Hi image I'm tentatively starting this thread. Got my BFP this morning after 17 months of trying image Worked out my due date to be 11th April 20to. Hope to have people joining me soon x

Due in April Mummies To Be:

Hollie (TheFeistyFlorist)/29th March 2014/1st baby/Will be finding out the sex

Megs/9th April 2014/1st baby/Will be finding out the sex

TeacherBee/10th April 2014/1st baby/Team Yellow

Hayley (glitter)/11th April 2014/1st baby/Will be finding out the sex

Lauren (MrsLM23)/13th April 2014/1st baby/Will be finding out the sex

Kate (Minkey)/13th April 2014/1st baby

Missj84/15th April 2014/1st baby/Team Yellow

Lizzie (NYEbride2014)/17th April 2014/1st baby/Will be finding out the sex

Charlotte (LadyFord)/17th April 2014/3rd baby/Will be finding out the sex

Kate (coco1981)/17th April 2014/2nd baby

RR2011/19th April 2014/2nd baby

Eve (MrsJDH2014)/21st April 2014/1st baby/Team Yellow

JinJin/22nd April 2014/Team Yellow

MrsCrossland-Scott/24th April 2014/1st baby

Ammillward/EDD tbc/1st baby/Team Yellow



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    So glad you started the thread! Not far behind me, end of March. Hope you get some April buddies soon!xx

    Feel free to pick our brains over in March, it's easy to drive yourself crazy the first few weeks image 

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    I got a (surprise) BFP last night and if my calculations are right my due date is the same as yours MrsLM23!!

    I feel really nervous, excited but nervous. image

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    So excited you started this thread! As Lyndsey said feel free to drop by the march thread any time image xx

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    Congratulations MrsK2014!! Fab news. April 11th is obviously the best date then image How are you feeling? X

  • MrsLM23MrsLM23 Posts: 924

    Lyndsey and Gemma I'll definately be asking you a million questions! Lol xx

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    MrsLM23 wrote

    Congratulations MrsK2014!! Fab news. April 11th is obviously the best date then image How are you feeling? X

    Bloated to be blunt! image No sickness, just hot and bloated. I'm torn between giddiness and disbelief! How about you? X

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    I'm the same massively hot and uncomfortable and belly is bloated! Been feeling nauseous today on and off but think that's more to do with the adrenaline from finding out. I can't quite believe its real I hope that it doesn't drag tot 12 weeks! X

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    Congratulations ladies! I'm due 28 March (going by the first day of my LMP), but I'm pretty sure I know when I ovulated and some online due date calculators are putting me at 31 March/1 April. I've got a little while to wait until my first scan but there's a chance I might be joining you! As Lynsey and Gemma have said, please do pop in to the March thread image xx

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    I'm hoping the bloating goes soon as I look pregnant at the minute ha! I know, 12 weeks seems a long way off. I don't even know when I will get to see a midwife 

    We are off on holiday in a coupIe of weeks, no brie or wine for me!

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    I know I swear it's already hard to do my jeans up lol. I'm quite small though so not sure if it'll notice more? I'm going to call the doctor on Monday, because I was due to start fertility treatment I should hopefully get an early scan image My MIL and her sister are midwives which is very handy! 

    Ooh lovely we just came back from 2 weeks in Spain on Sunday I drank so much sangria! lol and that's where we conceived image Where are you off to? X

  • Ooh me, me! I'm 11th April too! I keep panicking about things though, know its still very early days! 

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    Congratulations glitter! 11th April is very popular image Same I'm feeling crampy but know its everything stretching so trying not to panick too much. Is this both of your firsts? It'll be our first xx

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    It's our first. I ended up telling my parents tonight,  I needed my mum to calm me a bit and just felt I needed someone to talk to. I was very panicky about the aches but after reading it is normal I've eased my worrying a bit. It's going to be a looooong 12 weeks! image


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    I got my bfp whilst on holiday last week, we just got back so quickly confirmed with a Clear Blue test today. 

    From my dates i believe my due date is 8th April image however CBT is saying 5+ weeks. xxx

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    MrsK we told hubby's parents yesterday as they've been great through all our fertility issues and they were so happy they both cried! It was amazing telling them image I know roll on September and the scans! 

    Cingratulations and welcome JennieF that is a fab holiday present! Where did you go? Wow we're all so close together! Has anyone been to the doctor yet? I'm going to call mine in the morning xx

  • MrsK2014MrsK2014 Posts: 280

    I'm calling my GP first thing. my 30th birthday is at the end of September so I'm hoping I will have had the scan and be able to tell siblings and close friends.

  • It's our first too. i still can't quite believe it really... have a clear blue digital I might do to try & convince myself it's real! Although I have completely freaked about a little bit of bleeding... It's so hard not really having a clue what's going on!

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    Thought I would just drop in and say congrats again!!! Can't wait to hear how you guys get on!

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    MrsK what a great birthday present that will be! 

