New Forest Barn Wedding - May 2018

Hello everyone,

I am officially addicted to this forum and thought it was about time I started writing my own planning thread - I think it's a lovely idea to document the planning process and now that we have (fingers crossed) chosen a venue i thought it was about time i started writing!


How We Met

I met my H2B (I shall ref to him as 'A') at work in 2013. When i first met him i found him so unfriendly and almost scary on my first day. A joint friend who used to work with us (joined the company later than me) once told me she found him scary when she first met him, looking back we both laugh about it! I think actually now i know him i realise he was just shy and he has always been the type of person to go to work, and actually do work - others in the office seemed more approachable and friendly because they were happier to talk rather than work!

Initally I said i thought he was unfriendly and he thought i was loud and annoying = perfect match obviously haha! As the months went by we used to chat quite a bit outside work via Facebook, not tonnes at once but nearly every night, which at the time i didnt really notice but after dating for a while we were laughing at old messages and it was literally every night. We also used to see each other now and again on nights out. I guess over time I realised i liked him, but i never had any idea really whether he did like me or was just being friendly. He wasn't overly flirty or anything, that is probably why i liked him, I always disliked guys who pushed you to make a decision on whether you liked them etc. too quickly!

Anyway we chatted for a couple of months and then one night out we just kissed on a night out- i was very drunk and cannot remember all the night (tut tut). Which is unsual for me as usually i am a lightweight but never get massively drunk! My brother was out that night and he said he had to remove me from being wheeled away by a stranger in the shopping trolley - yes that drunk!

After that we just started seeing each other most days, we weren't sure whether it was frowned upon to date a colleague, we even sat next to each other in the office - awkward! So we continued as 'normal' and never said a word to anyone at work. Neither of us really asked each other out, it kind of just happened.

My boss actually knew first, A told her one day and she was fine with it. We didn't tell anyone else for ages after that. At the work Christmas party (6 months into our relationship) we decided to just tell everyone - i was so relieved, everyone knew anyway (we live in a small city and work in an office full of gossips!) and were happy for us!

For the past 6 months I have been working somewhere different, which was definitely the right decision for us - working together was hard, we were too close for it to work long term and we found it difficult to not discuss work at home all the time. Since then it's lovely to come home and hear about different days and then move on with other things at home and enjoy the evening etc.







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    YAY I'm SO excited about this thread 

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    Thanks Jenni! 

    The Proposal 

    We discussed getting married at some point and we did go and try on a few rings, so I knew it would happen, I just wasnt sure when exactly. 

    Anyone who knows me knows I am rubbish with surprises - either I like to know what's going on all the time or I guess anyway. I was always the child who knew if something was going on, even when Mum thought she was good at hiding it. I never guessed how A would propose though, I kind of thought about it but just had no clue. 

    It was a Thursday night, two days before his birthday. On the Tuesday I had said I was working late Wednesday and might sleep at my mums as she lives closer to my work. A agreed it was a good idea (obviously at the time I didn't realise he was glad to get me out the house anyway- for him this was perfect timing!) He had Thursday off and we both had Friday off for his birthday weekend.

    A said he would cook dinner, which I must admit was suspicious of as he does cook but never anything special, mainly what I tell him we have in. I asked if he had pudding - haha something fishy going on if he got that too, well that was my logic, flawed. He said no (that wasn't a lie, his plans didn't go that far!) and I came home, everything looked very normal and I thought nothing else of it. 

    Anyway he served the dinner and then right near the end he asked me if I had read Artemis Fowl, I said no. He then went on to tell me that it was his favourite book when he was younger, he had read it many times and it had got him through some hard times in his life, he loved it. A is an avid reader, if I touch his books he gets mad - he would never fold down a page or put anything on top of them. He had a difficult childhood and books was his way of escaping. He gave me the book and as I opened it he got down on one knee and the ring was in a little bag inside the book. I was crying at this point, he had cut a hole in his favourite book for this and I know how much they mean to him.

    For me it was simple but the perfect proposal, anything too posh or out of the ordinary I would have guessed much earlier on. 

    He brought out a bottle of champagne and said how he knew I would guessled something if I had seen it. So he chilled it and removed it just before I got in that evening haha! 

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    Oh and here's a photo - from March. Please excuse my old granny hands. I would have made more effort had I known! 

    I love the ring - I always loved halo rings but then I thought I wanted something different or a coloured stone. I loved this one when I tried it on - good choice! 

