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I have had a couple of quotes for string quartets and for around 5 hours (wedding ceremony, drinks and wedding breakfast) they are coming out at about £700 - £800. This seems a bit steep to me, but wondered what others had paid/ been quoted? image


  • n4j_2010n4j_2010 Posts: 37
    i got 3 quotes for a string quartet during my meal only and they ranged from £400 to £750 so your deal sounds pretty good! Does it include any additional music you might want them to learn? The best price i got was from Apollo String Quartet but i'm in Scotland so i dont know if thats any use image xx
  • I know the wedding music industry and 200 per person is reasonable- of course there's 4 in a quartet so sounds reasonable to me. Will depend on how long you want them for and also how far they're travelling - 5 hours is a long time to fiddle for! We are having 2.5 hours
  • Thanks for the advice, yes I prob need to consider the time as I don't want them getting tired!

    My mum has suggested just having them for ceremony and drinks reception then just playing our own background music for the meal..
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    I'm paying £360 just for an hour during the ceremony and they have arranged a few pieces for me
  • I got quoted between £320-£650 for ceremony ONLY!

    I live in Watford, Hertfordshire just 20mins from London though
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    We paying £400 for 2 hours for ours to play during Ceremony and drinks reception. We are playing our own background music during the meal. So £700-800 i think is good for 5hours, but agree it is a long time to be playing for.
  • We're having a string trio for our ceremony and drinks reception, which is £355 (for 2 hours) but the quartet for 5 hours is £900, so I think £700 is pretty good image
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    Yeah seems about right to me. I have had 4 seperate quotes of around the £500 mark for them to do the service and drinks reception.
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    We are having a string duet rather than quartet play during out arrivals drinks for 1hr 30mins and we have paid 230. We have booked with 'Reflection Strings' if you fancied googling them.x
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    we have booked for our ceremony & reception drinks in South Wales for £450.x
  • mrspickard2bmrspickard2b Posts: 171
    I have been quoted £575 for 5 hours so feel like i've got a bit of a bargain and they sound amazing- we're having York String Quartet xx
  • Thanks so much for the recommendation they look really good and not too far from me in Doncaster!
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    MakeMe-A-Princess, where abouts in Doncaster are you? We are in a little village about 20mins outside of Doncaster and our string company is in my post above.

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    I was quoted £500 just for the ceremony! Needless to say I will not be taking them up on their offer.
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    I'm going to just stick my head in here, to explain that educating a violinist took over 18 years for this not-rich family of five, over a quarter of a million in nearly two decades of conservatoire fees, private lessons, summer music camps, audition tutoring, competition entry charges, travel costs, not to mention an upgrade to the violin itself--professional (not student standard) another 22,000 pounds plus the bow of 11,000.

    Then there was the 3 years at university and another two years at a major 'royal' conservatoire in London, at about 5000 total costs per year for undergrad, and 24,000 for the grad degree.

    He now rents  a single room in a London suburb for 800 pounds a month, gigs with major orchestras, solos at concerts, gives lessons and is trying to up his game with private coaching for future auditions.

    Now PLEASE multiply our typical story times four.

    The contributors/brides/planners might want to think about what it cost to produce wedding musicians of professional/classical quality before they refuse 125 pounds per musician to play for a ceremony. It takes most of the musicians' day, their laundry bill, their transport PLUS rehearsal time to produce that magic moment, not to mention the total of over one million pounds in training for all four from age 4-6 up to 25.







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    Just to point out you are arguing with a thread which is 7 years old.... I imagine the prices quoted since then have gone up? 

  • InkInk Posts: 2

    Actually, no the prices haven't gone up by much.

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