Sponsored post: What’s the best bridesmaid gift you’ve ever received?

Hannah YYWHannah YYW Posts: 103 admin

What’s the best bridesmaid gift you’ve ever received? Tell us for your chance to win a £250 John Lewis voucher courtesy of You & Your Wedding. 

Hi everyone,

Chances are, this isn’t your first wedding planning experience. If you’re anything like us, you’ll have been a bridesmaid more than once. You’ll know that being a BM can be wonderful – but between attending dress fittings and hair trials, organising hen parties and providing emotional support, it can also be exhausting! So how did the bride show her appreciation for all your hard work?

Whether you got a lovely luxe gift or a heartfelt handmade keepsake, we’d like to hear about the most thoughtful bridesmaid present you’ve ever received.

You & Your Wedding are giving you the chance to win a £250 John Lewis voucher when you share your bridesmaid present experience – perfect if you want to thank your own bridesmaids for everything they’ve done for you.

All you have to do is post on this thread to say what the most thoughtful “thank you” gift you received is – and what made it so special. Please feel free to post pictures!

Everyone who posts on this thread to tell us their favourite bridesmaid gift will be entered into a prize draw to win a £250 John Lewis voucher, courtesy of Y&YW.

We’ll keep this thread open until 10am on Monday 20th November 2017, and we’ll announce the winner’s name on this thread on Friday 24th November 2017.

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  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 3,298

    The best gift I recieved was when I was a bridesmaid for my sister, she did us little goodie bags! They included jewellery to wear on the day, but also a Yankee candle 'wedding day' candle, lovely cards, lipstick, 'emergency bridesmaid kits', little bottles of processo, tissues and confetti! She put them all in a personalised wash bag with our initials that I still use. It was such fun all opening them together on the morning!.I think it's really important to get something nice for your bridesmaids to show your friendship and appreciation- you don't have to spend a fortune, with a little creativity you can pick this kind of thing up cheap.

  • The best gift i received was a spa voucher. Each bridesmaid got one and we booked for the weekend after the wedding, just before the bride went on honeymoon. It was a great way of dragging the celebrations out and we had a lovely day sipping champagne, sitting in the jaccuzzi laughing and sharing stories and memories from the wedding day! 

  • I'm with ShitGotReal, a spa voucher was the best gift received. The bride isn't the only one stressed out after the wedding is over, especially if you dedicate yourself to being a very helpful BM!  The voucher I received was for a spa that had multiple locations, which was really helpful.

    I can tell you the last thing I need is another "pearl" bracelet (those always get donated) or nail varnish or polyester robe!

  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,773 New bride

    I got an engraved pandora charm from my sister, which I loved as all my pandora charms have been bought for me on birthdays, christmas, big events like graduation and birth of my daughter, so I can name every event that each charm stands for, and now I have one for her wedding :)

  • I got a fabulous necklace which had three different charms on it, which all reflected my friendship with the bride. I was so touched by the thought that had gone into it, especially as I knew how busy she had been with planning her big day. I know it's something I will keep forever xx

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    Spa voucher sounds amazing!

    Ive only received one gift when I was a bridesmaid, twice I got nothing (but wasnt expecting anything), we got a little bag with a mini bottle of wine, lindor chocs and jewellrey to wear on the day. I liked the lindor best, I was in the early stages of pregnancy so couldnt drink the wine, and the jewellrey was more part of the wedding outfit than a gift for me, I never wore it again.

  • I received a "goodie" bag which contained an engraved pocket mirror, a bracelet with a bridesmaid charm on it (which she made herself), a shot glass with their wedding date on, and a handmade card. Also got some chocolates inside. None of it was luxury but really personal, and each item meant something to me. A lot was handmade which was a lot more special than an expensive item.

  • I think my fave gift was a giftbag which contained some pearl earrings and hair slides which I wore on the day, alongside a personalised wooden heart with my name and a thank you message. The earrings are lovely and remind me of the big day when I wear them but it was the personalised heart that I liked best as it had a personal touch 

  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,121 New bride

    I got a gorgeous leather Aspinal of London keyring embossed with my initials - it doesn’t sound overly thoughtful really but it’s pretty, doubles as a handbag charm, and is a little luxury I’d never justify treating myself to. I love the fact I use it every day and that It reminds me of my best friend and such happy memories of her wedding and hen dos.


