Hey there, for reasons unbeknownst to us, what we thought would be easy certainly isn't.

We are looking to take our honeymoon at the end of January, but are having difficulty finding agencies who can help us. We are looking for something different, not just a beach holiday... 

So does anyone have any suggestions on agencies, online sites we can browse, as we have spend the last few months and between realising visas, flights not working out or the costs of doing it on our own, we really need help!!




  • CFWCFW Posts: 234

    Have you had a look at Trailfinders? They have some really interesting combos of places to visit at not unreasonable prices! Good luck with the search!

  • Zoe163Zoe163 Posts: 12

    Have you tried Barefoot Traveller? Where are you looking to go?

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