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Our Big Farm Wedding (May 2019)

I've been stalking this forum for quite a while now, lurking in the background, but I feel it's now an appropriate time to start putting fingers to keyboard and writing this down! It's been a long time coming and now we have a date I can't wait to get stuck in!!

I'm going to go and grab a brew and start typing away!


  • SumpySumpy Posts: 14

    How we met

    We met over 10 years ago now at London Zoo. I was 17 and it was his 19th birthday, He was my first date and needless to say I was petrified. We met online, back when online dating seemed that little bit odd. Everyone was wary, and my mum was convinced I was meeting up with a 60 year old man. (She even hid over the road on first meeting just to make sure...but that's another story )  He traveled from Lincoln, and we were to meet outside Camden station.

    We had been planning this meeting for over a year now, originally terrified at the thought of meeting a boy from the internet.... I turned him down. Although our chats got more regular, and although I wasn't really looking for anything romantic ( plus I thought he was slightly arrogant, Lol ) I finally thought, why not... I have nothing to lose!

    So he arrived! - I was standing at the other exit to Camden station and saw him looking around. My first thought was "Thank god it's him!" and my second one was, "Oh god now I have to go and say hello.." So i ran round to the other side of the station... and awkwardly hugged this guy, who I'd known for a year, but also didn't really know at all.

    We spent the day at London Zoo. Filled with awkward moments of linking arms and a stomach like it was in a spin cycle.

    2 weeks after, he asked me to be his girlfriend.


  • britbirdbritbird Posts: 1,486 New bride

    Welcome! Looking forward to another planning thread!

  • SumpySumpy Posts: 14
    britbird wrote (see post):

    Welcome! Looking forward to another planning thread!

    Thanks! - I love your planning thread. It's definitely all about the food!

  • britbirdbritbird Posts: 1,486 New bride
    Sumpy wrote (see post):
    britbird wrote (see post):

    Welcome! Looking forward to another planning thread!

    Thanks! - I love your planning thread. It's definitely all about the food!

    Lol, thank you!  It is, but sadly now I really need to get in shape for the wedding! Then the wedding can all be about the food !

  • SumpySumpy Posts: 14

    The Build up

    We had been dating for 2 years and long distance meant only being able to see each other at the weekends. At 19 and 21 I sometimes look back and wonder how we managed to make it work. M is very social and was always in clubs and bars. His friend group were a very rowdy bunch and didn't like the shift of him scaling down his clubbing and wanting to see me more. Although I did make it clear that for us to give this a go he couldn't keep going to raves and phoning me at 6am to announce he was home.

    . I was very much a book and blanket girl and didn't understand the hardcore music and neon lights he was so very much into. At 19 my favorite music was 80's classics or something Pop related. He was into the head banging, migraine inducing hardcore scene....

    However musical taste seemingly aside, We pushed through, I force fed him some classics and tried to persuade him away from the sometimes dangerous situations he would put himself in. Luckily he seemed to focus shortly after this and got himself a job and the raving wasn't important to him anymore.

    The Dog Bin Proposal

    Everyone always asks.. "Aw! how did he propose?" .... and I usually glance at M and laugh. We had ventured into London and he told me he had bought me a present. He was very quiet and I tried to lighten the mood by going "Ohh give us it then!?" I was met with "No, not yet"....

    Now my Spidey sense tingled at this point. My stomach flipped and I thought, ...surely not. not this early... I didn't know if I wanted to be engaged at 19?

    We went to the London Eye. His first time, my third. I have no problem with heights and loved watching all of London sparkle in the evening light. So romantic. Or, it should have been. I turned to point out one of the sights and find M clinging to the centre chair with a look of abject terror on his face.

    Gone was the thought of a big bended knee proposal overlooking London.

    An audible sigh was let out when he landed back on terra firma. I cheekily asked when I was going to get this present.

    "Not yet" was his reply...

    This was getting ridiculous...Maybe he wasn't going to propose at all? Maybe I'd got it entirely wrong. We left and caught the train back to my station.

    It was at this point he started getting very strange, We started walking to my house and he says "Lets go for a walk!?" in a slight panicked voice. "We are walking?" I replied. "No, like along the river or something..."

    At this point my creepometer came out... Pitch black 11pm walk along the dark riverside? I'd rather not...I told him as much and also told him to stop being strange...

    We was walking along the field close to my house when he dropped back. I turn and see him, on his knee. In front of houses, in front of a football field a dog bin.

    "What the hell are you doing? We're by a dog bin you idiot" i said. Laughing

    He fumbled his way around in his pocket and popped the question. I of course said yes. However told him he would never live this down. ( He still hasn't 8+ years later)

    I'll write up the second proposal in a bit.

  • MrsS85MrsS85 Posts: 688 New bride

    oh dear Dog Bin proposal probably wasn't quite how he planned it! Look forward to hearing more.

  • SumpySumpy Posts: 14
    MrsS85 wrote (see post):

    oh dear Dog Bin proposal probably wasn't quite how he planned it! Look forward to hearing more.

    Haha! Not quite! Lol!


    The Second proposal.

    This one was very much planned. I'd lost 6 Stone and my engagement ring didn't fit me any longer and so wasn't wearing it for fear of it falling off.. M decided he was going to get it resized and then re propose to me, with the view to "Wipe all memory of the dog bin incident"

    We had had a beautiful holiday up in the Isle of Skye, visiting restaurants, going on long walks and even staying up late to watch the northern lights.


    On the day we were leaving we made a detour back to one of our walks - "The Fairy Pools" - If you haven't seen this, please have a quick google of it, or better yet, go there!! It's honestly one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.

    He proposed. With no hesitation, no fear, and with me laughing at him attempting a speech about how we'd been together for ever ... and my beautiful ring was back, in a perfect size and on my finger.

    He stood up, and said "We say this now. This is how i proposed.."

    He always likes to interject when I begin to tell the story of how he proposed now.. "THE FAIRY POOLS IN THE HIGHLANDS" he always shouts... but he gets a knowing look every time.


  • another 2019 bride! yey! love the proposals!

  • MrsS85MrsS85 Posts: 688 New bride

    Ah your second proposal is lovely,


  • MrsBAMFMrsBAMF Posts: 217 New bride

    Yay, another 2019-er! What a lovely thought to have a 2nd proposal!


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