    It's a emerald cut aquamarine with tiny princess cut diamonds either side. It's funny in some lights it looks much more blue that others. imageimage

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    Yay! You took the plunge 

    Your relationship started out in a similar way to mine. Not being sure of each other at work (my H2B thought I was a constant hungover mess...which to be fair, I was!), chatting on Facebook then wondering if a relationship with a colleague is a good idea. I totally get all of that! 

    That is such a lovely, heartfelt proposal though and what a fabulous job he did on the ring - there's no missing that bad boy! There really aren't enough men out there who are openly passionate about books. Go Alex! x

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    Haha Lubes I was the one that thought he was a drunken mess- he was frequently turning up to work hungover! 

    Sorry I've been slow at updating - I went to a wedding this weekend, it was really fun but since getting engaged I found us looking at things differently! They didn't have any timings and everyone was waiting to eat/not sure what was happening! Also it  started very early, 11am wedding, but most still managed to stay out til 1am. We cheated and went for a nap between the day and night! Old lady I am ๐Ÿ˜„

    We are going to quite a few weddings next year, so that will help us make decisions i think! 

    Anyway... Going back to after the proposal! A said he didn't want to even consider weddings for a month- I failed at this as I was so excited to look at everything! 


    I looked at quite a few venues locally with my friends late last year (I am bridesmaid for next year) and therefore wasn't keen on looking at tonnes of venues. we looked at about 6 with her and I knew none of them were for us, either not right or too expensive! In my mind i thought we would either have it at my mums farm or this barn where you hire the venue and do everything (minus toilets and the dance floor) yourself. I actually never got round to looking at this venue! I wanted something quite close to my parents - they have a smallholding and I was worried they may need to pop back to sort the animals. Usually one of us three (me,my sister or brother) look after them if they go away! 

    Originally I wanted something with a relaxed vibe, where we could choose the catering and do lots of stuff ourselves. My mum had a DIY wedding and I loved helping to do it all. 

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    Sorry hit post too early!

    One day I went to these beautiful gardens with my mum- here http://houghtonlodge.co.uk/ and I just fell in love with the place And we saw they did weddings. My heart sank as I knew we probably couldn't afford it. 

    After emailing the lady They had two options either pay for a space by the river and get your own marquee (too expensive for us and why pay for land when my mum has it) or the orangery, which we could afford. It was simple but I knew would look stunning and the gardens were amazing! 

    I went home and told A about it and he was sold on it! There were so many beautiful places in the garden for photos and it was close to a small town for us/others to say.

    It didn't work out in the end, as when we went back with some questions the lady said they didn't allow amplified music such as a DJ or band and this was important to us, so it was a no. I felt a bit deflated as it all seemed so easy! 

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    I wrote a massive long post yesterday, but then my power failed and when it refreshed I had lost it all – after a busy weekend I just didn’t have the energy to do it again, so here I am again tonight!


    The Hotel Type Venue 

     Following on from our disappointment with the beautiful Houghton Lodge, A felt that I would be disappointed with what we could afford Vs my dream wedding in my head. He said he would be happy with a basic hotel package type wedding, he went to one for his Cousin’s wedding last year and thought it was fine. This wasn’t really me, but I wanted to take his ideas on board and not look like I was just getting my way and agreed to book to local at one locally. I think deep down A wants a bit of say, but generally is happy if I am happy. He gets bored of wedding talk so easily! The one I selected to look at a few of A’s colleagues had got married there a few years ago and said it was great. 

    In the end we went to their wedding showcase day, which was useful because we could see the set up.

    It was right near the town, but didn’t feel like you were. I liked it more than I thought I would and A thought it was great, but I wasn’t 100% sure! For me the pros of this place, were some of the cons of a place out of town.

     The pros: 

    -   As you can see from the photo it’s a pretty old building and the outside, whilst small, had great views of the river and cathedral for photos.

    -   Great bar and selection of menus. We liked the fact we could have a served starter, buffet main and served pudding – so formal and informal at the same time.

    -  Easy to get to for guests and accommodation on site/lots locally.

    -  Ceremony and reception all in one place. 

    -   Staff seemed great, really helpful, friendly and answered my hundred questions!!

    -   The package deal – included lots, food (day and night), drinks, DJ, flowers, seating plan and sashes. The value for money was really what made me keep it in our choices.

