How many drinks to allow per person

We are getting married in July 2014.  We are having our reception at a restaurant exclusively to us for the day.  We are having 60 daytime guests and 100 evening guests.  We have taken out a package with the restaurant which includes arrival drinks and champagne for toast but I am getting stuck at how many bottles of wine to allow per table at the reception.  We are planning to have tables of 8 so probably 8 tables including top table. How much wine should I supply?

And what about the extra people coming in the evening do I need to supply drinks to them or is it okay for them to use the pay bar?

We haven't got a big budget!!!!


  • I'm stuck on this as well. Our venue doesn't do any drinks packages at all so we are going to end up spending loads of money! We are buying everybody some pink lemonade after the ceremony as this goes with our theme and will be cheaper than alcohol (see my jam jar thread), We have tables of 10 and are thinking 3 bottles per table plus a bottle of champagne for the toasts. I've been to weddings before where it's 1/2 a bottle of wine per person. We may up that to 4 bottles per table yet though, we have 7 months to decide!

    We aren't providing drinks for evening guests. I wouldn't expect that if I went to a wedding reception so I think that's ok.

    The food and drink is stressing me out alreadt and I've got months to decide!

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    I think it will probably depend on your budget. At some weddings I've been to I've only been given one glass of wine at the reception. We originally allowed half a bottle of wine per person - 100 guests for the wedding breakfast so 50 bottles of wine. We split it 25 red, 25 white then also had 8 bottles of rose for those who wanted it, so 58 bottles in total. Obviously not everyone drinks wine so on some tables, I think our luckier guests had a bottle of wine each. There were still a few bottles of wine left in the evening which people carried on drinking.

    We didnt' supply drinks for evening guests apart from cocktails for those who wanted one. The venue made up 10 jugs of our favourite two drinks and when it was gone, it was gone! I went to a wedding two weeks ago where evening guests were given a drinks voucher as they arrived and they could use it for wine or beer but other than that, I've never had drinks provided an an evening reception and have always just used the cash bar. Hope that helps x

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    Their wine is £13.50 a bottle and if we bring our own it's £7.50 corkage 

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    It depends on your guests and your budget. I was recently told that its a bottle of champagne and a bottle of wine per person! Thats not going to happen! 

    I think I'm going to do 1/2 a bottle of champagne per person for the reception and the toasts and then 4 bottles (2 red, 2 white) between a table of 10. I think I'm also hopefully going to be able to use what isn't drunk during the meal at the evening party and we'll have a barrel of beer too. Plus obviously unlimited soft drinks. Everything else guests will have to pay for. i've been to too many weddings where guests have had free bar all night so ordered double whisky and then spilled it or put it down and forgotten which was theres and gone to get another. I've also seen glass all over the dance floor at another wedding and people falling over on spilled drinks because people were being careless. And I really don't want people getting off their faces just because drink is free.

    Its really hard to estimate though. Most of my family will have one drink and then stick to soft drinks all night but his family are much bigger drinkers (where I got the 2 bottles per person estimate from!) I don't think open bar is expected least not in the UK. I try to stay off American wedding forums that make me feel bad I'm not providing it!

  • oh dear! You have got me panicking now! Our venue charges £16.95 per bottle and we have to use their wine for the tables during the wedding breakfast. again 8 per table and we are having 9 tables but there is mix of children and adults on each table. i WAS JUST GOING TO HAVE A BOTTLE OF RED AND A BOTTLE OF WHITE ON EACH. iS THIS TOO TIGHT?  There is also a bar in the room and toast drinks and arrival drinks are included. 

    Any thoughts? x

  • I think people should understand that geting married is expensive! I am worried about looking tight as well though.

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    Our drinks package is a drink for arrival one for toast and half bottle wine pp, then buy their own on night do image 

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    Majestic do a great little calculator on their website, great for a guide. Are you planning for your guests to self serve? Id suggest this was fine for wine but i would have served the champagne/bubbles for toasts to ensure fair quantity if you get my meaning image

    Usually go for 1/2 bottle of wine per adult guest and a mixture. If you try and second guess everyones choices you will go mad!! Plus any more and you run the risk of very drunk guests which is never a good thing as drama usually follows! 

