Honeymoon gift website

Hi all,

im after some advice as to the best gifting website to use. 

We we have had a look at a few and this one stood out https://www.buy-our-honeymoon.com/ however we are a little concerned about the fees and if it’s worth the money? 

What suggestions would everyone have? 



  • Hi Paul,

    I believe There are quite a lot of options in America but Not in the UK. 

    I was looking for something similar and this one was the only one I found. The other option is simply to ask your friends and family to bring money in envelopes to the wedding. There are ways to word this nicely.

    I ended up doing the week long trial for buyourhoneymoon and it convinced me it was worth the 60£. I agree that is a lot of money. However most of these websites will either charge you anuofront fee or take a percentage. I prefer the upfront fee. And the fact that your gift isn't held to ransom.

    Personally I found the software was pretty robust. And I also like that it gave me several options for my guests to transfer us the money. Finally I just think it's nicer to ask guests for specific experiences rather than just money.

    I would suggest you do the week free trial and see what you think

  • Prezola do one but you need a premier plus account which is usually £59. However, I've just logged into my account and they're currently offering a free upgrade, so I've just taken advantage!

  • LizzieBHLizzieBH Posts: 196

    The Wedding Shop is consistently recommended; it's the only one that doesn't charge a fee or take a commission.

  • MrsStateMrsState Posts: 178

    I second The Wedding Shop recommendation!

  • Decisions! I got the Prezola offer last night however because it’s just our honeymoon fund we would like to use it for I’m thinking buy our honeymoon.com



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