My planning thread - Cyprus 2017

So I decided that it was time for me to start my planning thread 😊. I have 2 months to catch up on!


How we met

At the end of June 2012, I decided to join an adult scout group (for 18-25 year olds). The first meeting was on the Thursday night and I helped out at an event with them on the Friday night. On the Saturday afternoon I received a Facebook message from one of the new members (my now h2b) saying that some of the new members were going out for drinks and would I like to come along. The odd thing is that I had sporadic internet access so it was odd that I was checking my messages at all.

So I decided that I want meet up with them that night. At first, I told a liking to my h2b's best mate (whoops!) but at 12 he left (he wasn't drinking because he was on call). We then went to a club and that is where my h2b made his move (so to speak 😝). We shared a taxi home to our respective homes and I sat on his lap as we waited (at this point it was very obvious that he like me if you catch my drift!).

The next day the group meet up for a BBQ on the beach, me and my h2b were quite cuddly with each other and from that night on we were a couple.  


  • The proposal

    So there are a couple of things you need to know about us before I tell you about the proposal.

    We both go geocaching (it is like a big worldwide treasure hunts for hidden boxes by GPS)  as an activity that we do just the two of us.

    We both play petanque (French boules) and participate in competitions in Jersey (we are from the other Channel Island Guernsey).


    We had been discussing for a while the idea of getting married and I said that I would like to get marred before I was 25 (I am now 23 and my h2b is 26). But he kept throwing my curveballs so I kept getting confused as to when it would happen.

    The day we got engaged (12 September 2015), we were in Jersey playing petanque in a mixed doubles competition. All was going well and we had make it into the quarter-final. At lunch, on the way to the shop to get some food, we passed a geocache so we thought we would look for it. As I was retrieving it, my h2b got down on one and pulled out a ring! Unfortunately, my first words were "Are you joking?" (which he keeps telling everyone!) and after a few tears he put the ring on my finger.

    Unfortunately, the geocache was in a car park (next to a park) so it wasn't the most romantic of spots but it was personally to us so to me it was perfect. The thing that made it even better is that we also went on to win the competition so all in all a great day!

  • The Ring


  • The Country and Wedding Planners

    We decided to get married in Cyprus as neither myself or my h2b like the traditional church type weddings. We contact All Brides on Board (a Cyprus wedding planning company) and they couldn't be more helpful. They sent us a number of packages based on our requirements and as we refined we what we wanted the sent us a package for the perfect venue for us and then we tweaked the finer details.

    Our packages includes:

    The venue/reception (they are at the same place)

    The photographer

    The DJ

    The food (buffet for 40+ people)

    The decoration of the venue

    Hair and make up for me

    Buttonholes for Groom, best man and 2 ushers

    Bouquets for me and my 3 bridesmaids

    One tier cake

    Unlimited alcohol (all local wines, beer, cider and local spirits) throughout the day

    Bus to pick you our guests and take them to the venue on the wedding day

    A vintage car for me to travel to the venue

    All for 8,100 euros - so overall very pleased with the package

  • The Venue

    We are getting married at the Galu Seaside venue in Larnaca on 29 September 2017. Here are a few photos of it.

    image image image image image

    This will obviously be adapted to our requirements. It is great to read the glowing reviews about this place as we won't be able to see it until we fly over for the wedding

  • Looks like you got a brilliant deal!  It will be a lot less stressful not having to source all your suppliers separately as well.  Your venue looks gorgeous!

  • Thank you Lyds. We are really happy with the deal we got! Very excited it just a shame that it is so far away!

  • The Dresses

    So last week I went and had a look at dresses with my mum, nan and sister. After trying on a few, there was one which was newly in and looked amazing on the mannequin so was eager to try it on. The moment I stepped out of the changing area my mum and nan both immediately said that it was "the one". I was a bit nervous after that, and was worried that I wouldn't like it but sure enough the moment I stepped in front of the mirror I loved it. I have at a few niggles about it since but I think this is normal.

    image image

    My sisters (2 of my bridesmaids) on another visit had decided that they loved one particular dress and the one who was with me tried it again and reaffirmed this.

    image  image

    Because of the blush in my dress and the limited number of colour available for the bridesmaid dresses (due to the lace) we have decided on coral being the colour for our bridesmaids and groomsmen.

    So 21 months ahead of the wedding and we are pretty organised! Don't worry I haven't ordered the dresses yet! That will come in September next year.

  • Wow!

    Your ring and the dress both look super!!

    A veryhappy wedding and married life to both of u! Stay blessed!

    It feels very good to see so many brides planning their weddings!! :) Isn't this time such a lovely time with so many dreams..plans.. :)

    I got married 4 years back..just celebrated my anniversary recently!! :)

    Along with planning the wedding dress, venue, n all I also had a planned for dresses for my honeymoon nights..;)

    I draped a simple cloth in various ways to spice up my nights with my husband..and in total privacy..for and easy..and hot!!

    Guess what? He totally loved it

    ...and even now I spice up our lives anytime it becomes boring/usual/mundane..

    All the very best for your life ahead!

  • MrsRenaudMrsRenaud Posts: 198

    So had a bit of a wobble on the dress above. I think the problem was that with my mum, nan and sister saying that it was "the one", I got caught up in all the emotion and believed them. 

    Here is the one I keep thinking about. 


    I am going to the shop with my best friend/chief bridesmaid next Saturday to look at a dress for her but I think I am going to try on both dresses again and see what she thinks

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 3,298

    Your venue looks gorgeous! Makes me start to think 'hmm, maybe I should have got married abroad' lol. And then I remember why I didn't- sister won't fly, parents hate the heat, friends have babies and are skint, etc!

