David's Bridal...thoughts?

Hello everyone,

My first post! I've got an appointment booked at David's Bridal at Westfield Stratford on 11th Nov as there's a White by Vera Wang dress that I've got my eye on, but I'm just wondering if anyone has already been and what they thought of the place?

I wasn't exactly happy to read in my appointment confirmation email that the consultant can be serving two brides at a time! To me this isn't exactly a way to make a bride feel special, and I'm not sure I really like the idea of there being lots of other people there while your trying dresses on. 

Am I just building this up to be worse in my head than what it actually will be??



  • Hi there, I had a great experience there. You have your own consultant and your own changing room. You do see other brides to be when you go out of small changing room to show friends/family and look in mirror. But I quite liked it be less just focussed on me. Their prices are great and I very nearly bought from them. A welcome addition to the London bride shops. Good luck!!!

  • Heya, I went there a couple of weeks ago to look at their bridesmaid collection. The assistant I had was very sweet but very green! She was serving two people at once but I didn't feel it was too much of a big deal for BM dresses. I had a quick look upstairs at the wedding dress section (I already have my dress). There are so many dresses, you'd really want a consultant who knows the products to help you! It was a little manic up there, but it was a Sunday. I wasn't that impressed with the quality of the BM dresses but can't really comment on the wedding dresses. Best of luck!!

  • Thanks ladies, to be honest if it wasn't for this one particular dress I wouldn't have even made an appointment there as I sort of get the impression it's like a high street dress shop! Although I am just comparing this to the boutiques where I know there is no one else shopping at the same time as you, the focus is completely on you. 

    I've got an appointment booked at a boutique in Tunbridge Wells the next day where there are some amazing dresses but I have a feeling I'm going to love the White By Vera Wang one best! 

    I will admit to finding the lack of seamstress at David's Bridal a bit of an oversight! would mean another thing to organise!

    I will keep an open mind though and enjoy the day I'm sure!

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    Have a appointment there tommorrow for my bridesmaids to try on dresses, I already have my dress and having bought it at the most packed and busy place possible - The National Wedding Show.

    The service sounds okay, I think it would take the pressure off feeling like you have to buy, something I am sure a few brides to be feel when a shops only open for them exclusively.

    I did get a call at the start of the week to warn me at busy times - such as midday on a Saturday - bridesmaids maybe asked to share a dressing room, 2 to a room, which works well for me with 2 bridesmaids, I am just lucky they get on with each other and are happy to share.

    I doubt they would even consider asking a bride to be to share a fitting room - which is better than the stands at The National Wedding Show, there was always at least one other bride to be in the fitting room space, I think in one there were probably 8 of us plus consultants! I will say all the dresses I tried on you did need help with, not to protect the dress but so you didn't get lost in the dress, even the slinker ones had more layers than I expected them to.

    I will say my expeirence at The National Wedding Show taught me if a consultant knows their job (I had to instruct one consultant how to help me into a dress, they admitted they had never helped anyone before and surprise surprise I couldn't get into 2 of the 3 dresses, which hadn't been an issue at other stands when I had more experienced consultants) is professional enough to be fully focused on you and chats to you in a genuiely interested way it makes a massive difference, also the dress being in nearly my size helped, too many stalls tried squeezing me a definate size 16 into designer size 8 & 10's.

    I have talked to the Westfield David Bridal store over the phone a couple times now, once to see what the wait for appointments was like, it was then I was asked if I liked a party atmosphere, thats busy but fun, sounds spot on for me and my bridemaids. The second was them ringing to confirm the appointment and warn me about the changing room situation. I will say the staff I have spoken to seem lovely and helpful.

    I am looking forward to tommorrow, espically as it is one of the few places I have found that I can take my bridemaids to and they can try a vast range of styles and colours, maybe by the end of the day I will have a definate colour theme for my wedding, I haven't settled on one because I am not sure how my bridemaids will look in certain colours and I don't want them wearing colours they look bad in.