    Our reception we had drinks tokens for the bar and gave everyone 4 for wine/beer/soft drinks, a separate one for welcome drink which the bar staff then used to pour out champers for the toast (think it worked out at 5-6 glasses per bottle). We planned for worst case scenario and to be spending more after but we ended up with money back where it hadnt been spent.

    Just my 2p into it image

  • We provided a glass of Pimms on arrival, a glass of sparkling wine for the toast, and then three bottles of wine per table (one red, two white). The tables had between 7 - 10 people, and I was really only planning on getting two bottles per table, but my Mum insisted on the third (and she was paying, so I didn't argue!). The bar was open for anyone that wanted anything different.

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    Mrs A to B I am doing exactly the same as you, i.e one bottle of white and one of red per table. Our venue package includes one glass of wine with the meal but I wanted wine on the table.  Not everyone coming will be drinking anyway, I don't think it's tight, I would have liked to provide more but this is one thing we've economised on as we have a small budget. There is a bar in the room, and welcome drinks and champagne for the toast are provided, so I think if people want more they will buy it! We'll probably buy each of the evening guests a drink from the bar but won't be providing any. We went to a wedding recently where the wine was free flowing and quite a few guestswere hammered by the time the speeches were done, I'm sure some members of my family would overindulge if that was the case! x

  • we are having an arrival bucks fizz, 1/2 a bottle of wine per table, and a glass of sparkling wine for toast.  I know its not champagne but for the price difference I cant justify champagne when I don't think most of our guests will care. 

    Mrs A to B - even if you had 8 adults on a table 2 bottles would work out at one medium i.e. 175ml glass each.  Whilst not overly generous I think this is perfectly adequate.  Considering then there will be children and possible non-wine-drinkers this could then get upped to a large or 2 glasses per your drinking guests which is generous I I think this is fine (our 1/2 a bottle is only for adults so there wont be any extra on tables that have children) xxx

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    I think that I might put 1 red, 1 white and 1 rose on each table.  Thanks for all your help ximage

  • Our drinks package is 1 arrival drink (wine or beer), 2 glasses of wine with the meal (they pour glasses rather than leave bottles on the table - which I think looks a bit tight) and a toasting drink.  I'm worried its not enough but its the package we have with the venue so that's what they've got! I wouldn't neccesairly expect much on a table if I were attending a wedding as they are expensive enough.

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    At our wedding we provided guests with a glass of prosecco (like a cheap version of champagne but tastier!) for straight after the ceremony, then we allocated half a bottle of wine per person for on the wedding breakfast tables.  We also paid for a glass of prosecco per person for during the speeches.  All other drinks that guests wanted were paid for by themselves.  We also paid for 10 glasses of juice for during the wedding breakfast in case anyone didn't want alcohol which went down quite well with not only myself but some of our older generation guests who didn't want to get hammered! Most of the men seemed to buy their own beer for during the breakfast anyway so there were quite a few drunk women by the end of it because they drank the mens share!!  To be fair, I think a lot of people these days just either pay for one glass of wine during the meal or just pay for a couple of bottles on each table.

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    Our package is 2 glasses of champagne at drinks reception, half a bottle of wine with meal, a glass of rose champagne with toast and then a glass of champagne at reception, we still havent decided if thats enough or if we should do a free bar for a few hours but thats added expense we could do without.

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    I would strongly advise against a free bar... people go mad when they find out they can get drinks for free and just take liberties.  You are spending enough, save your money to go towards other things.  People don't turn up to a wedding without expecting to spend anything.

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    Unless you're feeling generous, I wouldn't worry about providing anything over half a bottle with the meal - you're paying for them to celebrate with you not get hammered image 

  • We're having welcome drinks - either a cocktail, a glass of prosecco or a glass of juice. Then shots for everyone for our toast drink. My mum did say she'd give us some money to go behin the bar, and I was going to everyone a drinks token for either a glass of wine, pint of beer or soft drink but the boyfriend doesnt think this is necessary and we are providing enough for the guests.

    I'm hoping people at the wedding agree with him!


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