real him & fell hook line & sinker. plucked up the courage to call him & ask him out on a date as I've never really been attracted to fellas who do the chasing.

    It was quite a naughty but nice feeling keeping it a secret from our colleagues & then watching their faces as we snogged in front of them at the office xmas party. Been going strong for 5 years & I love him a little bit more each day.

  • CarlycukCarlycuk Posts: 1,877
    It's always good to see their faces! We kept our relationship quiet from alot of people at work, didn't tell some of them until we got engaged, so it was quite good seeing the office b****es get jealous that we were getting married!
  • What a lovely topic idea!!! Love hearing these stories!!!

    Right... sorry to bore... my turn though!!!

    We met at uni, but we actually met cuz we worked at the same pub. But he had started in Sept and I'd NEVER gone to that pub until the day i got an application form from there!!!

    Also we worked together for 3 months without ever crossing eachthers' paths!!! (which is SO weird cuz it s a small pub, so should have seen eachother - but i believe its cuz we wouldn't have been ready for each other then - both were with other people around this time!)

    Then... 3 months after starting we had a staff do. ALL staff turned up... i got there late so wouldn't be on my own... turns out that everyones ALWAYS late, so i was still damn early!!!

    so... waiting at a bar all by myself, then H2B and his mate walk in and as cheesy and corny and as sad as it sounds... he made me feel fuzzy and giggly inside and out. his eyes just hooked me!!!

    (he also says it was my smile and eyes that grabbed him!!!)

    love at first sight does exist.

    arrr... i'm all loved up now... might go and give him breakfast in bed!!!

  • mandpandmandpand Posts: 34
    i met my h2b at the side of a fishing lake 6 years ago i was with my expartner at the time but there was an instant atraction not on a phisical leval buton a spirtitual one we became the best of friends , i was going through a pretty rough patch with my ex as he was a utter dick head !!!! but my h2b never over stepped the mark he was a true gent and gave me good advice. after 3 years and a messy break up from the ex we got together . within a short time i realised what it was like to "love" and to be loved as we had been friends for so long we had no horrid suprises for each other as we had always been so honest with each other, we are now getting married in 42 days time am so happy to have the man of my dreams in my life and in my heart
  • I'm like you carlyc. i met him the night before i was due to starting working in the pub-he was my manager and i knew staright away and apparantly so did he! took us 8 months to admit it to each other (in a sober state) but he had a girlf and i had boyf so was well very complicated, we wouldnt cheat as we didnt want our relationship to start like that so he finished his girlf and the plan was i'd finish my boyf months later we didnt want people to be suspicious but as it worked out i finished my boyf the day after him. his ex worked at pub (i never got in with her) so life was hell-he lived there and as i became homless after finishing my boyf i moved in with h2b 2 weeks later we got engaged after 3 months despite all the crap our work collegues and his ex put us through and get married in 7 weeks! you cant help who you fall in love with!

  • a drunken night out in leister square in london. it was a lock and key themed party (man has key, girl has lock- go around looking for who has the matching key to lock etc) his friend tried to chat my friend up after failing the lock and key chat up line... after standing around all agitated for what felt like forever my h2b walked up to me and tried the same chat up line!! although his key didnt unlock my lock we've been inseperable ever since... well he lives in dublin and me london but hey its working 2yrs down the line, i cant wait for him to move over here and im really excited about the wedding date moving closer!!
  • nicola25uknicola25uk Posts: 96
    we met at work too , though didn't really speak to each other for 6 month , started off as friends from works christmas do 2000 as he is 14 years older than me neither of us thought anything would happen, then got together christmas do year later 21 dec 2001 , what we didn't know was that everyone else at work had been taking bets as to when we would get together

    moved in august 2002

    got engaged christmas 2005 now planning winter wedding for november 2007 ( everything for us has hapened winter but did thought 21 dec too near to christmas
  • CarlycukCarlycuk Posts: 1,877
    Hi MrsWatts2B, I think you're right, sometimes it really is a case of when you know, you know. Sometimes you have to be prepared to do whatever it takes to get your man!
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