    Things I didn’t like: 

    -   White linen and sashes – I don’t mean to offend and I know lots of weddings have this, but it just isn’t me. I know it’s something so small, but it really put me off the venue. If we hadn’t seen the other venue after this, I probably would have gone back to them and asked to see the plain restaurant chairs, as I preferred them over the covers. I just love the more country, wooden furniture look.

    -  I wasn’t that taken by the reception room – it was a brick based conservatory type room. Not awful but nothing special. Typical hideous printed carpet – once again me being fussy, most hotels have these!

    -   The ceremony room was small and once again full of chairs covered in white and sashes!

    - I felt there wasn't much room for me to put my stamp on it/ do my own things! 

    It wasn’t the overall feel I was going for and I think I knew deep down it wasn’t for me, I kept saying I could be persuaded but would worry about whether it was the right choice until the day came.  The price was so good though and I thought I could always spend more of my budget buying things to decorate the venue. The downside was, they serve breakfast to guests in the reception room and therefore you could get in to decorate until 9:30am or had to leave them to do it for you. I trusted the lady would do a good job, she seemed on the ball.

     The more I thought about it, the more I thought does it really matter about the tiny things, the food is good, the bar is good, we will have a DJ and everyone will have fun. I still believe this t

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    Sorry I talk too much - 

    The more I thought about it, the more I thought does it really matter about the tiny things, the food is good, the bar is good, we will have a DJ and everyone will have fun. I still believe this to be true today. I am quite tight with money and the struggle between what I want and what is worth the money was and still is real. I’ve never been one to throw money around, even if parents are paying for things too!

    We agreed we would keep it as a contender and in the meantime I would look into the options and costs of having it at my mum’s. We agreed we didn’t want to look at tonnes of venues and would re-visit the hotel if Mum’s was a no go. To be honest, at this point we were 2 years from our wedding date (well the one we thought we wanted) and I was already fed up of looking at venues!













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    Hello! what a lovely proposal! Bless him - so meaningful for him to do that with his book! The ring is beautiful! Look forward to the rest! :)

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    Lexi I know exactly what you mean about chair covers i cannot stand the look of them I prefer a natural chair but understand why people would want to use them If the chairs aren't smart or are very conferencey.  We have also excluded white tablecloths as I wasn't keen and preferred to see the nice wooden table.

    I actually discounted a venue after 10mins due to the carpet! Which I know sounds awful but printed carpet isn't really us! Luckily our venue is all wooden floors. Looking forward to seeing where else you visit. X 

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    Thank you Nightspark! 

    Melissa- I am glad it's not just me! I know deep down they are such small things but for me i had an idea of the overall look I wanted and those things made a huge difference! 


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    The DIY Farm Marquee Option

    As I mentioned, having it on my mum and step-dad's smallholding was an option.

    They had their reception there in 2013, it was so much fun and guests really enjoyed it. My sister and her H2B are having their wedding reception there next year. My mum had a marquee on a gravel courtyard between the house and a small barn, the barn was used as a dance floor. My sister will have this too. I decided if we went for this option we would have a tipi style marquee on the field next to the garden, a bit different from them. This is the gravel yard, they have so many cool bits, like this flower wheel! 


    Before their wedding they had the garden landscaped and a trellis tunnel made. For gifts they asked for plants for the tunnel, it now looks amazing, really beautiful! 


    This is before 


    This is a year after, so you can imagine how amazing it looks now! 

    The farm also has lots of animals, I see them all the time but I love them and I know guests enjoy seeing them! They have a bit of everuthing, pigs, cows, sheep, chickens etc. 



    I knew I could design the wedding I wanted but A felt it wouldn't be as special as we come here quite a lot. We agreed to look into the options and costs 

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    Marquee/Tipi continued...

    I liked the fact we would have time to decorate and all do it together before the big day. My mum is keen to do some of the flowers and obviously this would be easy at home. 

    The more I looked into this option the less I was sure. I kept wondering if people would compare it to my mums and sisters. Mum had fantastic weather and I thought if it rained for mine I would be disappointed and compare it. There was also limited accomodation for everyone and we had the issue of where would we get married! 

    The costs are expensive when you factor in the tipi hire and bits such as chairs, dance floor etc, plus toilets. I also thought I would end up spending a fortune buying things to decorate the tipi. 

    A isn't keen on me doing too much, he knows I can get stressed and thinks this option would be too much. I am a perfectionist and deep down I know he is probably right! I thought if I didn't do it all myself I would be bored leading up to the wedding, now I've started planning I laugh at the fact I thought this! 

