Report time.. our navy, white and silver wedding.

So although I have posted a few times on here and have loved looking at all of your planning threads, I never got round to making my own. So here is my wedding report which will hopefully provide a written memoir of the day!

The basics:

Bride and Groom: Charlotte and Chris

Wedding Day: 11th February 2017

Church: St John the Baptist, Liverpool

Venue: Hard Days Night Hotel, Liverpool.

Time together: 8 and a half years

Time engaged: 15 months

Let's start! 😃



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    Ooh yay! I remember you posting on my planning thread about your venue, cant wait to see how it all turned out!

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    Lots of pictures I hope? Excited to hear all about it!

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    MrsJ- I know, so exciting! I ended up using the supplier at Lula for my flowers! amazing!

    Mrs G2B- am I right  in thinking you have the dotted Crotchets? They were amazing.

    Sammykate - of course, still waiting on photos from photographer but I have plenty of others in the meantime!

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    Yes!!! I do have the Dotted Crotchets!! sooo glad to hear they are good! I thought they would be from reviews but I don't personally know anyone who has had them so cant wait to hear!! xxx

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    imageBackground to our venue:

    Me and Chris met at the Cavern Club in Liverpool so for us the venue at the Hard Days Night was just ideal and it's one of the things that he was very insistent on and it was the only venue we saw! We had the freedom to adapt their package and it was large enough but still with a very intimate feel.  I booked it there and then! I also booked to stay there with my mum the night before but more on that later...

    Some pictures (this is not the wedding day!)

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    This is the reception room.

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    Yay - just going out but looking forward to reading this later woohoo!

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    To the church ... it was really important for my family in particular to have the wedding in a church and it would have meant a lot to my nan too.


    And I mean who can resist this ceiling? It was one of the things that EVERYONE commented on. The priest was really relaxed and that was a key thing for us. We could see ourselves getting married here and so with that, we booked the date!

    It also later turned out that Chris' nan had been a bridesmaid at the church 55 years earlier so that made it extra special!


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    I cant wait to see your flowers, I was thinking of having artificial flowers now were getting married in december, but h2b has been a groomzilla and wants real flowers so were sticking with lula.

  • Oooh exciting!! More more more!

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    Thursday 9th Feb ( wedding day -2)

    This day was my last in work and my work colleagues got me some amazing gifts. My office was covered iin balloons and confetti and they got me a sash which I had to wear all day. It felt like a hen party take 2! Anyway at 3pm I dashed to the car and loaded all my goodies and a helium balloon in the back of a C1 and drove to my MILs. Chris and his dad has driven to Liverpool earlier and we were getting the train. So we got to Euston and started on the cocktails for celebration.. this was the start of what would be a great long weekend!


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    Friday 10th Feb (wedding day -1)

     The day started early at 8am as I woke up thinking this is the last time we would be in the same bed as an unmarried couple! We had a lot to sort today, we had to drop everything at the venue, plus I was getting my nails done and picking up flowers from my supplier. We also had a rehearsal at the church at 6pm and our whole family was descending on Liverpool (we actually live in Essex)

    I must add here that my bouquet was actually made nearer to home by Satin Blossom. She was amazing in making my bouquet to my requirements. It was a metal brooch bouquet as I knew it was something I wanted to keep and I had my nans brooch intertwined in it. If you look at the pictures you can see the blue brooch. I also had a heart made from Not on the High Street which was attached to my bouquet and had the names of mine and hubby's  who are no longer with us so I was literally 'carrying them with me'. Chris'buttonhole was made to match this alongside the bridesmaids bouquets, done in a beautiful pearl ivory with blue pins in the centre.


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    Ooh a wedding report!! We have been severely lacking in those on here for the last couple of months. 

    Love your bouquet. Can't wait to hear more!

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    Friday 10th February (Wedding Day -1)

    Once we had been to the venue, we went to pick up the buttonholes and the top table decorations. We wanted artificial flowers as we were travelling such a distance before the wedding and wanted them to be still at their best. Mrs J recommended Lula Flower Shop and Joanne there was great and so helpful. I am terrible with flowers but all we knew was that we wanted white roses with navy ribbon (to match our colour scheme) and I had originally gone along armed with these pictures.


    Here are some photos of the flowers (not professional ones though!)


    After this I had my nails done by Lisa Sharrock at Nails and Beyond. She was great although I very nearly had a panic attack when she said she wasn't sure if the tips would stick as my nails themselves are so tiny! And I was left thinking how we would smarten up my little stubby nails for tomorrow... shellac? Luckily Lisa worked really hard on them and we were good to go!





    Meanwhile Chris spent the time in the nearby bar which was attached to the hotel we were staying in welcoming friends who has travelled a long distance. We were gutted to find out at that point that our good friend missed his flight from Singapore and couldn't get another before the wedding. So me and Chris had a good talk on the phone with him. It had been a big ask to expect someone to come so far, but after we had finished, we couldn't dwell on it any longer as it was time for the rehearsal!

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    Whilst at the church rehearsal, my mum and step dad went to check into the room that me and her would be staying in at the venue that night. They took my dress and hung it up and took everything we needed for the wedding morning.

    I had originally paid £150 for a room with two single beds knowing me and Chris would be in a different room on our wedding night.

    Imagine my surprise when I was told that the room had a grand piano and a bed with a headboard the size of a wall! Yes we has been upgraded to a suite which cost over £1200 a night!! It was like an apartment and it had the piano in that John Lennon plays in the video for Imagine.

    Let me introduce you to my suite for the two nights:



    I still get excited looking at it!

