Where are you all going for your honeymoon? I need inspiration!


So we're getting married in Portugal and will be staying there for 2 weeks but we're wanting to have a big honeymoon 6 months later and do something we've never done before.

We fancy somewhere long haul and we're thinking of doing multi destination with an adventure and then a bit of time to relax.

Where are you all going? We need some inspiration! Did you also book it yourself or through a agent? x



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  • Hi, we are staying in a lovely local hotel the 3 days after the wedding and then we are flying to Valletta, Malta on the 4th day and staying there for 10 days! Can't wait :)

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    What time of year will you be going, as that will make a big difference to where you can go.

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    H2b wants to go to cuba, thats fine by me, as long as its tropical Im happy!

    Were only going for a week though because we have kids and dont want to leave them for too long.

  • After MUCH deliberation we've decided on New York for four nights followed by a week at a beautiful hotel on the beach in Antigua - can't wait! I've been desperate to go to New York for as long as I can remember and neither of us have been to the Caribbean before. We're getting married in February, so hopefully it will be snowy in New York and then relax on the beach in Antigua. We're going to see a Broadway show, watch a basketball game and go ice skating in Central Park!

    Other options we considered were Dubai and Maldives which is a bit cliche but super luxurious (and expensive, as it turned out). In Dubai you can go for Afternoon Tea at the Burj Al Arab which is meant to be amazing, dune buggies in the desert and amazing water parks (we love that kind of thing) and then onto the Maldives for relaxation.

    We also considered three weeks in Indonesia; Komodo Island to see the dragons, Bali (some beach time and then rice paddies in Ubud, sunrise treck to the top of Mt Batur, temples etc) and then the Gili Islands. However, we've already been to Thailand and Malaysia/Borneo so thought it might be a bit similar.

    Also Sri Lanka is amazing - too many places to choose from!

    We booked ours all ourselves. It's more work, but makes it considerably cheaper and you actually learn about the places you're going to as you plan it.

  • Everyones sounds so lovely!

    Hails I say 6 months after but tbh we don't need to go in a particular month as we have no children and our jobs have no restrictions. We will fit it around the destination and when the best time is to go!

    MrsHT2B Yours sounds incredible! We went New York a couple years ago and I would go again in a drop of a heart beat but we both want to go somewhere we haven't been before. San Francisco is on our list though! 

    There's too much choice - how does anyone just pick?! x


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    We are doing Dubai and Japan.

  • We did city hopping in India and then onto Sri Lanka for a more resting time. 


    My cousin is getting married next Sunday and their's sound incredible. They are packing in their jobs today and going to Bali for a month, Australia for a month, travelling around India for a month and then volunteering for 3 months in an orphanage in India. Obviously they are in a position to do all of that but I'm a bit jealous to say the least!!

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    We're doing a 2 week road trip in California starting at San Francisco, out to Yosemite then back in to Carmel and down the Pacific coast highway to LA before spending a couple nights in San Diego and flying to Maui for a week.

    Honestly cannot wait... 

  • We love theme parks and big roller coasters, and neither of us have been to America, so we'd love to do three of the Six Flags parks (or similar) and have a little travel across the US.  

    I've only just started looking into it so don't even know how much it would cost or how long we want to be there. If anyone has any tips please pm me!! 

  • We're debating 10 -12 days in the Maldives followed by a few days in Dubai at the end. We'll be going in November next year so it won't be so horrendously hot in Dubai at that time. We can also go via Sri Lanka, which is another contender!

  • Like you we're looking to divide our time between adventure and relaxation, and looking for ideas! Our current frontrunner is Mauritius and Réunion – it's only a 40-minute flight between the two, but it looks like we could get some pretty indulgent luxury in Mauritius and more off-the-beaten-track activity in Réunion. 

  • 10 nights in Bali

  • Kuoni are building our honeymoon package for us. They are incredible with customer service and we have used them before for amazing holidays and they really do ensure everything is sorted and you are looked after.

    We are going 6 months after the wedding too and are doing Vietnam and Singapore - very excited indeed xxx

  • We're going to New Zealand, travelling around by camper for two weeks, then a week in Borneo on the way home.

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    We went to Mexico stayed on the Riviera Maya all inclusive, not at all adventurous but as it turns out we were exhausted after the wedding so two weeks  lying on a white sand beach was perfect!