    I am also hoping they have lots of accessories I can try, as I currently have none, shoes are my main priority, I don't like anything I have seen on the high street, except one style that were exclusive to debenhams and they only had left in very small sizes, I have a bad habit of liking end of line stuff or very expensive things!

    Emma I hope you have a fab time.






  • I went on an evening after work with my mum looking for bridal accessories and mother of the bride outfits. It might just have been the time of day but it wasnt very busy at all.

    There is good lighting, nice sizeable changing rooms again with good lighting and an enormous range. 

    I found the staff were incredibly helpful and the lady who was serving us checked with one of the more senior staff when a question arose that she couldnt answer with confidence.

    There were a couple of other women trying on dresses about 50 feet away from each other and it was lovely, there was plenty of room for their mum / bridesmaids to sit down, good mirrors etc and i nearly cried myself when one of the girls came out in a vera wang, ive never seen a dress look so perfect on someone!

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    One of my bridesdmaids is planning on getting married next year, she booked a bridal fitting after the bridemaids fitting I had arranged.

    I wasn't impressed by the bridesmaids fitting, the staff member was lovely but what ended up being an hours slot just wasn't long enough, maybe I need bridesmaids that get changed faster! We didn't find anything but I have two very different shaped bridemaids and one is very definate about what she will and won't wear. A two birds type dress maybe the answer!

    Bridal fitting on a Saturday, it was busy, sometimes 4 brides in the same third of the dressing area, which is big, but add the counsultants and multiple friends/family with each bride to be and it was packed at times, and there were only 3 mirrors, so every now and then there was a bride to be without a mirror.

    The counsultant who saw my friend was fab, my friend wasn't sure at all what she wanted, so they started with a fish tail, ballgown and one she saw on a dummy she liked, after that she picked and tried on quiet a few more dresses, think she got through about 12 in the 90 minute session.

    A nice touch is the ipads they use for you to pick what you like out, then the consulant to go get them. After all most wedding dresses when on the hanger don't look like much.

    My advice if you can go early so you can fill in the form and start looking through the dresses and noting some you would like to try.

    If I didn't have my dress already I would say it is a good way to find out what suits you.

    My friend found 3 she liked, but she is an American size zero, she looked good in everything, the consultant didn't put any pressure on to choose then and there, which was good. I think if you fall in love with a dress then get it but if your not sure book a second appointment.

    We saw brides of all sizes trying on dresses, all of them at some point came out in something that looked stunning on them, me and my other friend had to resist saying yes thats the one get it to total strangers.

    I didn't notice any brides, over the whole area there were at least 12 trying on dresses, in the same dress, at the same time, I wonder if the counsultants ensured that didn't happen.

    One fab thing they did was ask my friend if she wanted one of there bra's and a slip to wear during the fitting, she wasn't sure but I told her to go for it, espcially as she forgot to wear a strapless bra!

    I hope you have fun.



  • I have just purchased my gown from David'a Bridal in Stratford and the service I got was far more positive than any other bridal store I've been to. 

    As a plus size bride I was thrilled that they had so many styles I could try on without it being left unzipped as has been the case in other places.

    Zoe my assistant was incredibly helpful and the alteration team came up with option to make my dress a little more personal.

    I would definitely recommend a visit to the store. The prices are affordable and the service is great. If you are looking for expensive, couture they have a few designs that I would say tick that box, but one offs that cost thousands of pounds they don't. You can always do what I've done and adapt what I've bought. 

    Thank you David's Bridal for an amazing, positive bridal dress appointment. X 

  • Which Vera Wang dress have you got your eye on?? x


  • Worst experience I ever had at any shop. I walked in having been drenched in rain and I walked up to the counter and was ignored by the 3 consultants who were trying to work out what they were meant to be doing. My consultant was also helping someone else so I got her assistant who had absolutely no clue what was going on. I asked to see an a-line dress with a natural waist and she brought me a dropped waist ballgown. 

