List of formal photos for photographer

My photogrpaher has asked for a list of formal photos that I want so that he can plan in advance and ensure a swift session.

Does anyone have a list they can post up? What is the average number of posed photos? I'm not too keen on posed pics and have opted for mostly reportage, but of course would like some family shots.


  • i was thinking this the other day, got a while yet but came up with a few ideas:

    bride & groom with :-

    brides parents

    grooms parents

    both sets of parents

    brides grandparents

    grooms grandparents

    both sets


    best men

    bridesmaids and best men

    bm's best man and ushers

    brides immediate family

    grooms imediate family

    both immediate family

    brides side of family

    grooms side of family

    both sides of family

    friends only

    family and friends (everyone)

    bride with bridesmaids

    bride with bm's and flower girl

    groom with best man

    groom with best man and ushers

    then if u have a fave family member or a specific special friend, you may want some other individual shots.

    some of the posed ones i amt hinking of (just for ideas) are:-

    bride sitting with dress spread out and bm's behind

    " " with groom

    groom on one knee with brides foot on knee and lifting skirt to reveal stockings and garter - just a bit of fun and makes a nice photo

    groom, best man and ushers running towards camera makes a good pic too

    although this is a pretty long list already, remember you will not neceserily like them all so it is good to have a large choice to choose from - hope it helps? xx

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    This is a great help, thanks PinkMadBride2b! Nice fun photo ideas too... will have to think of some of those! xxx

  • hiya - glad i cud b of some help lol. let me know what else u think of - most of the first list will prob be done anyway but it is worth showing it to ur photographer incase they forget one lol... another thing u cud do is type in "wedding photos" on google images and it might come up with some different shots... there are so many things you cud do, its just upto the individual... someone i know, had all the groomsmen lifting her - so she was lying across their arms or something lol. xx
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    Other ones we have on our list are:

    Bride with brothers/sisters

    Groom with brothers/sisters

    Thought they'd be nice presents for parents as well as the wedding one. Not often we're all looking smart!
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    Thanks, good idea to look at other peoples pics. I saw wedding pics from the photographer 's portfolio at the same venue as mine - he took an aerial shot from the window on the top floor onto the lawns where the guests were standing and waving. Quite like that - might get people to stand in a heart shape! x
  • aw fatima thats cute - i cud imagine that wud look really nice!! good thinkin JB69, although for us, my sisters are bm's, brother might be best man if not usher and fiance's brothers will be ushers, so kinda comes under ours. fatima u got me thinking of more now lol. if u throw ur bouquet, u cud ask photographer to try picture it mid air and get a pic of who catches it - is you don't want it in the end, the person catching might? xx
  • Hiya i have pasted a link at the bottom of this page it is of my sisters wedding on June 2nd it may give you some ideas the password is emmaj

    best viewed on the slideshow

    good luck witth your big day xxxxxxxxx

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    Arrr, lovely photos Happgirl78! Thanks for sharing those. The confetti pic was a nice action shot.

    Not sure about bouquet throwing... i think i want to keep it!!

    Thanks for your helps girls. x

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