Kefalonia Wedding 2018

Hi Everybody,

Hoping somebody can help and offer any advice. We are hoping to get Married in Skala, Kefalonia in 2018. 

I have contacted a few Wedding planners and finding if difficult to choose. Is anybody else planning on getting married in Kefalonia? Any recommendations on planners or Venues? I have seen the Regina Dell Acqua Hotel which offers a Beach Ceremony and reception, has anybody also planned to get Married here? We have 2 young children and hoping for around 40 guests to join us so perhaps ideal to have everything in one location. 

Any advice greatly appreciated

Alex x 


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    I am getting married in August this year in Kefalonia at the Apostolata hotel which is on the edge of Skala. So excited! 

    We are using Donna at Kefalonia weddings as our planner and she has been great so far, very prompt replies and so helpful.

    Regina del Aqua looks beautiful and I have heard great things about Kefalonia. 

    Hopefully we might find a few more Kefalonia brides.

    Happy Planning!

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    Hi Jennifer, 

    Thank you so much for replying! I've been driving myself mad researching. The Apostolata also looks wonderful and has excellent reviews. I've also been in touch with Donna and she has been very helpful so far and is the only planner who has given me some clear prices and costs. I'm waiting to hear from my Greek Weddings and Mythos weddings. Did you also contact them? 

    We last went to Kefalonia, Skala 8 years ago and fell in love with it that's why we decided to get Married there. You will have a wonderful wedding in Kefalonia. 

    Alex x 

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    Hi Alex!

    I didn't contact my Greek wedding, I emailed mythos and didn't receive a reply which put me off straight away.

    I did lots of research too but decided on Apostolata for simplicity, chapel on the hotel grounds and also for the private roof terrace.

    Really excited to start planning the small details now, bridesmaids dresses and colour scheme next on my agenda. 

    Hopefully we can share ideas and tips along the way.


  • Hi Alex,

    You choose an amazing island for your wedding.

    If you still looking for a photographer and videographer in Kefalonia check some of our work in our website, vimeo and facebook page here:

    We know this island very well as we made weddings at the past in Kefalonia, and because we love to shoot there we will make you a great offer 1400 euros for 10 hours + next day shooting for both packages photography and videography. This offer includes arround 1000-1300 edit photos, 1 slideshow with the best photos, 1 video teaser in full hd quality, 1 main video also in full hd quality + free drone for aeral shoots.


    If you think our photography suits your style, please leave me a message in [email protected] giving me a glimpse of your story.

    Ben :)

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    Hi Jen, 

    Hope your wedding plans are going well? I've decided to book with Donna from Kefalonia weddings. She has been great so far. I'm going out to visit the venue and area in June can't wait! Hoping to book the hotel as soon as they are released. 


    Alex x 

  • Hi,

    i can highly recommend Anna of, she is greek and based in the UK, she has an excellent team in Santorini but also covers the whole of Greece.

  • Hi Alex, I am also an Alex trying to plan a wedding for July 2018 probably in Regina Del Acqua as we have stayed there before (in 2012). I just wondered how you were getting on/ any tips etc?  I have had lots of emails from Anastasia at the hotel, but still finding it a daunting process. Any help/ knowledge much appreciated! x

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    Hi Alex, 

    Congratulations... I have gone with Donna from Kefalonia Weddings as my wedding planner she has been great so far! I have emailed Anastasia several times and she has got back to be quickly, she was more than happy to have Donna involved as I don't think the hotel have a wedding planner. We are getting Married Aug 2018. Unfortunately we have decided not to stay at the Regina Dell Acqua for our accommodation as the prices were extremely high £7200! for a family of 4 two weeks B&B as you have to purchase 2 twin rooms extra for sea views and then would be allocated a interconnecting room on arrival. We are staying at the Nine muses for accommodation now which looks amazing also. We are having a Beach wedding at the Regina, and have been advised to have the ceremony around 5-6pm as it's too hot and will be less busy at that time. Then we will have the evening meal around the pool area over looking the sea. They have an air conditioned room within the hotel which we can use later to have music/DJ. They have 2 set menus I believe which I'm hoping we can negotiate some options. You can also have traditional Greek dancers which sounds fun. I believe you can have a beautician to do hair and make up there, but I will check this as I would like to have that done.  

    Im going out the end of June this year for 3 days to meet with Donna the wedding planner and also Anastasia to have a look around as it's a big decision, just want to make sure Ive made the right decision. We have been to Skala and absolutely  loved it so I'm sure we have made the right decision. Donna sent me an example of prices for flowers/cakes/photography etc so I can budget. I also emailed a couple who got married there last year, which Donna was involved with and they didn't say a bad word. 

    Hope that helps, please email if there is anything else I can help with. Let me know how you go on. 

    You will have an amazing time there I'm sure.


