Im worried my make up maybe too much

Hi everyone I'm not someone who is great at makeup. But i do wear it. My make up artist is fantastic but i do worry i look a little drag queenish lol looking for honest replies. My friends all say i look lovely but i worry they may not being honest enough ( i over think)image


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    I think its gorgeous and not too much or drag queeny at all. It depends on what you are used to though, you need to be comfortable, but I think it's lovely! 

  • I think it looks lovely, but if you're concerned it's too much then maybe your make up artist can just change the colours of the eye to something a bit softer and blush coloured? Since that's quite a smokey eye. maybe have a look at Pinterest and chat colours with your MUA.

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    I think it looks lovely and definitely not drag queenish.

    It's important for you to feel comfortable on the day though. Maybe just mention it to your MUA and she may be able to tweek it slightly for you. Maybe use a slightly lighter shade. But I think it looks beautiful as it is

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    I think it looks lovely and not too over the top for a bride. When I had my trial my MUA used too much eyeliner which I didn't like, so on the actual wedding day she just applied it to the top lid and not the bottom (just not used to wearing eyeliner). So just let her know and she'll tweak it for you.

  • I absolutely love it!  But it's you wearing it on the day, so if you're not 100% definitely speak with the MUA and just advise her of how you're feeling and she could 'tone' it down to your preference :)

  • Oh i love it i think it looks great xx

  • I think it looks lovely, you need heavier makeup for photographs or it won't show.  If you feel it's too much, ask for a more subtle pair of lashes?  One of my BM's had a trial with me and we agreed her lashes made hers look OTT, they make such a massive difference if they're too much or too little.

  • Thank you so much ladies. I think i am getting used to it the more i look at it. Just not used to so much make up i guess lol. Think i may ask for a shade lighter on the brown on my eyes as looks close to black then i should be happy. 

  • I really like the makeup! You will want it a bit 'heavier' for the photos, but if you don't feel comfortable maybe ask her to use golds and bronzes which are a lot softer x

  • As all the other ladies have said, it looks lovely and you do need slightly heavier makeup for photos. However, if I was after a slightly more subtle look I might go for individual lashes instead of strip lashes and potentially blend out the edges of the eye shadow a little so it was slightly more natural looking.

    Please try not to worry, just talk to your makeup artist and I'm sure she is more than capable of making the tweaks you want xx

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    I would tone down the eyeshadow a bit if you're not used to wearing so much. Agree with the other ladies that you do need more than you would usually wear though.

  • As a makeup artist myself please don't be afraid to tell your artist how you feel... Your makeup should make you feel amazing and if it doesn't it needs tweaking.

    If you have to persuade yourself to like it then it's not right.

    Also in my experience any niggles you have will worry you in the lead up to the day... Best get them ironed out before the day. Your mua won't be offended.


  • If you're not comfortable, its not right for you.

    If you feel its too heavy, its not right for you.

    If your make-up artist is any good they will change it for you.... and if they can't or won't then they are not right for you either.

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    I've had similar issues & asked for 2 make up trials as I just felt unsure about the first. I'm not used to the heavy make up look so to me it just makes me look older! Your eyes are really pretty, but if you aren't used to it & aren't comfortable with it have another trial? I did! 

  • Yes I also agree as a makeup artist please don't be afraid to tell your artist how you feel. We are here to cater for you and your makeup should make you feel amazing. We won't get offended. 

    Good Luck 


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    I was worried about mine for a bit even though I loved the trial, I still worried. On the day it didn't phase me and it looked amazing in the photos, I don't even know why I was stressed now thinking back! 

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