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Ravello destination wedding advice

Hello! Planning a destination wedding in 2016 for a Ravello reception! Any advice on vendors or hotels? We are really close to booking for Hotel Caruso- if you have had a wedding or are planning one their I would love any information you have to share! 



  • Hi Krystle3

    I am getting married in June this year.  The ceremony is in the town hall but the reception is at hotel Caruso.  Let me know what info you are looking for.  My wedding planner who has been fab so far is Anna Sorrentino and she is sorting out the suppliers.  It is only a small wedding (9 of us) but still pretty excited as I fell in love with Caruso as soon as I saw a picture of the venue online!

  • Bride 1983x

       thanks for the reply! I would love if you could share the wedding planner information to contact her! I will be sure to let her know the referral was from you!  

    Im not sure how much the hotel has to offer guests with out having to use other vendors (tables clothes and centerpieces). I am hoping the will be helpful in the food and décor!


    Did you opp for the gardens, terrance or poolside for the dinner?

    It looks stunning and your date is so close!! So exciting!



  • Hi Krystle3

    yes I am super excited! It does look stunning I haven't seen it in person but am hoping it lives up to expectations! of course happy to recommend Anna.  She actually came recommendedby Caruso.  Her email is [email protected]it 

    Initially I was going to get married in the Caruso gardens but because we are not both Christian we couldnt or something like that.  So we are having the ceremony at the town hall gardens and then aperitifs and dinner in the Wagner gardens and cutting the cake by the pool.  We aren't hiring the pool on an exclusive basis as is so expensive and there are only 9 of us! 

    Have you booked yet? what stage are you at? It's lovely to hear someone else is getting married there as there is always a bit of unknown when you are planning a wedding abroad!! 

  • Hi Ravello Brides!

    I am planning to get married in May 2016, hoping to have the ceremony in the town hall and reception in Villa Eva. 

    I am sooooo in love with Hotel Caruso but we are looking at approx 90 guests so I haven't even bothered asking as pretty sure I couldn't afford that! I am really hoping they would allow access for some photos and maybe me and H2B could sneak off for a few snaps by the pool!

    I'm using Mario at Wagner tours, he has been so amazing replying to all my many many emails! Think I must be driving him mad! 

    Would love to share ideas with fellow Ravello 2016 brides! Will be shopping around for all the extras I think. 



  • Hi samantha66s

      Im glad knowing im not going this alone trying to plan away in the us!

    Im interested to know what services wagner tour offers. Wedding Planner or tour guide for guest.Ive been in touch with a planner named anna! I can see if she has any info on musicians.


    Feel free to message me personally!



  • Hi Krystal,

    Not sure how to reply personally! Will need to spend much more time on this site I guess image

    As far as I am aware Mario services are pretty extensive, he has sent me info about all aspects of the wedding itself with plenty of suggestions for florists/dj's etc (although you are free to find your own) he seems to have the answer to all my questions but I think he does weddings all year so has probably seen and heard it all!!

    He also helps arrange accomodation for guests (at special rates) and can arrange transfers although I may shop around as read somewhere that there are cheaper providers.

    We are going over this May for a few nights so can report back to you girls!! 


    Its so overwhelming, the bulk of the planning seems simple but its all the little bits and am worried the budget will run away with me!


    Have you decided on Caruso officially? Its just so beautiful!!


    Sam x 

  • Hi Sam,


       Yes, I have finally went with Caruso---- but in the end I was swayed by Monastero Santa Rosa- If you are going this year you should Look that place up, Beautiful... but missing the old school charmimage It only allows 40 person max.


    I am excited, Please keep in touch for when you visit this year, keep note of any places to visit or even good places that are reasonable for rates! Bride who is also posting in this forum is getting married in June at the same location and I also took her recommendation for a planner. This blog has turned out to be crucial for me! Stay in touch! In nice knowing your not alone worrying about all the little fees and the taxes!

