Honeymoon IN ITALY

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Our honeymoon started off in breathtaking Stresa, on the coast of Lake Maggiore. It's not as well known to U.S. travelers as Lake Como, making it more of a hot spot for Italians than tourists. It was the perfect first stop on our trip and gave us some time for low-key relaxation after the hustle and bustle of the wedding weekend. We stayed at the hotel their skybar has the most breathtaking views!) and the highlight was our full-day boat tour around the islands (all organized by Elena from   " I viaggi di Archimede").


Our next stop was Verona, and it was probably the one city we could have done without. It was also the one city we only stayed in for a single night. That evening, we went to see an opera performed inside an ancient Roman amphitheater. I have to admit, the experience of watching a show under the open night sky, in ancient ruins, was pretty cool. But we discovered operas just aren't our thing. I think it's safe to say this was our first and last.

Besides the opera, Verona is famous for Juliet's balcony...as in Romeo and Juliet. But be warned, it is insanely crowded near the balcony, and in my opinion, not worth it for a fictional landmark.


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    Thank you Elise for the information about Stresa, on the coast of Lake Maggiore :)

    On my travel bucket list :)

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