    Glitter try not to worry the little bit of bleeding may have just been baby implanting more I'm sure it'll all be fine as long as the blood isn't bright red with pain it'll be fine image 

    I done a digi yesterday and it was amazing seeing the words! The battery has already gone on it though but am going to do one a week until it says 3+ just to help me feel like its progressing X

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    Just called the doctors and they can't get me in until Friday afternoon! Hope everyone else is having better luck with their doctors image

  • MrsK2014MrsK2014 Posts: 280

    The doctor didn't want to see me but they booked me in with the midwife on Wednesday morning!! How's everyone's symptoms? My boobs have got really tender, had to sleep in a bra last night. Had lots of pulling last night too, not cramps just like a pulling sensation, and I sneezed which was painful. I guess that is due to stretching. My OH is amused at all these symptoms, not quite sympathetic ha! I'm a teacher so I'm off at the moment, trying to resist the temptation to look at baby things! image

    MrsLM - I also did a Clear Blue digi test yesterday, i like your idea of doing another next week! By my calculations, I'm 5 weeks today.

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    Hi ladies, 

    I got my bfp on Friday but needed too see the word pregnant on a clear blue digi which I did on sat. yesterday was our 1st wedding anniversary so timing couldn't be better. i am also a teacher so know exactly what you mean MrsK about trying to resist but it's so hard!,


  • MrsK2014MrsK2014 Posts: 280

    Congratulations TeacherBee!!! image 

    Do you know your EDD?

  • TeacherBeeTeacherBee Posts: 107

    Thank you, I think it is the 13th going on my ov day, which means I am 4 weeks!

    Your symptons seem to be the same as urs really I'm just tired a lot and my boobs are tender, had cramps last week but they seem to have gone bjut now its just a  strange feeling. 

    Have you ladies told anyone yet?


  • MrsLM23MrsLM23 Posts: 924

    Congratulations and welcome TeacherBee! 

    My symptoms are major tiredness, sore boobs and the same pulling sensation in my stomach. I seem to be getting to 1pm and needing a nap each day which is impossible as I work 8.45-5.15 Monday-Friday! Meant to be going to my friends tonight for dinner and not too sure how I'll stay awake lol! 

    We've told hubby's parents and one of my friends and I told my boss this morning as it'll be easier to explain my time off, she knows what we've been through and she was so happy she jumped up and gave me a hug image It's so nice knowing she'll be really supportive  x

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    We have told my parents and my bridesmaids. I'm not planning on telling work until after my 12 week scan.

  • TeacherBeeTeacherBee Posts: 107

    i know what you mean about the 1pm naps, I'm not sure how I would cope if I had to work your hours MrsLM probably be asleep standing up lol!

    We haven't told anyone yet as im super nervous about the whole thing and want a few more weeks under my belt. I have no doubt my parents will be over the moon we have been talking about starting a family and my mum gets so excited, I can't wait to see her face. 

    My next job is to ring the doctors and find out what happens next, I hate the not knowing! Has anyone seen the doctor yet?


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    Hi i found out two days before my wedding that i am pregnant image best wedding present ever!!!

    however... Wehave no idea how far along i am though.

    i havnt had any periods since feb, as have very irregular cycles so dont know when i concieved. I could only be 5 weeks. The cbd test said 3+ which from what other people have said means 5 weeks?

    I saw a dr the day before my wedding and she confirmed the pregnancy with a test. And now ive  got to wait till aug 14th to see the midwife!.? Is this normal?

    i dont even think that appointment is for a scan!


    Really want to know everything is ok.

    im also feeling extremely tired and light headed and dizzy too, so would have much prefered to have seen the mid wife earlier to get some advice and rule out anaemia.

    I have low blood pressure so dont know if this has anything to do with it.

    Has anybody else noticed they have started eating lots more and of things you wouldnt normally eat?!

    in the last week ive had... Chips, dominoes pizza, mcdonalds and various other things which are bad!

    I cant even remember the last time i ate fast food as i just dont eat things that are bad for me. I rarely eat carbs either, but just before i found out i as pregnant i suddenly started eating everything that i could find! Ha ha

    Kind of aware i need to start eating carbs as the baby will need these, but at the same time i dont want to end up the size of a house by going ott which is what i seem to be doing right now.


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    Welcome and congratulations MrsKG! What an amazing wedding present image I'm surprised they're making you wait until the 14th to see someone especially if you haven't had a period since feb you could be anywhere from 5 weeks to 3 months! I've noticed I'm eating more in general but trying to not eat stuff I normally wouldn't.im the same as you I don't eat fast food really but I've found that I'm grazing on lots of biscuits to keep the hungry away as I don't want to eat anymore big meals lol! Feel like I could eat 2 full dinners at the moment! 

    Teacherbee my doctors appt is Friday at 4.40 it was the first one they could give me! But I called my fertility consultant today as we were due to start IUI in October/November and they've discharged me from their care as "managed to do it myself"! No lie that was the words they used haha! X

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