    At this point I started looking at other venues online, whilst also looking for more info and reviews on the other hotel! 

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    Sorry I haven’t written lately – I under-estimated how much time it takes to write these posts. 

    The Barn Venue – Our Confirmed choice! 

    The lovely Jenni8 on here very kindly sent me a list of venues she had considered/heard of. I had a look online at quite a few she suggested, I think I glanced at her venue too, however at this point it wasn’t finished. I thought “I will come back to this when there are pics" as we still had over 2 years until our preferred time to get married.  

    After deciding the DIY marquee option was going to be expensive (and A wasn’t that keen on it anyway), I went back to Jenni’s list. I had a look at the barn and it had just launched about a month earlier. From the moment I saw the photos I knew I would love it – beautiful light room, oak tables and no white linen in sight! We booked to look at it that weekend.

    As soon as we arrived up the long drive up to the main manor house, with a herd of deer in the fields we felt excited to be there. There is a manor house with beautiful interiors and you can use parts of this for photos, which I think is a nice touch. Whilst the layout of the barn and features are quite simple, its perfect for me. I wanted somewhere that was different to everyday life but where guests still felt comfortable to be and nothing too over the top grand. It’s a beautiful blank space to decorate how you want. 

     The main room in the barn is used for the wedding ceremony and then turned around for the reception. Off the main area is the bar and off this is a marquee. If the weather is poor on the day (fingers crossed it won’t be) they hold the drinks reception in here whilst they turn the room around, if not we can go outside. 

    I have spoken to a couple of people who have got married in the barn since it opened and they both said they had a fantastic day and that the staff and food was wonderful. I always like genuine feedback from people, as of course the venue is going to say everything about the place is amazing. We took our parents back two weeks later, we just wanted someone else to confirm we were making a good choice and the next day we confirmed we wanted to book our wedding.

    We have a date – Saturday 19th May 2018. Still ages away but I think it will go fast, it has been 4 months since we got engaged (1/4 of a year) – where did that time go?! We chose this date as I work as an assistant for a country show and this will be a quieter time of year for me, I can’t really take holiday July, August or September, plus A doesn’t like really hot days, so it was perfect. 









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    Photos - the bit everyone wants to see! Some are mine and some are from them/website. Apologies as you have probably already seen a couple! 

    The Manor House 


    The barn 





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    How exciting!!! I remember you saying that you were going to visit the barn. Does it feel more real now you have a date? ๐Ÿ˜Š If I wasn't a teacher, I would've gone for a very similar date! Sounds perfect!

    It's great there are other brides on here and couples willing to share their experiences. Our venue opened a year ago and I haven't managed to speak to anyone who has already got married there. You are so right about the venue staff ๐Ÿ˜‚ x

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    Absolutely gorgeous venue! Great choice indeed!

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    Yes it definitely feels more real. I kept saying to A "right are you definitely sure this is the one?" 

    I am happy with the date, sometimes May can be quite warm but without the bugs! The months do seem to just go so quickly. We always count down to the show at work and I swear about a week ago in my head it was 3 months to go and now suddenly it's only two! 

    I agree about other brides on here, it's great. To be honest without Jenni I don't think I would have even looked at it. I hadn't heard of it and it never came up in any of my google searches. I guess because it was new it probably wasn't really listed anywhere yet. Although I think they used to do weddings in the main house before. 

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    Yayyyyyyyayayay I'm so excited for you and I don't even know you!

    I feel like a celeb being mentioned on your thread  But I am so glad to have helped! I love the way you write about our venue, so nice to know that other people like it hehe. You have posted some pics that I have not seen before since they got the new chairs with the mink colour seat pads - I wasn't 100% sold on that colour at first but it looks nice actually! woop woop!

    PLUS....I won't be forgetting your date as the is my H2B's birthday - fab choice xx

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    You are far more observant than me Jenni- it wasn't until I got home that I noticed a difference in the photo. I don't mind the mink colour. As they don't have tonnes out for the showcase I wonder if they use all mink then- or do they mix like the other photos? Not sure if you know the answer to that one! 

    I am going back to the venue again today, taking my Grandma and Mum. I think my G'ma would like to contribute something but isn't sure what, bless her. I know she would love to see it, so I suggested we go as they have another open day today. I prefer the open day if we just want to look and not ask questions etc- don't feel so much pressure that way. That will give her some idea of what we are having. Also she mentioned she wanted to go to Ceremony only for my wedding and sisters as she cant cope being out all day - she's 87 and asked if Mum would take her home after that part. I want to show her the manor, as I expect she would be happy to book a room there and just go and have a rest etc. If she gets tired/overwhelmed. 