  • Flossy38Flossy38 Posts: 9

    HI Ravello Brides 2be

    I am also getting married in Ravello July 2015 in the town hall gardens and then Hotel Caruso for a wedding reception. 35 - 40 guests in total, its worked out more expensive than I first thought however I am sure it will be worth it.. not long nowimage

    I am using Exclusive Italy Weddings and they have been great. I have most thins organised just need to sort out transfers. I may organise a cookery class for guests prior to the wedding. Would love to hear from others. xx 

  • Hi brides to be,

    I have now booked flights to go over for a little recon visit in April image very exciting and will report back to you all as soon as I'm home


  • Flossy38Flossy38 Posts: 9

    Hi samantha66

    Have a fantastic tim. I would have loved to visit pre wedding but it was too expensive. Have funimage 

  • Krystle3Krystle3 Posts: 17

    I cant wait to hear how every thing goes ladies! Thank you! How expensive are your planners? Im thinking maybe to keep  looking

  • Flossy38Flossy38 Posts: 9

    HI I am using Exclusive Italy Weddings and they are approx. £3000. They are not cheap but I feel that I am in safe hands, they are very efficient and professional. 

    We are staying in Hotel Giordano as I have children and wanted a pool, but spending our wedding night at the Hotel Caruso. Wish we could have stayed there the whole trip but wanted to stay with family and save a little cash. 

    Its so exciting planning but taking up much more of my time then I had first thought. image

  • Wagner tours is less than half that price but I think they cater to different styles and venues etc, best to find the planner that u feel best with, who gets your style and knows the venue well. Mario at Wagner tours seems like an expert of my venue (Villa Eva) so feeling confident. I literally spend every spare minute daydreaming! why does if have to be so far away!  

  • Flossy38Flossy38 Posts: 9

    Yes I had heard Wagners are great. Panicking now as I have got my dress so need to keep my diet in check... its hard! Im organising transport for guests too, I may ask wagners to price this as they do transfers. I cant wait for you to go in April Samantha66, dying to hear about itimage Villa Eve looks beautiful, the whole place sounds so romantic. x 

  • Krystle3Krystle3 Posts: 17

    flossy38- keep up the hare work, it will be worth it! What type of dress did you find?

    it's great being able to talk with tou brides that are getting married this year and can help! Have any of you started looking for make up and hair stylists? What about photographers? Hope your having a great week!

  • Flossy38Flossy38 Posts: 9

    Thanks. I have chosen a beautiful lace dress by Maggie Sorrero, its fairly straight so will have to be disciplined with what I eat, would love to loose at least half a stone before the dress fitting. 

    My cousin is a photographer so he is doing this for us. If I can give you any advice book your suppliers early, my first choice of video maker and make up artist were booked so I have had to choose alternatives. I have found that my planner only wanted me to use suppliers that they recommend so I just picked from her list. Check out  he produces beautiful videos and I also loved Sadly they were both booked for my date  but hopefully my second choices will be great too. I am using Nicole storey for make up and Piero for the video. . I have organised my hair to be done by Gerado who seems a popular choice. Just need to obtain prices for flowers next... getting there though!

  • Gemma90Gemma90 Posts: 32

    Hello fellow Ravello Brides to be!! Congrats to you all! I am getting married in June 2016 at the town hall gardens and reception at Hotel Villa Eva! We booked with the Mario (Wagner Tours) after reading many 5 star reviews of him and the venue on trip advisor and other sites! We were lucky enough to fly over to Ravello a few weeks ago to meet Mario and look around the venues we had found online! We looked at Palazzo Avino= ( lovely but posh and pricey) Villa Cimbrone= ( More posh and More pricey) Hotel Caruso= closed so unable to look unfortunately and Hotel Villa Eva= Amazing dream venue! Beautiful and exclusive to us for the Wedding Day! Not too posh but not too informal and cheapest of all the venues with the most amazing views overlooking the sea . It honestly was just what we were looking for. We booked the very next day!

    If any of you lovely brides have any questions about Ravello itself or the venues please do feel free to message me on the forum or private message and I will give you as much info as I can to help those of you that havent been able to fly out! Look forward to hearing from you!

    Gemma xx 


  • Gemma90Gemma90 Posts: 32
    samantha66 wrote (see)

    Wagner tours is less than half that price but I think they cater to different styles and venues etc, best to find the planner that u feel best with, who gets your style and knows the venue well. Mario at Wagner tours seems like an expert of my venue (Villa Eva) so feeling confident. I literally spend every spare minute daydreaming! why does if have to be so far away!  

    Hi Samantha! Have you been out to Ravello to meet Mario and see Villa Eva? Its so beautiful! When is your big day?! Thats what I do all day now since I got back from there is think Wedding Wedding Wedding! lol I need to stop! ha

  • Andie16Andie16 Posts: 7

    Hi Everyone,


    We are looking to get married sept 2016 and Ravello would be so perfect, but I'm not sure we would be able to cater for all our 40 guests within the budget. Can I be cheeky and ask what sort of budget people think we would need?

