And you wonder why bridal shops charge or won't do evening appointments

This is just a polite request from a very fed up bridal shop. We are so busy at the moment that we've been doing evening appointments to fit in all the brides who want to come but work during the day and can't come during normal working hours.

So today, we opened an hour early for a bride who wanted to come at 9am only to find she didn't turn up. And tonight we have had two brides who had booked for 5.30 and 6.30, both of which didn't turn up. Now I know there may be genuine reasons for this, but I suspect not. We have had to pay staff wages, heat the shop, light the shop, and turn away other brides who wanted to come tonight, all for absolutely nothing.

Now I know no one on here would be so rude, but next time your bridal shop asks for a fee, or refuses an out of hours appointment, don't be too hard on them, because they've probably had years of the same and are just fed up.

So if you book an out of hours appointment, if you can't make it, please have the courtesy to ring and let the shop know. You're not just putting the shop out, you're also putting other brides out, who can't book the same slot.


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    I think that's fair enough- it is extremely rude not turning up for appointments, even more so when they are outside normal working hours!
  • NowMrsMaggsNowMrsMaggs Posts: 1,823
    This could happen in any line of work, just because we are brides, it doesn't give you the right to have a go, and you can't put everyone in a box. It is very rude that they didn't let you know they weren't going to make the appointment, but this post is unnecessary in my opinion considering we are not the ones who missed the appointments!
  • We get it all the time in my work too, i turn up at peoples home for appointments to find there not in.. its the same in most jobs i think x
  • I think the OP is just as entitled to rant on here as anyone else. At least her complaint is legitimate, not all the bridezillas on here can say the same! It is very rude not to call and cancel. I can think of no excuse. Everyone has a mobile these days.
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    Fair point. I would feel the same!

    Out of curiosity - do you do fittings with a seamstress on a Saturday? Because my shop doesn't. So I have to take time off work to go for them.
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    I get it all the time in my line of work too people book their ironing in I turn up at the door either they are not in or forgot or haven't got enough. The least they can do is have the manners to ring up.

    The other thing that pis ses us off is picking up someones ironing bringing it back the following night for them not to have any money.

    and the other thing is people just sending the hard stuff too.

    Some cheeky cow who we collect every fortnight sent 20 shirts on tuesday night when we delivered it back last night she had no money!!! We ask for a mixed load and 20 shirts isn't it. I'll be pulling her when I see her in a fortnight.

    Steph xx
  • flossycat100flossycat100 Posts: 6,527 New bride
    I do think the OP has a right to complain. How many times do we all have a pop at bad dress shops which offer indifferent service? Here's a shop which is prepared to go the extra mile and their clients don't have any respect for that. I think it's a fair complaint, rudeness is rudeness regardless of which side it comes from!
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    I agree it's a fair complaint, I would be annoyed too, I just don't like the way it's angled at us!
  • It is angled at us, brides, generally. You're taking it too personally. She even said she knows it's a minority. Chill, love.image
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    fair post really.. just a polite reminder really, tho i agree that we hate to think of people as nice as the ones on here being so discourteous so as not to ring, but theres more people out there that probably wouldnt ring then would i think.. we all have it in common that in our own lines of work this happens. if there was a forum like this in my line of work, id be putting regular reminders on too. i wouldnt want to have to be in work longer then necessary for no reason. so, point taken for me (tho id have rang, just to let you know! image ) xx
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    I don't think she's directing it directly at anyone specific. She does say she doesn't think we'd be as rude.

    The complaint is valid in everything. At the NHS they tell you to ring to cancel if you can't make it so someone else can have the slot. Bridal shops shouldn't be any different.
  • same as Mrs Maggs here.. Companied have to go the extra mile now to compete.. yes i agree people should call but as i said this happens in a lot of industries not just bridal shops.