    I am a bit of a geek, I'm going to take more photos today. I want to start collecting bits over the next year and a half, candle holders etc. to spread the cost across the months. Although I will add those bits to my budget because they do add up, I think we will pay for them from our normal pay each month rather than saved wedding budget and slowly build the bits up until 2018. All the storage and my room at my Mum's will come in handy! I guess something could change between now and then at the venue, but things like the number of window sills etc. wont I guess. They are nice and deep so I definitely want to find some bits to decorate them. I saw photos of a wedding the other week that decorated the steps/handle rails by the door, that looked amazing. I am a massive stalker on their social media! 

    I am really organised and have to be for my job, but for some reason I just have no idea where to start now we've got a venue. Is it too early for other things? 

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    Oooh have a lovely time today! You are right that it's nice to visit the venue without one of the events people breathing down your neck. Take advantage of going as often as you can I'd say! How lovely to be able to involve your grandma too 

    I think every single one of us on here can testify to wanting to organise everything and just sit on it until the wedding day! I can say from experience that you do end up changing your mind, so even for the 'minor' bits like the decor that you can collect as and when, don't start too soon. It only takes for you to see your venue decorated a slightly different way or an amazing arrangement in magazines/on Pinterest and decide that you like that even more than your original idea. In the year I have been planning, I have wanted to change pretty much everything several times!

    If I was you, I would start most of your 'organising' towards the end of next year or closer to next May. Winter is miserable and having lots of wedding things to do around that time definitely takes your mind off it, especially in January! The only thing I would look into sooner rather than later is a photographer (and videographer if you want one!) x 

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    I love your proposal story. I'm a bit like your H2B with my books, no folding pages and certainly no bending over the spine of the book. So I can see how that was a massive thing for him to do. bless him. 

    your ring is gorgeous! Good choice

    i LOVE the venue! Your guests driving up to it seeing the deer in the fields beside them. Just lovely. 

    Im getting married in May 2017. Good month I think lol. 

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    Haha I am an observant person but didn't really utilise those skills for the chairs: the yellow and green ones were the ones they had at the launch in April (about 50:50). Then they also had a single one of the mink on display to demonstrate that was the colour that they had ordered and would be there for future weddings. So the pics with the yellow and green ones are the pics taken at the launch (and also a couple of the very first weddings I think) but now they are all the mink ( think - you can let me know today!). They are much less garish then the yellow ones in particular, so better in my opinion! 

    I am so jealous you're there today! I think it's prob for the best that I am not so local otherwise I would be there every weekend and I don't want to get too sensitised to it haha! 

    I agree that there is so much that can be done to decorate and I am definitely planning on putting some flowers on the windowsill and fireplaces! You'll have to post your ideas on what else too  As you are local, if you like anything that I have then you can buy it off me after mine if you like? We can have a Burley brides buy and sell service hehe! 

    Lets see.... *thinking out loud here*...you have 22 months? I would say it isn't too early to start some things but let the suppliers guide you on this and you definitely have room to take your time and enjoy it, do good research and weigh up your options. I started with the photographer  one thing I would advise is not to rush into the dress - I did and it was/is hard and I wish I hadn't (don't get me wrong, I LOVE my dress and wouldn't change it for anything, but wobbles is a real thing which hit me quickly and unexplainably!). I wish I had familiarised myself with the style of the designers out there more,, and then gone to specific stockists of those designers rather then somewhat random stores. If I were to do it all over again, I would start shopping 1 year before, no more.

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    Lubes - Thanks for your advice, I agree with changing your mind- I may wait for the bulk of it. I am sure I won't be able to resist picking up the odd thing though! Must resist haha I will definitely be doing most my wedding planning in the winter months as I have a lot more free time then. I agree about the photographer, we want to make sure that's done! 

    I wanted to look at wholesalers around May next year to see what flowers they tend to have available/cost - I think I will do the main table/fireplace flowers with my mum and just have a florist for the bouquets and buttonholes. 

    Dora - thank you! I can't wait to see your wedding photos next year. I'm hoping it's a good month to choose. 

    Unfortunately my Grandma had a bad headache and couldn't come today but Mum and I went back anyway! 

    It was a lovely sunny day and good to see it again.

    They had fairy lights up from a wedding the night before - they looked lovely. 