    Not worthwhile- you can get beautiful dresses at great prices with better service elsewhere in London. Save yourself the heartache.

  • I had a really good experience in David's bridal. I was running late and called ahead and they kindly gave me the full hour. My assistant was friendly, professional and took the initiative to suggest things outside of my comfort zone. I didn't end up getting my dress there but it was a positive experience and i'd recommend it to people in the future.

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    I Bought my dress at Davids Bridal in Atlanta, USA. in early January 2014

    And I've had two appointments in the DB store in stratford to try on my dress again with shoes & accessories & underwear etc and I couldn't really fault either of them. the service was great. Even when I couldnt decide what sort of 'cover up' i wanted that suited my dress, because the consultant didnt know exactly what I needed, she just went to get one of the seamstresses without me even asking and i had a guy who actually alters the dresses at DB talking to me about what he could do to the dress to make me happy. It was great. My last consultant was Kirsty and the tailor guy was Ernie.

    there were times where my consultant had to help other brides or even other consultants but i was never left alone for extensive period of time.

    I think it depends on peoples expectations. Some people want a consultant to be with them 'like on TV' for hours on end at their bec and whim whilst floating around in a dress....but realistically even though this is you dream dress you want to buy....they have a business to run. They are there to be pleasant and helpful but also there to make sales.

    They've been fine with the fact my dress was bought in the US store. I've booked my alterations appointment. Everyone I've spoken to in the Stratford branch has been really good.


    At the end of the day, if you're getting your dress from there, its a large bridal boutique chain. It's not a one of boutique that will charge you a higher price for the dress....or even charge you for the appointment (which i found a lot of places do!)


    The store is huge (but still no where as big as the DB stores in america!) Lighting is really good. environment is clean. Mirrors everywhere. and the two times i've been have not been too busy and I went on a saturday both times in the afternoon.

  • can someone tell me what the quality of the dresses are like please?

  • Kitten2014Kitten2014 Posts: 1,489

    I was a David's bride twice and would NEVER do it again.  Feel free to PM me if you want all of the awful details. I'd like to kick myself for having gone back for a second round of horrible customer service and poor product - why did I do it??

    As far as quality goes, it kind of depends. The quality on most of the dresses is what I would call "average". It's not as horrible as a dress you'd get from China (which yes, I made that mistake as well), but they aren't nearly as nice of fabrics as you'd get from a high-end designer.

    If you buy off-the-peg, you should be EXTRA careful. These dresses have been tried on by who-knows how many brides - they often have make-up stains, small tears in the lace and popped stitching on the seems, dirty hemlines, etc. Note any damage and decide whether the cheap price is still worth it after you pay for repairs, cleaning, alterations, etc. 

    More than quality issues, I'd say their designs are what's really lacking. Unless you buy one of the "real" designers' gowns (i.e. an Oleg Cassini, Melissa Sweet, or White by Vera Wang), most of the styles are SERIOUSLY dated. They are selling the same designs that they were when I was married the first time almost 20 years ago!! The designer gowns by Cassini, Sweet, Wang, etc., are definitely more updated styles, but they aren't any cheaper than buying a designer gown from a nice boutique. So if you are contemplating one of these gowns, you are better off just going to a nice bridal boutique and getting excellent service and a "real" top quality designer gown.

    I personally would rather buy from a site like www.preownedweddingdresses.com and get a high quality designer gown for a great price than ever go back to David's to get terrible customer service and lower end quality gowns.

    It's up to you, but I would not do it again after the awful experiences I have had.

  • Sam60Sam60 Posts: 249

    Oh Kitten, I went there last week and bought a dress - I so hope it wasn't a mistake :-S

    I loved the service I received. The staff all seemed nice, the consultant serving me did see another bride at the same time, but it didn't feel like I was left alone. She wasn't pushy either (which I was expecting them to be). She couldn't do enough for us and was happy to get more and more dresses. I just have been hard work (being short, fat and old) but she was very complimentry and put my mind at ease.

