Looking for hair and makeup in Dubrovnik

long shot....


but does anyone have any recommendations for hair and makeup in dubrovnik?? I get married there next august at hotel excelsior! 




  • Hi Bethany-8,

    We are also getting married in Dubrovnik 2018, September at Sponza Palace and then to Hotel Neptun. Hotel Excelsior is gorgeous we had a quick look there too!

    Luckily one of my close friends is an MUA so that's me sorted but i still have 7 bridesmaids and Grooms mother to do. I've done a bit of looking on Instagram and the best I've seen so far (in my opinion) is Ana Grgic but i am not sure if she travels as she seems to be based in Split! 

    I haven't started pestering my wedding planners about it all yet but they did say they could recommend people based on the style of make-up I liked.

    Have you had any luck with bands or DJ's as of yet?


  • Hello hollybob2 

    i have found a couple of salons and hair dressers on Instagram etc so going to look into them. 

    I haven't look at bands, i know the venue comes with a dj but not sure about bands! We've got a while yet so can have a good look :) have you any ideas? X

  • AaAa Posts: 38

    Unless they change it in the refurb they're doing at the moment, the salon at the hotel is excellent for both. Am getting married on Lokrum, with an Old Town reception and my wedding planner is organising my hair for me (my bridesmaid is a pro MUA, so that's sorted!)

  • That's great, let me know if you settle on any! No we've not yet just looking for inspiration at the minute, although I think we will probably just stick to a DJ! 


  • Emma681Emma681 Posts: 218

    Hi Hollybob2, 

    we we are getting married in Dubrovnik in May... our wedding planner arranged for me to have my hair and make-up done by the team at Salon UP. They are based at Hotel Lero, but they will come to Dubrovnik Palace on the day. They have a facebook page which would let you see what they do, and our wedding planner seems to always use the same team... 

    I hope this helps 

    Em x

  • Thanks Aa, I'll have a look online and see if I can find any info! 


    Thanks Emma, I follow Up on instagram and thought they looked good 😊 we are going over in June so will book in for a trial ! 


  • Hi Ladies!

    We have booked Mia Jugovic at Face The Day who is based in Dubrovnik and will come to the Hotel! I'm slightly regretting the 7 bridesmaids now as the hair and make-up are not cheap!! We're going over in May so may have a trial for Hair then as i wasn't too keen on the wedding planners suggestion for that.

    Are you having both hair and make-up from Salon UP Emma? I'll go and have a look now! Thank god for Facebook and Instagram!


  • Emma681Emma681 Posts: 218

    Yes, both hair and make-up from Salon UP, but from what I understand they are team which includes a separate hair stylist and MUA, not just one person doing both... if it weren't for Facebook Id be at a loss... that's how we picked our photographer too :-)

  • Zoe174Zoe174 Posts: 1


    I'm getting married in Lapad in Dubrovnik on 1 June next year.  My wedding planner has recommended New Moment Make Up and Hair Design - I have contacted them to see what their prices are like and what they can offer. 

    Anyone had any luck with bands or singers for evening?

  • Hi ladies!

    Congratulations on all your engements and, how exciting to come across some 2018 Dubrovnik brides!

    We‘ve selected Grand Villa Argentina for our big day (July) so excited! 

    Where are you all based and have you been to Croatia/DBV before?

    I’m Australian with Croatian heritage on both sides. 70% of our guests are based in Cro so they’ve been extremely helpful with providing suggestions & tips thus far.

    With regards to hair/make-up, I will start looking in the new year so when I have some suggestions I will definitely post in this thread for you!

    At the moment I’m trying to finalise wedding invites (side note: did anyone find this a bore? haha, yawn!)

    I don’t want to hijack this hair/make up thread but for those of you looking for bands/singers, I might be able to suggest options but it depends on what you’re looking for (english/croatian/both etc).

    Personally we’ve booked a traditional Croatian trio & we’re still undecided on whether to stick with a band or, go for a DJ for the reception. 

    Im happy to help with any questions you may have along the way so feel free to PM me whenever xx




  • rachel888rachel888 Posts: 2

    Hi everyone!

    Hollybob2 - we are getting married at sponza in september too!  and then grand villa argentina.

    how are your plans coming along for sponza? chairs, flowers, music? we haven't really organised any of that yet..

    We are australian and have been to dubrovnik (8 years ago perhaps) and never went to sponza or GVA but am super excited! and slightly anxious, possible catatonic come august (!!) :D:D

  • Emily273Emily273 Posts: 1

    Hi everyone, 

    We are getting married at the sponza palace in August and having the reception at the hotel Excelsior. 

    Could I ask what everyone took with them for the wedding? Etc Table names table numbers. Did anyone take over a table plan? I’m wondering if That’s something we take over or if the hotel produce this? 

    thanks girls 

  • Bethany-8Bethany-8 Posts: 8

    Hi Emily, 

    We're also getting married at Sponza and the reception at Excelsior on August 23rd, which date are you getting married? 

    Our wedding planner sent us photos of table plans that we could have so we have picked one of those, I am just taking guests names to put on the table and the table numbers. I am sure the hotel would be able to provide a table plan if you asked them :)


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