can anyone reccomend mobile hairdresser in Rotherham S.York?

as above girls/boys..... wanting mobile hairdresser for my big day x

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  • I'm in Sheffield and have just had a trial with Polly Jensen and she did a great job. She comes to your house to do you hair (and or makeup) and covers South Yorkshire.
  • Hi - I've booked Polly Jensen from Sheffield, if you google you'll find her website. I'm paying £175 for hair and make up which inludes a trial.

  • Me too Heather, have you had your trial yet?
  • I too have booked polly jenson for my hair and make up as she was recommended by one of the lovely ladies on here. She was really quite reasonable too!

    x x
  • Hi bluemoon, I havent had my trial yet - she's going to contact me in the new year to arrange a trial around Feb time. I hope she's good, she's going to have a hard time with my unruly hair and oily complexion though, lol!! I'm not normally one for wearing much make-up, I saw your trial pics and they looked lovely and no doubt I'll go for something very similar and quite natural looking. Think I'll be going for an up do though, curls always fall out of my hair really quickly image

    Sounds like Polly is quite popular, though there arent really that many in South Yorks. I did contact Harriet Steel who seems great but a bit too pricey for me - £250 plus extra for travelling.

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  • She's really friendly, and I was worried about my crazy hair too - it seriously has a mind of it's own! but she said to just wash and blow dry it before she came round and then she worked her magic! Apparently thick hair is best for wedding hair!!

    I looked at Harriet's website too but was not happy with the prices. xx
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  • Polly J is out of my price range to be honest ... i am a bride on a budget... got my makeup person from virgin vie for £45 inc trial ... looking at same budget for my hair.....Hi XRachieX my makeup artist said she will do my hair for £10 extra but she not qualified and as she also doin w2b we gonna be pushed for time for her to do us both + both mums xx
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  • oh thanx XRachieX i will ring her tommorow . Thanks for details hun xx
  • This link might be helpful - there's a few people on here too for hair.

  • XRachieX - when are you having your trial with Smart Hairdressing? I'm struggling to find someone, and someone reasonably priced, to come to me! Did you have her recommended to you? Also, who's the make up artist that you've booked? I need to find one of them too! Recommendations always welcome! x

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  • Hi

    I went with Harriet Steele. I originally rang Polly Jensen but she was not available for my wedding date.

    Harriet's prices are quite high but I went for it as I will only get married once.

    I would only have to pay about 10 pounds for her to get to me but nothing for her to get to my wedding venue which is in Sheffield.

    I don't think she is too bad a price. She is a high quality hair and make-up artist so that is what you are going to get really. Unless you split them and have a hair dresser and makeup artist seperate which I did not want.

  • hiya ladies

    if you are wanting a good hairdresser, at a good price try

  • Hello, I am a mobile hair stylist who specializes in weddings. I am based in Rotherham and travel to surrounding areas. If you would like any more information please feel free to message me on 07725067266. 

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    I've booked with the style lounge so as I can have my hair and make up done by the same people. I really like the look of their work and the Facebook reviews are good too. I've found prices reasonable.

    They do airbrush make up too. 

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