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    Our honeymoon was ammmaaaazinnnng! It was 28 nights:

    Vegas - 5 nights

    Death Valley - 1 night

    Yosemite - 3 nights

    San Fran - 3 nights

    Monterey - 3 nights

    Cambria - 1 night

    Santa Barbara - 2 nights

    LA - 3 nights

    Mexico - 5 nights


    I am writing about it in my report at the moment if you want to have a peak. Honestly it was so varied I loved it all. Alternative options we had were South Africa safari, Capetown and Seychelles. OR British Columbia so: Whistler, Okanagan valley, Vancouver and Vancouver Island. OR Singapore and Bali. There are literally so many options - go to travel agents websites such as kuoni, trailfiners, turquoise or tropical sky and look for a link to multi-centre holidays - you'll find lots of ideas on there. 

  • Were doing 2 weeks in Mauritius. we really wanted to do singapore and bali but due to the zika virus we decided to stay well clear which didn't leave us with many other options.

  • Wow your honeymoons all sound amazing! I am slightly jealous!! We have a 6 year old daughter so we are going on a 'family moon' ive found a lovely villa in Fuerterventura for only one week, and then me and OH will be going to London for a couple of nights on our own in a lovely hotel. Well that is the plan! 

    We are fairly spoilt before our daughter came along and went to the Maldives which is where she was conceived ๐Ÿ˜‚ Tmi x 


  • New to this wrote (see post):

    Wow your honeymoons all sound amazing! I am slightly jealous!! We have a 6 year old daughter so we are going on a 'family moon' ive found a lovely villa in Fuerterventura for only one week, and then me and OH will be going to London for a couple of nights on our own in a lovely hotel. Well that is the plan! 

    We are fairly spoilt before our daughter came along and went to the Maldives which is where she was conceived ๐Ÿ˜‚ Tmi x 


    We LOVE London - we love to go and be real tourists and get the open top tour bus and do all the touristy things as well as hunt out nice places to eat! And the canary islands are lovely and you are guaranteed the weather - sounds good to me!


  • I am in the same boat New To This. Our boy will be 12 months when we get married - so we are looking for a baby friendly family moon (not too far away)

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    We set off on our honeymoon 2 weeks on Thursday. Eek!!

    We're going to New Zealand for 3 weeks travelling by campervan where we will do everything from glow worm kayaking, white water rafting, bungee jumping to skiing! 

    Then we are going to Sydney for 2 nights to have a bit wander and then onto Dubai for 4 nights for some serious heat, luxury and water parks!

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    such amazing ideas! We are planning either Sri Lanka and Maldives or Singapore and Bali. We've both been to Caribbean but never the eastern side so really keen to explore there! The opportunities are endless!!

    I found some of the Trailfinder itineraries online really inspiring for looking if that helps at all! If only i had enough holidays to take to disappear to Australia and Fiji for amonth!! 

  • We have booked Seychelles, and are doing 2 different islands on the seychelles. One which is a private island. We have spent a large chunk of budget on it, but we decided that as we are spending on the wedding anyway, then we may as well have a memorable honeymoon and once in a lifetime trip.


    We booked through Turquoise who I would thoroughly recommend as they have been so helpful!

  • WOW, everyones honeymoons sound amazing!! You've all given me lots of ideas, now to just pick one! xx

  • Bangkok, Ko Samui (island off Thailand) and then onto Singapore. Started booking everything this weekend - officially excited!!!

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    All the honeymoon ideas are making me want to browse holidays! We're either going to Japan to catch the end of the ski season/beginning of the blossoms, or going to do a long road trip round Portugal. We'd have to wait ages to do the Japan one though, Portugal looks more likely so we can do it a bit nearer the wedding. I want to stop off and see wolves in northern Spain on the way!

    We were going to go Greek Island hopping but soon realised we couldn't quite face the organisation needed! 

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    i Highly recommend South Africa! It’s such a beautiful country filled with rich culture and amazing people!

  • We got Married In 2016 and couldn't really afford a honeymoon so, it's my husband 30th next year so we are going to Costa rica for two weeks as a late honeymoon / for his birthday, we can go into Nicaragua to see the volcano so we can tick two countries off our list, we want to to go on a trip into the rain forest x

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    We have 4 night mini moon in a log cabin in the UK and then 3 weeks in Vietnam. The latter we're arranging ourselves as it's was to do and so much better value for money ๐Ÿ˜

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