    Jenni - I think they will be mink, I forgot to ask sorry! Thank you for your kind offer regarding bits from your wedding, I am sure I will take you up on it! Can't wait to see your big day! 

    I think i will keep it quite simple with flowers and candles etc. I can imagine if I had a massive budget i would go mad with the flowers - I saw a wedding the other week that had beautiful flowers there, including beautiful displays around the door/steps into the barn. I can dream! 

    Thanks for your advice on the dress - I think I want to try some on to shock me into losing weight haha! I reckon I will find it so hard to choose one, it's so much money!! How far in advance did you do the registrar? I've Googled but I'm not even 100% sure how I book them!  

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    Hi Lexi! 

    This is all so pretty  I love the venue, and the fairy lights are lush! 

    I get married 2 months before you! It seems such a long way off at the moment, but I bet it will fly round! Like you I am keen not to do things way too early. We have our venue and registrar so far, but nothing else booked yet. I'm thinking photographer and save the dates might be our next task, whats next on your list? 

    I also completely agree about dresses; I wasnt planning on going until winter (something fun and girly for my mum and mother in law to enjoy!) but my mum talked me into a trip to a random shop last week. It has most certainly made me want to lose some weight ๐Ÿ˜‚ And has given me a kick up the bum! 

    Cant wait to

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    Ah yeah book the registrar now so you get the time of your choice. It was funny though because as soon as we made the decision to book Burley and made the call, paid the deposit etc, I said "right....lets book the registrar!". So I found the number, put it in my phone and then thought to myself "hmmm what time...."! It then took me about 3 days to decide the time as I wasnt sure how long the morning antics took so I had to google hair and MUA people to get approx idea on timings! So yeah, not quite as easy as I first thought it would be. Quite like most things in wedding planning....it is not always as straightforward as it first seems!

    Anyway.... the number for Hampshire registrars is 01329 246040. Not sure if this works but here is the brochure: http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk//launch.aspx?pbid=6f1d7ca7-cc55-47d3-90b5-6cc307f8ff04 

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    Thanks Dr D - it's nice to see another 2018 bride.

    I think we will do registrar and photographer next. I think I will send save the dates out early next year, as that's just over a year to go.

    Thanks Jenni, your a life saver. I've just realised in order to book the registrar we need to choose a time to get married as you say- I've just realised we have no idea! All I know is that we don't want a massive gap between the day/wedding breakfast and the evening! I have no idea what time the venue can/tends to serve the evening buffet either.

    It hadn't occurred to me we would need to make a decision on the timetable because of booking the ceremony so early on - doh! 

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,202

    Haha yeah its a pain but def do that as soon as you can manage as if you then have your heart set on a certain time and its not available you'll have to rejig everything! I've heard of brides having to choose between 11am and 3/4pm! You have plenty of time though so that's not a worry. But even when I booked mine, there were other bookings already and I had a slightly more limited choice - they had what I wanted though so I was lucky! 

    I think they serve food whenever you ask them too, that's what the last wedding co-ordinator said anyway so that's what I am going with! 

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    Jenni8 wrote (see post):

    Haha yeah its a pain but def do that as soon as you can manage as if you then have your heart set on a certain time and its not available you'll have to rejig everything! I've heard of brides having to choose between 11am and 3/4pm! You have plenty of time though so that's not a worry. But even when I booked mine, there were other bookings already and I had a slightly more limited choice - they had what I wanted though so I was lucky! 

    I think they serve food whenever you ask them too, that's what the last wedding co-ordinator said anyway so that's what I am going with! 

    Thanks- we are going to have a think about this week. I'm thinking maybe 2pm ceremony.

    When you had your contract did it say for a set amount of guests, which you could change closer to the day with just a set minimum? 

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    Congrats on booking your venue :)

    Deffo start searching for a photographer and maybe try to nail down a budget? That way you can work out how much to save each month etc. I used a Hitched spreadsheet that was fantastic, literally couldn't have done it without it. Every time I did a small purchase I put it on there which really made me realise how much it all adds up! For a photographer, check out Albert Palmer. He did my wedding In April and was incredible. I like spring weddings! The past couple of years April has had better weather than August so we were happy to book. 2pm is a nice time, but check what time you have to leave your venue at night. We got married at midday as we had to be out by 11:30pm. We worked on the logic that it was such an expensive day that we may as well be married for as much of it as possible. My hair and make up started at 8:30am which was ok.

    Enjoy your planning 

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