Manchester Town Hall???

Hi all

We're thinking of having our wedding at Manchester Town Hall later this year - just wondered if anyone has had their wedding / been to a wedding there? - would be really interested in any feedback.

Info on any other venues in Manchester city centre would also be v much appreciated - choosing a venue is not easy!!

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    Hi, I know this isnt much help but my brother is thinking of getting married at the town hall - they havent booked yet but I know theyve been to a wedding there and were impressed - sorry dont know much more!! x
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    Thanks ladies for your input! - we have looked at both the art gallery (which I agree is great) and the town hall; price-wise there's not much difference (the art gallery is a bit more expensive on the venue hire side); the thing that bothered me about the gallery is that it's open to the public till 5pm and so you don't sit down to dinner till about 6. Not only is that a bit late (evening guests wouldn't be able to arrive till about 8.30pm) but as we're thinking of a December wedding I'm worried that all the pics would be dark! I was really impressed with the gallery though... But then the Town Hall is a beautiful building and the decor would really suit a winter wedding. Anyway I was talking to family about this at the weekend (we were out on family do), I mentioned we were thinking of the town hall and one of my aunties pulled her face and said she'd been to a wedding there and "wasn't keen"!!! Turned out she'd only been to the evening do but still... Anyway my sister was not pleased, she thought it was quite insensitive to say the least, especially as I was obviously quite excited (this being our wedding after all!!). Just thought I'd see if any of you guys out there could help!
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    Go with your gut feeling - if you and h2b like it then dont worry what others say. What was it she wasnt keen on?? If its a winter wedding the town hall is beautiful setting, have been to the christmas markets in manchester and it looks gorgeous - plus theres a big santa on the roof!! x
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    We had our wedding at Bridge street masonic lodge opposite starbucks (lol)

    They were so so helpfull it was perfect, there are loads of differant rooms you can have i would defo recommend a visit, it looks nothing from the outside but its lovely and grand inside, oh and justin timberlake has just filmed some of his new video in there !

    heres the website, you need to speak to Della, good luck x
  • I went to a wedding at the town hall last weekend. It is a stunning venue.
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    We looked at the Town Hall for our reception venue as I liked the idea of walking through town after wedding ceremony (getting married at St Ann's).

    We have always loved the Town Hall and it was always the place we said we would hold our reception, but on going to look round the rooms I was really disappointed. The rooms themselves are good size etc, but they seemed dirty, there were bulbs out in the lights, light shades missing and duck tape holding one of the curtains together, the carpet looked threadbare in places, the ladies loos were really far away which isn't ideal when Mil2b is disabled, there were extras on the final total such as late license and extra room hire. Saying this, we went to look round last year so they might have pulled their socks up now.

    Also we are getting married in November and the Christmas markets are on so it doesn't leave much room for photos outside as the stalls come up quite close to the door, plus I wanted photos round the fountian but I don't think that'll be possible from what I remember last year.

    I'm sorry if I've put a downer on you, but as I say they might have sorted things out now, plus I am TOTALLY anal about small details that in truth other people probably wouldn't notice! (Oh, the final nail in the coffin for it was I work for the council and they wouldn't give me a discount!!).

    Let us know what you decide though, we possible looked at EVERY city cente venue and decided on none of them because I'm so picky!

  • we are looking at looking for the same. We have a meeting in Heaton Hall on saturday to look around and we are booking to look at the town hall too. i do like the look of the Freemasons lodge but i would love to know anywhere good in manchester really. We originally planned to get married in wales but that has all had to change and now we're starting again!!! Any help would be great!
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    Hello! I was a student in Manchester and have always thought the town hall would be a beautiful place for a wedding reception, I saw it once with the tables laid with flowers in the blue room with stars on the ceiling, it was really magical!

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    My friends got married at the Freemasons Hall in Manchester last Autumn and it was absolutely beautiful. After the ceremony they had drinks in one of teh function rooms upstairs whilst photos were being taken, then the whole wedding party walked through the streets to Stock Restaurant for the reception - luckily the weather was ok for them and it was lovely having all the shoppers and workers watching and shouting congratulations as they walked.

    The food at Stock was amazing, and apparently it wasn't as expensive as you might think if you're having a lot of guests.(sorry, I don't have actual costs). I really love good food, so the idea of having our reception in a top restaurant really appeals. If you're having a smaller wedding and don't fancy taking the whole restaurant, many places have smaller private rooms - the one atLounge Ten is great - brilliant food and very sexy.

    Some other friends are getting married at the Town Hall in the Winter. They are then having their reception at the Radisson, although I know they also considered having the whole do at the Town Hall. They also looked at the Art Gallery - she loved it but he wasn't as keen for some reason.
  • we are getting married at manchester town hall on dec 13th this year and i really love the room too.

    its being held in the conference room which can hold approx 100.

    I think the christma market will add to the whole feel of the day.

    we are then having our reception at the urbis building.

    we have hired the modern bar and restaurant on the 5th and 6th floors which have great city views, especially at night.

    if the weather is dry our guests will walk from town hall to urbis. I have hired a small mini bus to do a few runs just in case.

    the town hall is a great venue for the ceremony and it is used for alot of tv and film work. photos will also be amazing.

    if you want to get married there you will need to be quick - it gets booked up fast as it is used for conferences and such.

    I would really recommend it, a great choice for a winter wedding.
  • very very late responding to this but its still quite easy to find in google


    I highly recommend the town hall for your wedding its a beautiful building and the staff were all friendly. The food was great too.

    You can read a little bit about the wedding I photographed and see some photos here:

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