  • Hannah YYWHannah YYW Posts: 103 admin

    Wow, there are some really thoughtful ideas here!

  • Agree with Kitty Fiennes - PLEASE no more matching jewellery. The bridesmaid dress is something I won't wear again, so don't waste money on buying jewellery to match it. I gave my bridesmaids Astley Clarke pendants with their star signs. They didn't wear them on the day (and they weren't intended to be worn on day) but the girls all wear them regularly and are far more fitting with their usual style. 

  • I heard about a bride who gave all of her maids Tom Ford lipsticks! Why can't I have a friend like that, eh?! As I'm on the Y&YW team, I'm not able to win the voucher (boo), but I'd thought I'd share that idea with you. C'mon brides, beauty gifts are clearly where it's at! 

  • When I was a bridesmaid for me friend, she gave me a goodie bag on the day filled with sweets, wine, jewellery, a candle and a beautiful handmade card thanking me for all my help. It had been a very difficult year of planning as she was dealing with a lot of anxiety about the wedding and I felt as though I was always needed to be on hand to listen,give advice or take on a big wedding task. It had been a lot to deal with and more than once I considered dropping out of being a bridesmaid, but it was only me and she didn't have anyone else to help. I was so blown away by the heartfelt message she wrote in the card about how much she struggled and how she appreciated me always being there and doing all the little things for the wedding which saved her from worrying about it. I was in tears by the end of the card and all the little gifts she had given me were so personal and thoughtful. Nothing would have cost a great deal but she had put time and effort in to choosing them which meant so much. 

  • MrsE2016MrsE2016 Posts: 1,203 New bride

    When I was bridesmaid for one of my best friends she gave me a mini bottle of champagne & a bottle of my favourite Jo Malone perfume but the best gift was the photo album she created of special moments we've had together throughout our 15 years of friendship - with space at the back for pictures of the wedding. I was blown away! 

  • Melanie YYWMelanie YYW Posts: 89 admin

    I've never been a bridesmaid before, but when I personally get married, I'm going to buy my bridesmaid Tiffany & Co. necklaces. Assuming I'm rich by then! 

  • My sister got us all personalised cards with a picture of us and her together and then a long note inside about our friendship - made everyone cry and so personal. She also gave us earrings with our birthstone in them. 

    My friend also got us personalised 'Carrie' style necklaces. Amazing for me as I can never get anything in my name normally - and we are all still wearing them.

  • Hannah YYWHannah YYW Posts: 103 admin

    It sounds like personalised gifts go down particularly well! If I were getting married, and had an unlimited budget, I'd pay for my maids to each have a bespoke fragrance created, just for them. 

  • I've never been an adult bridesmaid. When I was a child I got sweets and a personalised story book, which I really appreciated. I was always a huge reader and I almost never got anything with my name on it as a child as my name is unusual.

    I'm giving my 'best woman' (a better name than bridesmaid imo) a bottle of fizz and a bright pink Chanel lipstick (L'Exuberante if anyone is interested) I only have the one which means I can spend more on a gift than I would if I had a group of maids.

  • My friend gave us all a matching necklace and earring set to wear on the day of the wedding. She’d really put some thought into choosing the jewellery so that they items we could wear again and I wear my necklace every day now. Also when she asked each of us to be bridesmaids, she wrote a lovely card detailing why she’d like each of us to be a part of her special day which was very emotional! 

  • Hannah YYWHannah YYW Posts: 103 admin

    Happy Monday, brides! There's just one week to go until we'll be choosing our favourite post from this thread - with the prize of a £250 John Lewis voucher, courtesy of You & Your Wedding.