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    And a first sight of the dress..image

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    Loving your report so far!  Please keep it coming! :)

    Married September 2018, Baby due October 2019.  
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    The piano and the room, wow!! Dress looks stunning on the hanger. Keep going :) :)

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    Wedding day, 6.30am

    The night before the wedding, I shared the huge bed with mum and we ended up talking till 1am in the morning with a glass of pink fizz in hand! I desperately wanted to stay up to 'see the wedding day in so to speak ' and once time got on, mum made me  go to sleep but it was so hard!

    I was awake at 6.30 on the wedding day morning. Mum had been worse than me and had been up every 2 hours in the night with excitement. So at 6.30 I decided to give up, after all, I was getting married!

    Whilst Mum got showered I set out my bridesmaid gift boxes and got my veil, hair extensions etc hung up ready for the makeup artist who was arriving at 9. We also ordered room service of a cooked breakfast and coffee (Small things!) and after a shower myself and covering myself in the whole of Jo Malone (I love the basil and mandarin and had listed a new bottle of the perfume, the moisturiser and shower gel for Christmas)  I sat waiting for my MOH and bridesmaid to arrive, playing music as we went on.

    So far, it was a relaxed moment before it was all to start! (Me and mum in matching robes ready to start our morning!)


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    I am loving reading this, can't wait for more :D!!

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    Eek! Sounds fantastic! How amazing is the room ! Wow! Looking forward to reading more! 

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    Aw I thought youd gone away and left us! So glad youre carrying on the report! Theyre the best part of this whole forum.

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    Thanks ladies!

    Mrs Thomas, the room was the most amazing ever. My terrible pictures don't do it justice. 

    Mrs J- no chance, I'm still here, but the flu has been stopping all my best attempts to update. Will continue tomorrow!

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    Wedding day, 9am

    My MuA and hairdresser arrived to my SUITE! at about 9am. Her name is Michelle Halewood and she came recommended by the venue. She is totally amazing, if anyone is looking for a make up artist or hairdresser in Liverpool, look her up.

    She had 2 hair and makeup to do, one hair, one make up and a flower girl so we had to make a start if we were to be ready for 1.15. I had my trial with her in October so we knew what we were going for and she already had my extensions set. She started with my hair first and then started with mum and my maid of honour. My flower girl wasn't arriving until 10.30ish with her mum and Michelle said it was better to do flower girls at the end anyway because little girls tend to run around (and she was right!)

    Here's me with my hair done :



    Meanwhile, my maid of honour and bridesmaid opened their gift box. They had: a personalised mirror from etsy, a personalised wine glass, a Yankee wedding day candle, a silver necklace to wear on the day and prosecco (for MOH) and gin and tonic in a can for BM.




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    Whilst this was ensuing, my bridesmaid (with a slight help from me... Get the shoes in! And the Jo Malone!) Perhaps took my favourite picture of the day that is not of a person...




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    Whilst we were busy getting our hair done, we realised that we had no drink (alcoholic or otherwise) in the suite! Cue a quick text to my flower girl's mum (Chris' auntie) asking her to bring prosecco. She arrived with my flower girl at 10.30 with 2 bottles of prosecco, 2 large bottles of coke and bottles of water. They promptly went into our mini fridge and we were sorted for now!

    My flower girl had chosen me a present of a print of 2 penguins (everyone who knows me knows I love penguins!) And she set off exploring the suite and was itching to get her dress on. She was hilarious and certainly provided a laugh all morning!

    When I set to have my makeup done it turns out I was quite twitchy ! I wasn't during my trial so it must have been the nerves. Anyway it didn't stand me in good stead because I twitched so much i got something in my eye and we had to restart my whole make up again. I had also got a killer spot the week before the wedding and on advice from the women at work had left it alone (I'm usually a squeezer) and was obsessed with it being covered. Nevertheless Michelle did a great job.

    Make-up being done:


    Here I am with all my makeup done:


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    Wedding day, 12-1pm

    After sending my flower girl's mum in a quick run to Subway, armed with a list through What's App (thanks again Nikki!) the photographer had arrived followed not so long after by Dad. Our photographer was Katie Brough and she was amazing. She got some group shots as we got ready and they didn't feel too posed or forced. My flower girl, Isobel was also loving the camera and was providing many opportunities for the photographer to take pictures.

    Once Isobel was in her dress, myself and my MOH, Becky (we have been best friends since we were 16) decided it was time to get into the dress. The photographer had to leave at 1.05 to get to the church and the car was picking the bridesmaids, my mum and Isobel up at 1.15. It was 12.50 by this point. 

    Becky helped me get my hold ups on and my shoes. I had gone with blue shoes to match the bridesmaids and the navy suits the men were wearing. Then came the dress. It had to go over my head (which worried me from the beginning in a 'what about my hair?!' kind of way.) After wiggling into it (and it getting caught on my hair with me shouting 'No, stop!) to Becky, it was time to lace it up. This was where the time was taken! Katie came in to start taking photos whilst everyone else waited on the other side of the double doors to my suite. Michelle then came in to fix my hair and attach my veil and retouch my makeup.

    Then I came out to my parents, my other bridesmaid Jade and Isobel. Jade started crying, followed by mum and Dad and then I started crying too!

    Anyway, we didn't have long as I packed my bridesmaids, flower girl and mum off to the car (a 1920s blue and white Bramwith Laudelette) and then it was just me and Dad.



    note: trying to add pictures to this post but it's not happening! Will try again later.







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    Aww 😊 I look forward to reading more and seeing more photos x

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    This all sounds so lovely congratulations can't wait to see some photos. 


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