    We've found some venues in Portugal but my heart is really pulling me towards Italy! ahhh x

  • Krystle3Krystle3 Posts: 17


      it depends on what your looking for- some resturaunts in positano or almalfi may be able to fit more so in your budget

    We booked in a hotel with a great view and are looking over 200E a person. We know we will be a little over the budget we originally thought but my Fiance fell in love with the place!


    Ladies- IM looking into photographers at the moment. Ive found Joanne dunn and antonella Frencesce- any recommendations?

  • Andie16Andie16 Posts: 7

    Hi Krystle3,


    Thanks for your advice. We could afford around 200E pp-we just want to make sure it's a beautiful venue with stunning views. Can I ask how you got started?

    I'm now in touch with Wagner tours who seem to be recommended on here.


  • Gemma90Gemma90 Posts: 32

    Hi Andie16,

    I would definately recommend Italy over Portugal for a wedding especially if you book with Mario at Wagner tours. He will manage and plan your whole wedding (no stress for you!) and he only charges around 1500 euros handling fee and for all the work he does I think that is very reasonable! Price per person depends on which menu you choose from generally. If you book with Mario at one of the venues he uses he will give you price lists etc so you can work out what the price would be per person to see if it will all fit into your budget. Hotel Villa Eva is a beautiful exclusive venue with stunning views so it sounds like it could be what you are looking for. Its also the best priced venue to marry in in Ravello from what I found. 

    All I did to get started was email Mario and ask what I needed to and he replied to me within about 30 mins! We met him a few weeks ago when we flew over there and booked the wedding there and then!

    I hope this has helped you xx

  • Gemma90Gemma90 Posts: 32

    We havent worked out yet exactly how much it will all cost but we are guessing it will cost in total around £10,000.

  • Gemma90Gemma90 Posts: 32

    Based on 40 guests attending

  • Andie16Andie16 Posts: 7

    Hi Gemma90,


    Thanks for your message-it's really good to hear that you have met Mario and are happy. 

    My partner is really keen for a villa reception, so I'm hoping Mario will help us find something suitable.

    Can I ask what your plans are?x

  • Gemma90Gemma90 Posts: 32

    Yes sure! We are getting married on June 1st 2016 at the town hall gardens at 4pm in Ravello followed by a toast in the piazza and reception at villa eva at 6.30pm until 2am. We will be staying over there for 5 days not sure which hotel yet though as we haven't decided and we sent out the invitations today! Invited 50 guests but assuming about 35 people will come. 

    Have you contact Mario yet at all?x

  • Tanya13Tanya13 Posts: 7

    Hi Ladies,

    We are booked for Town Hall Garden ceremony followed by Villa Eva Reception (with the Piazza toast in between) too - Sept 2016. I am sure I will have lots to share and I am sure I will be on here lots picking up tips etc in the coming months ...

    I think we have made a great choice with Ravello - it all looks so pretty and elegant

    T xx

  • Tanya13Tanya13 Posts: 7

    Mario was great - I contacted him originally (hard to ignore him as you cannot get far  looking at Ravello weddings online without coming across as raving brilliant review about him)... I did not go with him in the end - purely because we wanted a BBQ at Villa Eva and he could not accommodate. So we went with ravelloevents - so far, so good but as we have a while to go the planning is at very early stages.

    Right now I am struggling to find original Italian themed wedding invitations/Save the Dates.


  • Hi Flossy, can I be cheeky and ask how much you are paying for you videographers?  I am getting married on 11th June at Caruso and I have only last minute decided I want one as lots of brides say they regret not having one.  I have so far been quoted 700 euros for one who has come recommended by my photographer. 


    Also for people who are wondering about cost, mine is about £5,000 for 9 people not including accommodation.  I am finding things like hair, make up and florists more expensive in Ravello than in England partly because there are fewer options.x


  • scarlett2scarlett2 Posts: 21 New bride

    Hi girls,

    Gabry from DAMA Wedding was our wedding planner last year. Although I didn't think I needed one, I am so VERY happy I changed my mind and hired her. She was so easy to work with, especially when I hit those “Bridezilla” moments and she showed up everywhere and anywhere I asked ... on time, if not early!

    At the wedding itself, you never knew she was there—everything flowed so smoothly and she made sure that we had a wonderful evening! I would highly recommend Gabry and DAMA Wedding team to any potential bride and groom!

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