  • vinitavinita Posts: 33

    There isn't a set in stone time to give out bridesmaid blessings. In case you're gifting something that may be useful to them paving the way to the wedding, similar to an outside battery charger for their mobile phones or a monogrammed tote pack, the pre-wedding party would be a decent chance to have everybody together and give them their blessings in the meantime.

  • MrsNH17MrsNH17 Posts: 523 New bride

    When I was younger and was a bridesmaid I got given a handmade personalised doll - it had knitted hair in my hair colour and was wearing a replica of my bridesmaid dress (but obviously in mini doll form) and it was amazing! I obviously wanted all my photos with her! I kept her for ages and remember being besotted with her. I probably still have her somewhere.

    I wanted to do something similar for my step daughters for my wedding as they were my bridesmaids but just couldn’t find anyone crafty enough to make something similar. They would have loved it though as they do like dolls and are very girly. Instead they got a collection of accessories - fancy handbag, fancy shoes and hair accessories then some princess and fairy fancy dress accessories so they could turn their very pretty dresses into either a lovely dress to wear again or a pretty princess or fairy outfit as they like fancy dress. The next morning after our wedding they were back in their bridesmaid dresses- one as a princess and one as a fairy! (Their choice, we had packed them other clothes, they just wanted to carry on wearing them, ha ha!). 

    My grown up bridesmaids got as their gifts-

    • a luxury suite for them and their partner in my wedding venue 

    • a fur wrap (although this was part of their outfit) 

    • a watch which matched their outfit but was also meant to be a keepsake for afterwards - as a thank you for being my besties for such a long time 

    • a personalised card

    then their outfits (which they chose), hair and make up!


  • MrsStateMrsState Posts: 178

    Lots of lovely inspiration in here ladies!

    The best bridesmaid gift I have received was a beautiful handdrawn illustration of me with the gorgeous bride. It was so detailed with her in bridal gown and me in my bridesmaid dress. Even our hair was drawn how it was styled for the day. It was such a thoughtful gift and she had framed it too so it was a lovely keepsake of me with my bestie.



  • Vintage crystal earrings to wear on the big day, in an ivory enamel trinket box with my name, thank you for being a special bridesmaids, the couples name and wedding date engraved in gold on the lid. 

    So pretty, something for the day and to continue to cherish forever.

  • I received a gorgeous jewellery box, which I still use every day, and I think of my friend each time! So I really value it. She also paid for my dress, shoes, jewellery and hairstyling on the day. 

  • The bride paid for us all to have some spa treatments the week before as a gift – I had a facial. It was so nice to be pampered, and we all enjoyed time out to chill. Then on the day, she gave us all handmade make-up bags that one of our other friend's had illustrated our names onto. It was so pretty – I still use it now and it's a lovely reminder of the day. 

  • I received a token to go to a spa with the bride and the other bridesmaids for after the wedding and for when the bride was back from her honeymoon. It was so nice to have something to look forward to once the wedding was over and to relax and share stories and photos from the big day!

  • Spa voucher sounds a nice idea. I was thinking of doing mine a personlised box/bag with bottle of procesco, personalised champagne glass, wedding day scent candle and some sweets. I have 4 so trying to keep reasonable and things i know they will use also going to get dressing gowns for getting ready. For my little girl who is 3 and flower girl im going to get something she can use as her something old when she gets married - thinking of some jewellery or something which can be turned into a bouquet charm. Although she is having a wand with flowers on the day which i know she will love and play with for days after haha x

  • BlushBlush Posts: 1

    I'm on a huge anti-clutter drive at the moment, so I'm really conscious of giving anything that might just end up sitting in a cupboard or drawer! I'll be plumping for some kind of 'experience' voucher or similar for my girls. In saying that though, one of the loveliest presents I've received for being a bridesmaid was a diptyque candle which is something I would never buy for myself - and I love it! (it obviously wasn't culled in the de-clutter, ha!) Its so tricky! Will be watching this thread for more ideas!! 

  • Hannah YYWHannah YYW Posts: 103 admin

    You have until 10am this coming Monday for a chance to win at £250 John Lewis voucher, courtesy of You & Your Wedding, so if you haven't commented, now's the time!

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