Has anyone NOT done a hair & make up trial and did you regret it on the day?

Apologies, that might have been already asked many times but I'm wondering whether trials are a MUST?

Hair trial I think I will do - I'm a natural hair/afro hair Bride and it's difficult to find the right hairdresser who knows how to style it so don't want to take a risk and struggle on the day.

But make up I'm not too fussy and know I want something simple, however is "simple" really simple? and on the day will it be OK?, I'm wondering..

Oh forgot to specify that the hair & MUA I like is charging the same price for trials as she is for the actual wedding day..



  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 3,298

    I absolutely think you should have a make up trial. I know it sounds harder for it to go wrong than hair, but I had a large amount of hassle with my make up and none with my hair!

    What you think you want might not be what you actually do, or you might realise it's hard to communicate that to a make up artist. I thought I wanted 'natural' as my husband hates caked-on make up, so I booked a trial with a lady who said she did natural. SO glad I had a trial, as I absolutely hated it. It looked awful. I fixed it myself a bit after the trial but I looked no more 'made up' than if I was off to work. Hubby took some pictures of me but I made him delete them as I hated the look so much- not what you'd want on your wedding day! It sounds like I booked someone dodgy, but she was an experienced artist with her own wedding make up company who I met at a wedding fair.

    Moral of the story is that I didn't want what the industry calls 'natural' at all. I think that means 'not caked on', they think that means 'not wearing any'- so you need to be so so super specific about what you want. Unless you honestly don't care what you look like (and what bride thinks that), I think you need more of an idea than 'simple'.

    And the most important moral is that a trial is important! My hubby thought I should get the same artist back for a second trial but I knew she was not right for me at all.

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    Thx Sammykate and it's true that "simple" doesn't mean much to a professional. I'm sure they hear those terms all the time but it doesn't mean the same from an artist to another & from a client to another.. 

    I have pictures of what I want exactly for my make up and for my hair. And those pictures are actually from previous Brides of my hair & MUA artist so I am hoping she can do the same thing on me, that's why I was thinking about skipping the trial..

    but I do get what you mean, maybe when she does the same thing on me, I might end up not liking it.. 

  • If you're using a pro, yes, I would absolutely have a trial. I've seen some pics from ladies' trials on here where I would be horrified if that was the final outcome on my wedding day.  Verbalising and even showing pictures is never enough. 

    It's impossible to know how your skin will react with the make-up products and colours applied (it could break out, the make-up could run or get oily, the "perfect pink" in the tube could look garish on your lips).  And it's impossible to know if your hair is even capable of being styled the way you imagine it being, without giving it a try.  What of your hair clip or veil won't hold?  What if the pro uses the wrong products or too much product and your hair looks lank and oily?

    You'd be setting yourself up for a possible major disaster without a trial.

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    I didnt actually have a makeup trial, my MUA let me down last minute 3 times, so I cancelled her altogether and she didn’t do the wedding make up.

    I ended up with my bridesmaids sister doing the makeup on the day, she’s not an MUA but is good at makeup and works on a counter in Harvey nics.

    I had a good idea of what I wanted, I showed her pictures and provided my own foundation and lipstick, then let her go off the pics. I didn’t really give it a second thought, Ive only just realised that I went calmly without a trial 😂 

    I trusted her and knew she was good and she wears a similar style to what I was after, but had it been some random makeup lady I’d 100% have a trial.

    I did have a hair trial though, which was good because I tweaked it twice at the trial, then had further improvements made on the day. 

    At the trial I thought I wanted loose curls around the face but it turned out they looked absolutely ridiculous, so they were put back (which I would have thought was too harsh before the trial) and looked so much better. We also discovered I needed no volume on top because of my comb, and that I needed a bun ring for the day.

    So they are definitely worth having.

  • I’m not having trials for either as we’re getting married 3 hours from home! X

  • MrsT2017MrsT2017 Posts: 225

    I didnt have one, I got married in Italy and my sister was terrified it would turn out awful but I couldn’t have been happier. If your quite laid back about what you want and you trust the person you’ve hired to do it then I don’t think you need to worry. I stalked my make up artist on Instagram for months before the wedding and loved everything she did so I felt like I was in good hands on the day and just let her and the hair stylist go to work with very little input from me. I have them a quick brief on what I needed and the rest was left to them but then I wasn’t hung up on the finer details so if you are I would suggest having a trial. If your not so bothered don’t have one x

  • I never had a trial because it was too much trouble to organise.  Went absolutely fine on the day!

  • HailsHails Posts: 2,455

    My make up artist said she would never do a bride's make up without a trial run. Too risky.

  • QueenDQueenD Posts: 325 New bride

    Thank you guys for your responses, I'm still undecided but it's really helpful to see the different opinions on this.

    I checked with my hair & mua and she said it would be OK without a trial it's just a matter of planning enough time on the day...

    Decisions decisions..

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