Honeymoon in Singapore & Australia - what's your budget?

We are planning on going to Australia and Singapore for 3 weeks next Christmas for our honeymoon and would love to know whether you think £7,000 is a reasonable budget for the entire trio? We will be travelling to various places like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane so there will be lots of places covered which adds up cost wise. Plus for the fact it's peak time to travel which isn't cheap either.

But if you're doing something similar or have been there before I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions?


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    Flights and accomadtion for 3 weeks in just Aus (with a few internal flights) came to about £10000 for us but that is with higher end accommodation.

    I reckon you could do it for £7000. Its the big flights that take quite a chunk of the budget.

     let us know how you’re getting on :) 



  • Hi

    Thank you for that, that is what I was thinking around the £7K mark so thank you for that. Yes I think there will need to be some compromises along the way as for us the experience is more important than where we stay. As we want to make sure that this trip is going to be a trip of a lifetime.

    I will certainly keep you posted as we are looking to book flights and accomodation fairly soon probably after the Christmas break.



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