Tanning pills??

Has anyone tried them?

If so, do they work? Are there any side effects?

And what brand would you recommend?

Just seems a little too 'easy'......


  • PickwaiPickwai Posts: 406
    Ms-cat, you have just told someone off about using a sunbed on another posts and you suggest these!? Tanning pills need to be used in conjunction with some form of tanning routine, whether outdoor or indoor (sunbeds) and therefore are not a safe way of tanning either.
  • ms_catms_cat Posts: 760
    not necessarily- some market themselves as not needing any tanning routine- just normal daylight!!!

    And i didnt tell anyone off, was just stating facts image
  • serinec123serinec123 Posts: 537
    Don't know how they work, maybe you should google it. I thought they had some sort of beta carotine in them, same as carrots? If they were harmless surely it's too good to be true! Nice idea though! xxx
  • clarksukclarksuk Posts: 1,635
    I remember these being advertised years ago and i think they produce extra melanon (unsure how you spell) in your skin, but there is side effects, ie. pigmentation marks.

    Would you not prefer fake tanning? There are so many good products nowadays, its best just to find the best one for your skintype. I use St Tropez and its great for me. Gives a natural colour, doesnt look too orange.

    I'm more worried about the damage the sun will do to you in later years than worrying about a tan !:
  • VAMCVAMC Posts: 1
    It worked for me. Ive been using it for a while now and no side effect.

    I am very pleased with the results. But it really depends on the brand. My friend used a different one and she just turned yellow. The brand I used was Mytan Bronze. It was great and I use it all the time.

    I think the website is http://www.mytanningpills.com/

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  • teeniukteeniuk Posts: 1,046
    Well its each to their own, I use a sun bed, not a lot but never the less im a big girl to make my own mind up.

    Anyway hun, H2B and I went in Holland and Barrett to enquire about these tanning pills and they said that you DO have to still go in the sun or on a sunbed for them to work properly. They work really well they said and they have been totally sold out for ages. Try your local H&B shop.

    Hope this helps babe.

    nicki x
  • amariikayamariikay Posts: 692
    mine are from holland and barrats, and they do work after a while although i still use a fake tan on occasions for a darker effect-but thsts just me!!

    i havent had anyside effects as yet!!! and i dont use sunbeds.

    give it a bash if they dont work for you then hay ho!
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