    Alex xx 

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    Hi Alex, 

    Just to add, you have to get all the legalities done at the local town hall, which is in Poros. You have to send all the relevant paper work off in advance. The wedding planner has said we do not have to be there 7 days before (as said in all brochures/weddings in Greece) as if we send her all the paperwork she will do this on our behalf so we can get there whenever is best for us before the wedding. There are a few more costs to add on for this at the townhall, and then costs to have the interpreter and official at the Beach ceremony. I've been told it costs around £200-£300 to have all official paperwork translated and legalised when returning to England, Donna has a contact for this also. 

    Hope this helps 


    Alex xx 

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    Congratulations. We are getting married in Kefalonia September this year and are using Kefalonia Weddings. Donna has been fab so far. The package she has put togeeehr for us is all inclusive and means we won't have any additional costs to worry about.

    We are getting staying, getting married, celebrating and honeymooning at Apostolata :)


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    Congratulations! Ohh that's great that you have a package of everything included. I will ask Donna if she can do something similar for us. I'm going out to Kefalonia this Thurs for a few days and meeting with Donna can't wait! 

    The Apostolata looks beautiful you will have an amazing time. 


    Alex x 

  • Alex101 wrote (see post):


    Congratulations! Ohh that's great that you have a package of everything included. I will ask Donna if she can do something similar for us. I'm going out to Kefalonia this Thurs for a few days and meeting with Donna can't wait! 

    The Apostolata looks beautiful you will have an amazing time. 


    Alex x 

    We have a package which is 'just for two' so everything is included except document translation. She hasn't mentioned anything about extra costs for an interpreter, so not sure if we will have to pay any extra for that. 

    Hope you had a lovely time in Kefalonia in June. We are counting down the days until we return for our wedding... 27 days.... :)

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    We had a great time in Skala thank you. I'm so pleased I went out as I have changed my wedding venue and decided to go with the Apostolata also! Luckily it had our date free as I had already sent out save the date cards and family and friends had already booked hotels and flights. 

    The views are so beautiful from there and the set up just seemed perfect for what we wanted. There was a wedding there while we were out there so Donna asked us to pop along to get a feel of what the set up would be like. 

    We stayed in Skala for the 3 days, it's so lovely, relaxing and the people very friendly and accommodating. Lots of great restaurants to eat at, reasonable prices. It cost €6 to get a taxi to the Apostolata so not bad. You could walk but it's about 2.5 miles. 

    Bet you can't wait now, it's not long at all. Hope you both have the most amazing day!! 


    Alex xx 

  • Hi Alex,

    You have chosen an amazing island for your wedding.

    i am George Tavropoulos working all over Greek Islands as a wedding dj, lighting Company. 

    If you have not booked a wedding dj, lighting, sound and effect company we are at your disposal

    If you have the time to take a look to our job there is a link below.

    If you need more details about venue etc, i will be more than happy to help anyway i can!

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  • Oh wow!! I am so glad I have found this thread. My fiance and I have just about had enough of the idea of a wedding in the UK and I am about to suggest Kefalonia as we have both visited and love it. If anyone could give some advice on the queries below I would be most grateful :)

    So, we are lucky enough to have British family living in Vasilikades (North Kef) and I think I have set my heart on Assos to be married. Has anyone heard anything about this location? We both love it as it is so beautiful but not sure how people are married there.

    My other half is Catholic but I am not - can we be married in a chapel or does it have to be a town hall? What are the costs to be married in either?

    I have also looked at the Emelisse hotel as a venue for the reception and possibly ceremony but this looks much more expensive. So I was also considering contacting my aunt to find out where we could hold the reception considering there might be between 20 and 60 guests. Is it a cheaper option to go to a restaurant and hire entertainment? Anyone know how much it is to hire a band? Is it cheaper to hire a boat and do a bbq on the boat/beach? 

    I'm so excited because I feel this is so right for us, just need to gather as much info as possible on costs so I can be sure it is not going to cost a lot more than the UK.

    Thanks in advance!!!


  • Hi Carla, 


    Im sorry but I have‘nt really visited the northern part of Kefalonia but I’ve heard it’s just as beautiful. 

    It might be worth contacting a few wedding planners over there as that’s what I did to start off with and they gave me an idea of what to expect. I chose Donna from Kefalonia weddings which you have probably read above. She has been great so far and has given me an idea of prices on venues/Greek dancers/DJ’s/flowers/photographers I know a lot of people hire a Villa and then have private caterers so that might be an option to also look into. 

    We are going to the town hall first and then having a ceremony at our venue after. There is a chapel where we can get married but we have chopen to get married outside.  The fee is subsidized for our venue as we are having the meal there also. We looked at a beach wedding too and you have to pay for this depending who it belongs too.

    We are paying 45€ a head for our meal and we are expecting 35-40 guests. We have looked and seen prices range from 35-60€ it just depends where it is and if you would like a set or buffet style menu. I’m sure Donna would be able to help you also with any other queries. 

    Hope this has helped a little, please just ask if there is anything else I can help with. 


    Alex x 

  • Anyone know of any good English bands or singers for a wedding in Kefalonia? 

    I am planning to get married there in 2019. 

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