Has anyone used treasured possession to have dress cleaned?

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Hi I need my dress cleaned but dont know who to use and wondered if anyone had used these?

They collect and deliver.


Thanks ladies

Donna x


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    I'm also about to get my dress cleaned, I've read some good reviews on here about Terrington Burchett. I've emailed them and they've advised me of the correct box size, it seems like a great service and the price is OK, they collect and deliver too. I feel happy having read good reviews on here so think I'm going to go with them. (Need to get on with it really!!)


  • I am using perry de montaignac to do mine, and my shoes. They collect and return and also present the dress in an unsealed box. when I rang other cleaning firms for information they all raved on about their sealed boxes being excellent for preservation, but I want to be able to get my dress out and check they have actually cleaned it properly without damaging the box (yes, probably paranoid but it is my wedding dress and it is costing a lot to have it cleaned)!
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    Thanks ladies! Looking into them now!

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    STAY AWAY from treasured possesions, I have now been waiting for 3 days for them to actually collect the dress so I do not trust them to return it! In process of trying to get refund. Waited all day on the day they said they were going to deliver and nothing. The courier told the company he had been, what a lie!!!! This is a mikey mouse operation and advise people not to use them.

  • ATW what was the outcome of treasured possessions? I've just booked my dress in with them, prior to seeing your post, and I'm now really worried? Thanks.
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    Hi KP1982 I used them and was very pleased image my dress came back in good time and boxed beautifully image

    Hope you got it sorted atw?

    Donna x

  • I Used GownClean wedding dress cleaning UK They were excellent image

  • Just had dress returned, only had dress cleaned for my daughters wedding, The service was very good the dress looks beautiful like new, they let me know when the dress was received and checked before cleaning. After cleaning I was informed all was well and what day my dress would be returned. The only minus I would have liked a print out of the insurance and what the cover was.

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    Janet Evans - was it Treasured possession you used? I am looking to buy a second hand dress for my wedding, I have seen one but it has not been cleaned. It is quite dirty on the botton and train.Concerned as it was worn 6 months ago if the stains would come out

  • Try www.weddingdresscleaners.net, they came highly recommended by the shop that sold my daughter her dress and we are both delighted with the results.

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    I used them and foudn the service wonderful. collect and delivered on time, and the dress looks brand new again.

  • I've just used them for my wedding dress (quite complicated dress with lace) and they did an absolutely excellent job. Looks brand new. Thoroughly recommend them. 

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    My experience with Treasured Possessions was terrible. I would never use them again. They had cleaned my dress when I first bought it (as it was shipped from abroad) and all was fine, then after my wedding last month I had them do it again, just arrived back today and not even cleaned and in the tiniest box ever. Honestly I nearly burst into tears as I have to wear it again for wedding 'drinks' and photos back home in Aus. They have caused more damage to it and never communicated to me that they decided they were too scared to clean it.


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    I started looking for somewhere to get my dress cleaned this morning (shamefully it's over 18 months since we got married) it had a number of brownish marks on it that had developed over time. I decided haste was of the essence and tried the at home method and I am thrilled with the results. 

    There were some stubbon stains on the hem and lace so I used some sensitive fragrance free dove soap and almost all of them came straight out.

    I would recommend the at home method to anyone with a man made fibre dress. Doing it myself meant I focus the cleaning on the stains and use a lighter rinse on the rest of the dress. It's almost good as new!

    Thanks to the ladies who explained the process on here.

  • Don't use this company, they lost my veil in the cleaning process, the ID tag fell off along with other ladies veils!! 

    I did not receive adequate communication from them to confirm they had received the dress,  had to ring them to confirm.

    i did not receive any notification, prior to the dress and veil being returned, to state they had lost my veil. 

    I had to wait a whole weekend to be told what had happened to my veil, the ID tags had fallen off along with other veils and they could not identify anyone's veils. I was asked to email  with the designers name and product code of the veil and pictures of it, I had to send my personal picture in of me wearing the veil, total invasion of my privacy!!!  It took them 4 days, to return it. 

    Thankfully it was my veil, but do I feel the company 'Treasured Possessions' treasured my beautiful possessions??? Far far from, I paid a lot of money for their service and feel utterly let let down by them, the situation caused upset, a lot of worry (I paid a lot of money for my veil and my daughters will one day want to wear it) and a total inconvenience!!! 

    To add insult to injury, I asked for some sort of compensation for the inconvenience and upset caused, I paid for a service that was not adequately provided.  It took weeks for the owner to eventually contact me with an apology and be told the whole situation did not warrant any compensation but as a gesture of good will he will refund me £5, yes a whole £5!!! Total insult.  

    Would I recommend this company.......NO!! 

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    I checked lots of reviews before deciding to go with Treasured Possessions. Must say, following a wet wedding, my dress was filthy! Very pleased with the result though... the petticoat isn't the cleanest but it only cost £5 to clean, but the dress is sparkling! There is only the slightest giveaway on the inside of the train, which I've pictured in the interest of transparency. Very pleased and would recommend!







    Remnant stain



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