    Personally I really like your second dress- the first one is lovely but very 'Cinderella ball gown' which I'm not sure I would pick for a beach front wedding? Obviously you can have whatever dress you like but I would feel like the second one works better! Like you say, try both on again and see what you and your friend think!

  • MrsRenaudMrsRenaud Posts: 198

    Thanks Sammykate!

    We decided on a beach wedding because neither my h2b or myself like the idea of a traditional church wedding.

    I don't either dress is particularly great for a beach wedding but I don't the plain no layer ones. I think my problem with the first one is that it doesn't feel very "wedding-y" it is more like a ball gown. Whereas the second one does have that classic wedding look.

    Luckily I have a while before I have to purchase anything!

  • I LOVE the dress you keep thinking about, it is stunning!! Go with what you love and you feel best in. Venue looks gorgeous too. 2017 will be here before you know it. I've got to wait until 2018 as we are also buying a house beforehand but even that is going to fly by.

    I'm going dress shopping this month just to get a idea of prices and what I like but am itching to plan more as I find im forever looking at wedding things. That's what happens when you've been dreaming about it since a little girl ha!


  • MrsRenaudMrsRenaud Posts: 198

    Thanks and i am exactly the same! My wedding does seems real yet so I keep looking at all sorts of things that I can plan. At least I can say that it is next year now lol

  • MrsRenaudMrsRenaud Posts: 198


    After seeing a post about favours it got me thinking about my own.

    I was thinking because we are getting married (and reception) is right next to the beach, we could give them some sand from the beach. We will give them a little vial of sand with a ribbon in our wedding colour and a little heart tag with their names, our names, wedding date and location.

    I am wondering whether or not I should include some sand in our wedding colour too. So half colour and half beach sand.

    image image image image

  • Wow your venue looks stunning. I did email your recommended wedding planners last week I think it was but haven't yet heard back from them.

    We're thinking of just going us and our 2 children and having a party when we get abck to celebrate with everyone else. So really we just need somewhere for the ceremony and a meal for the 4 of us afterwards. I love the pic of where you will be having your ceremony though it looks perfect :) xx

  • MrsRenaudMrsRenaud Posts: 198

    Thanks miss g! They can be a bit slow to respond sometimes but bare with them. I'd say that if you don't hear back from them in 2 weeks I'd email them again. Otherwise I don't know if they have a phone number you can call xx

  • MrsRenaudMrsRenaud Posts: 198

    So have definitely decided to with this dress imageimage

    My mum and nan will be seeing me in it for the first time in the flesh on Saturday so fingers crossed for a positive response

  • MrsRenaudMrsRenaud Posts: 198

    These are the colours for my wedding. I originally decided on the ice mint alone but now I am think Jamacian mist for my MOH and my H2B and ice mint for my other bridesmaids, the BM and ushers.


  • MrsRenaudMrsRenaud Posts: 198

    Happy as Larry

    So me and my H2B were hoping to stay in a luxurious hotel for when we go to Cyprus for our wedding. We found one that we love and the offer a Junior Suite with a private Jacuzzi on the balcony. We were also looking into the possibility of flying business class to Cyprus to reduce stress before the wedding.

    Unfortunately, my H2B and I are not the wealthiest of people so it was starting to all look a bit more like a dream. I am start a new job in March and I have worked out that I will be able to save £200 per month towards the cost of the flight and hotel. So over 18 months £3,600.

    So now excited by the prospect that I will have more money than I thought, I headed over to BA's website to look up flights. What I didn't realise is that BA now offer package holidays (flights and hotel) and you can pay in monthly instatements with the balance being due 10 weeks before departure.

    Separately, the flights (£1,200) and hotel (all inclusive £1,800+) would have cost £3000+ but on BA's website it comes to just under £2,800!

    It's nice that we can now say that we can afford to give ourselves a once in a lifetime opportunity to live in luxury for a week!

    image image

  • Shoe Ideas

    image image image Barefoot beach sandals for on the sand.

    image Rollable flats (glittery or white) for going from hotel to venue

  • I'm loving your wedding planning so far. The venue is beautiful and such a great package. I'm getting married abroad too and I love that it will be a holiday and wedding all rolled into one with our nearest and dearest. The packages also seem really reasonable compared to at home so can have things like the free bar for guests. No way we would have afforded that otherwise.  

    I think the dress you gave chosen is stunning and id imagine quite comfortable for a beach wedding too. Especially with the pretty barefoot sandals.  I want something soft and floaty too. I've decided to wait until summer to go dress shopping but I've been scouring pinterest for inspiration. 

    You sound really organised so far! Its making me think i need to get myself in gear lol. What's next on your plans? 





  • Thanks Mrs C! Where are you getting married? Unfortunately, I have had a wobble on the dress because I had a so-so response from my mum and nan. So I am going to Jersey in 2 weeks (I am from Guernsey) to try on some more dresses. I am sat between two styles at the moment, fitted lace (like the one above) which is more suitable for the heat and a more princess-y type which isn't quite as practical.

  • Aw im sorry you didn't get the reaction you hoped for. I hope your next dress shopping experience is better. I thought you looked beautiful. Though its got to be what you feel best in and what you can imagine walking down that aisle wearing. I've seen a few ladies say it's good to imagine your hubby's face when he sees you for first time.

    I'm getting married in Santorini June 2017 all being well. I say all being well we have just changed our choice of venue and waiting on confirmation of date x

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