    Im just worried now in case the dress doesn't turn up or something :-S xx

  • Thanks kitten,

    my heart says it's going to be like wed2b which I hated how cheap they felt

    which store did you go to Sam60

    i have a budget of £1000 I hope it enough for a good quality dress that I love 

    I found this shop not to far away I might go and visit 



  • Kitten2014Kitten2014 Posts: 1,489

    So, I'll share my (second) experience with David's, for those wondering. My first was nearly 20 years ago, and I remember it being poor, but not as bad as this:

    They double-booked me with another bride, so I got no attention at all.  My poor mum ended up running my appointment, fetching me dresses. I didn't love any of the dresses, but I settled because of the incredible prices. The first dress I ordered in ivory, because their white looked incredibly stark. It was literally YELLOW when it arrived.  Think the darkest, ugliest ecru colour you can imagine. I took it home and thought I was stuck with it. When I couldn't stand the thought of wearing it any longer, I took it back and they nicely allowed me to exchange it for store credit for another dress. This seemed great. Until the dress arrived and it was FLAWED. I picked it up and was disappointed because they said a pressing was included and the huge panels of fabric at the bottom looked very wrinkly. I asked them to take it back and press it again. They were gone forever and then my mum and I knew something was wrong. They came back up front and asked us to go in back and have a look at the dress together. Turns out they weren't wrinkles: they had used the end-of-the-bolt fabric which had stripe-like discolorations in it so the huge panels of fabric at the bottom looked like they had blue-ish wrinkles all over. In addition, the dress still didn't fit, even though the alterations were to have been done. You could still see the pin marks at the bust where they had taken the pins out! I don't think they altered it at all. The thick straps fell down off my narrow shoulders all day. They told me there was nothing they could do about the flawed fabric, and with less than 3 days to my wedding, there was nothing I could do but wear the dress as-is.

    They also forgot to order the sparkly belt I had chosen, so they had to rush order it because we were just days before my wedding. That meant I had NO idea what jewelry to wear with the dress, because I didn't have the belt to compare it to. (The belt arrived the day before my wedding.) I bought a bunch of jewelry from David's which was painful, because they didn't have a "complete" set of anything. They'd have pearl earrings with silvertone, but then the pearl necklaces would be goldtone. They'd have a modern looking hairslide, but they all traditional jewelry, etc. When I got the jewelry home, upon further inspection, there were stones missing from several pieces! (The girl at the store suggested "gluing" stones back in!) I ended up wearing a necklace and earrings I had already owned on my wedding day because, in the end, nothing I had bought matched the belt - in fact, the belt didn't match anything at all and didn't even get worn! What a waste of money on the belt and earrings. To make matters worse, the dress was completely PLAIN without the belt. I had gone for a clean-line, fitted satin style, with a huge flare of fabric at the bottom. The style had not one pearl, crystal, bead, or bit of lace on it, so the belt was going to be the focal point. If you want to talk a PLAIN wedding look, well, that was me.

    To top it off, they had only two pais of shoes in the building in my size and the shoe area was literally trashed, boxes everywhere, shoes thrown everywhere, everything a mess. I went with the only shoe with a heel, disgusted with the entire thing by this point (but too afraid to order shoes online without trying them on). The box for the shoes was completely smashed. The cashier took the shoes and wrapped a rubber band around the box and said, "There, at least that looks less ghetto."  Seriously?? Thank you for making me feel like the most special bride in the world.

    To top it off, the store was poorly lit, the carpet worn out, and the chairs had broken legs and split seats. My

  • How long ago was this kitten

  • Sorry, but I bought my wedding dress from Davids bridal in Stratford having gone to a few boutique wedding shops. Had a great experience. I originally bought a Vera Wang but knew I had made a mistake as the one I originally wanted was no longer selling at that particular shop. I was given the opportunity to change it and I did to a beautiful Zac Posen dress and it was the one.