    I cant believe how few shops do late night openings. i work full time including saturdays so it makes it very hard x
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    But still - i'm a sign language interpreter i'm not logging onto forums to have a go at all deaf people because today people left me waiting and didn't turn up to the appointment they booked - i think you'll find the ladies on here are passionate enough to sit on forums and wouldn't miss appointments for the world - i know i wouldn't!! xxx
  • people dont ring the nhs though either to cancel - i think its just a general issue not with brides only x
  • image

    Some people on here are FAR too sensitive.
  • NowMrsMaggsNowMrsMaggs Posts: 1,823
    Just because we disagree with you, we're far too sensitive? Well I don't agree with that either, so we'll just have to agree to disagree!

    I'm staying out of this debate image
  • No, Mrs Maggs, not because you disagree with me, but because you get irate about a supposed implication in a post -the OP- which just isn't there. I think now you are seeking to be offended at my posts too, which is quite funny really. image
  • NowMrsMaggsNowMrsMaggs Posts: 1,823
    As promised, I'm staying out of it.
  • Fair enough, I was just answering your question image
  • Thanks for your comments. I do appreciate this happens in all walks of life, and in a lot of industries, but two wrongs don't make a right. Just because it happens elsewhere, that doesn't make it ok.

    And I'm not having a pop at brides, it just happens that I run a bridal shop and therefore deal with brides, and this is a bridal forum. If I was doctor and this was a doctor's forum, we'd be talking about ill people, or if I was the lady who does ironing, we'd be talking about ironing, or the interpreter, we'd be talking about her clients. I'm not sitting here hatching a plot against brides, it's just that brides are my line of work, and I'm pleading with you lot on here (brides) just to think twice, and to bear in mind why so many shops don't offer these out of hours appointments. Unfortunately it's the minority that spoil things for the majority, so all those brides who have gone before you and booked 8pm appointments then not turned up are spoiling things for you. So please, don't be one of them, and don't be too hard on your shop when they can't or won't open up especially for you.
  • Holly, don't worry. It was obvious what you were ranting about and anyone with intelligence can see what you meant.

    I'd love to work in a Bridal shop. I bet most of the time you love it! Such a happy place to work.
  • thanks!

    And we do need some staff at the moment!
  • image Where is your shop? I would love it. image

    I would not be much use for long, as I'm off on maternity leave soonish. But I would be a good hard worker and I'd be soooo happy round the gorgeous dresses all day. I'll send a cv, lol. Who needs teachers anyway?!image
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    Oh so now I don't have intelligence, thanks.
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    MrsMaggs just let it go...cantblinking wait is amazing at winding people up!!

    It appears she only posts on threads that allow her to disagree in one way or another.

    Fact. image
  • Sorry, Mrs Maggs. We'll just have to agree to disagree. And Ms Natalie, I am not the one who has added nothing to the thread AND interupted a perfectly civil and friendly convo.

    Fact. image
  • NowMrsMaggsNowMrsMaggs Posts: 1,823
    Thanks MsNatalie, you're right image
  • Rather than posting a rant on a bridal forum I would have probably called the brides who didnt show up? I am a mobile therapist and have had a few incidents where I have turned up at a house and they not be in or too ill for the treatment. Unfortunately its an annoying part of working with the public image

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    Can kind of see this from both angles, it is really, really rude and discourteous for someone to do that, and I would never not bother turning up for an appointment, and would be really apologetic if I had to cancel last minute for an emergency etc.

    But at the same time in all walks of life we deal with timewasters, and the costs that you mention should be factored in to your overall costs. I used to be a travel agent, so would I write on trip advisor that you should only go in and sit with a travel agent if you're actually going to book?? You won't always get sales, that's like saying if you're not going to actually buy anything please think twice and don't waste your bridal shops time, and only paying heating for "legitimate" customers.

    I also do not think this is the right place to sound off, the website is called "youandyourwedding" and this is not about your wedding. If I knew your shop, and that you had stipulations such as this, then I probably would look elsewhere.
  • Ms_NatalieMs_Natalie Posts: 1,997
    What convo??

    This was a thread of notice! It was a rant! It didn't require an answer! Although I understand the upset of the OP. I feel like she may be preaching to the converted however.

    So are agreeing to disgaree about MrsMaggs intelligence!!?? How mature!

    You go into a forum thread, post an answer which you know will get peoples' backs up and then pretend that it is the other person getting irate!

    Anyway, I agree to disagree too.
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