    Today I went to get my dress altered as I'm getting married 6 weeks to go.

    I saw bad reviews about Davids bridal but chose to go anyway. Go tomorrow with fresh eyes and ears and decide then as everyone's opinion is private to them. But I can honestly say I'm glad I went and saw for myself.

  • Sam60Sam60 Posts: 249

    I went to Watford. My dress is stunning, and was £750, so for £1000 you should be fine!

    It was the only store I visited - because of my body insecurities I was dreading it, but it was alright & I found a couple of dresses I wanted there in the end.

    I agree with lalavargo, give it a try, you have nothing to loose xx

  • Sam that's where I booked for on Tuesday 

    thanks for all your opinion I might as well go as I have nothing to lose if I don't like I won't buy 

  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700

    I haven't seen the bridal dresses but recently went for bridesmaid dresses at Westfield Stratford.

    There is certainly lots of choice and a range of colours. The fitting rooms are nice, spacious and don't feel crowded even with multiple parties. The set up also means you can see dresses ok other women which you might not have chosen but look great and you want to try! 

    Our assistant was lovely and gave advice when she was with us and not her other client at same time.

    We bought our bridesmaid dresses from there in the end but they were the Vera Wang ones rather than general ones. We also had to buy the ones they had left which means alterations will be necessary on top of dress price for at least 2 out of 4.

    To the negatives - the lead times are different on different dresses and different colours in same style. This meant we picked one we liked but couldn't get it even though wedding several months away. I honestly thought some of the dresses looked and felt really cheap  and certainly less nice and poorer quality than Debenhams and Monsoon where we also tried on dresses. 

    In addition, many of the dresses were really grubby and just didn't look that appealing. Certainly not like boutiques I went into when getting married.

    We also got told off. Which as an adult and customer I really didn't appreciate. We were told to select dresses by one lady, which we did very carefully, then a different lady asked us what we were doing and told us we weren't supposed to be doing that. Very confusing and set a rather sour tone. 

    Certainly worth a look, but I'd have other options too.


  • B23B23 Posts: 170

    I went to Davids bridal just to try on a ton of dresses as I didnt know what i wanted. I then got my dress elsewhere.


    The assistant was great, she was apparently serving two girls at the same time but i didnt notice!


    It isnt the bridal store you go to to feel special. Its where you go to try on a million dresses! there is a hge rom full of brides in dresses and while fun its not the one to one experience you may want. Book somewhere smaller first and then go to davids bridal



  • Do you have your own changing room?

  • Sam60Sam60 Posts: 249

    Yes, it is quite big, and with proper doors (not curtains) xx

  • Just got back from David's bridal 

    and I must say I had a wonderful experience ladies were lovely and great with the kids would definitely recomend the only downfall was the dress I loved they no longer do it had a rip in the bottom and was a bit big the manager offered 20%off so now ineed to find a dress like it. I will be getting my bridesmaid dresses there as they are just what I've been searching for 


  • Sam60Sam60 Posts: 249

    Oh good, I'm so glad you had a good experience! Have you had a look on their website? They might have it in stock in the USA or something and can shop it across? xx

  • No they rang and asked but they can't get it 😭

    Do you think they should give me more than 20% off 

    this is the dress


  • Sam60Sam60 Posts: 249

    It is beautiful and you look lovely in it! Where is the rip? Do you think it will be noticeable if it's stitched up? If it's the dress you love, perhaps you should go with it even if it's just 20% - you would kick yourself if you missed out for the sake of £50 or something.

    Havent they got something similar? It's so frustrating after that build up to find one u love which is slightly out of your reach now :-( xx

  • Hi ladies

    I am going in a months time to David's Bridal so will report back.

    N x

  • Hi


    I got my dress from David's Bridal. I went with the full intention of just to try some dresses on- I ended up buying the first dress I picked out! Absolutely love the dress, the assistant was really helpful.

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