Videographer - Would you recommend having one?

Hi All,

Initially my and my fiancé decided that we didn't want a videograpoher as they are very expensive and we felt like having a photographer there to capture the day is enough. My h2b feels much more strongly about this than I do though, and he really doesn't like the idea of so many cameras in our faces all day (although I do recognise many are discrete). Anyway, I was initially fine with this, but am now wondering if it's worth the cost (and added camera) because everywhere I look in regards to wedding planning seems to suggest it's important to have one. Before I decide if this is something I really want and discuss having one with my fiancé, I wanted to get some opinions first. Are they really essential? If you had one, would you recommend it? If you didn't, do you regret not hiring one?

So, one last question! I found a very reasonable package online consisting of:

<h4>Full consultation</h4>
<h4>Full service & guests</h4>
<h4>Reception venue</h4>
<h4>Entire speeches</h4>
<h4>Full edit with music & fonts</h4>
<h4>x2 copies on DVD</h4>

Is that the usual type of thing to be included? 


  • Ali's goneAli's gone Posts: 544

    Nothing is essential except you, your fiance, a licensed venue and a registrar.....

    Try to focus on what the two of you want, not what other people want or tell you you 'should' have.  

    If your fiance really isn't keen on having a videographer, I would think very long and hard about booking one because other people think its important, vs. respecting his wishes

  • Ali S 71 wrote (see post):

    I would think very long and hard about booking one because other people think its important, vs. respecting his wishes

    I completely agree with this - and it was never my intention to book one (not without him agreeing first anyway)! I sincerely hope that I didn't come across as though this is what I was about to do, or that I wasn't being respectful towards him in any way - not my intention at all!

    Which is why I was asking the question on here. I just didn't want to bring it up with my fiancé and have a conversation about if it's something we should have when I wasn't even sure that I want one (as that would be a huge waste of time for starters)! So I am really just after some opinions as to whether other people highly recommend one or regret not having one etc. to help me make my mind up. If it is something I decide that I want, then thats when I will broach the subject with fiancé and together we will decide if it's right for us and our wedding.

    My only fear is that I get 20 years down the line and wish it was something we did to show any future children etc. 

  • I hate seeing myself on video, but I love photographs so would definitely agree that photographs are the most important thing.

    That being said, my fiancé and are discussed this ourselves and have decided to have a videographer. We are getting married abroad, so we feel it's a nice way to share our day with people who can't come with us.

    I also think that I would maybe regret not having it in the future. I can't go back and time and fix that so I figure I'm as well getting it done and that way I never regret missing out. Something to show any future children (and give them a laugh) lol.

    Whatever you decide, you'll always have beautiful photos to look back on :)



  • lubeslubes Posts: 1,555

    So...I'm definitely (very!) biased when it comes to the videographer debate, but I agree that you shouldn't have one just because other people say you should do (and regret when they don't). 

    For us, a videographer was a non-negotiable! Our photographs are beautiful and a hugely important reminder of the day, but our wedding video brings the day back to life in a way that no photos could ever achieve. It is magic to us to watch our vows back, remember what was said in the speeches, see my husband's sheer nerves as my entrance music came on (something our photographer wasn't able to capture) and how I beamed stupidly all day. It's also really precious to have our parents and elderly relatives captured on film - it's lovely to see everyone's mannerisms, especially for future generations who may never meet them or remember them well.

    A videographer is by no means an essential part of your wedding and definitely seen as a luxury because of the added expense, but if you ask yourself why you want a videographer and what exactly you want capturing of the day, that can help you decide what you're willing to spend and find a package that suits your needs both in terms of price and what will be filmed. If you just want the ceremony and speeches captured for example, it may be worth asking your guests as there's always someone interested in cameras who may be able to help you out for nothing. That's how I started out in videography actually! Looking at what you've posted, that package seems absolutely fine - the only obvious thing missing for me is the first dance, but if that's something you don't want then that's no problem!

    Regarding the concept of extra cameras, that's always the biggest concern I hear (and it's perfectly understandable!). As you recognise, many videographers these days use discreet equipment, but it's important to ask how they work too. Some videographers like to direct and take couples away for additional shooting, others will just capture the day without saying a word. However, whilst a lot of people are very conscious of themselves on camera, during the day you are honestly far too swept up in the moment to notice - and your guests will no doubt be taking photos throughout the day too so your H2B does need to accept that to a degree, you will be the centre of attention with lots of people pointing cameras in your direction and you can't really do anything about it!

    What I will say is that my husband was also against a videographer (it's always the blokes!!), but one of the first things he said the day after the wedding was how pleased he was that we booked one and he was most excited out of anything else to see the finished videos. He shows it to more people than me!! The thing about your wedding day is that you can't fathom what an amazing whirlwind it is until it's over which is why so many people regret not having a videographer because it's something you can't do again but it's the one day you wish you could relive once it's all over! x

  • Absolutely a yes for me!! It’s Something I wanted but H2B was unsure. Managed to find a reasonable auote from a company and hands down they are the best thing we arrange for our wedding day. the video is something we watch a lot (Always puts a smile on my face) and if we are so lucky to have children they can experience a little of what our day way like!

    go for it!!

    Never late to the party if I’m late to the party with you!
  • Thank you everyone! It’s great to hear some different perspectives 

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 3,298

    At first we didn't even consider a videographer, but when one friend told me it was the best thing she booked, and my sister told me she deeply regretted not having one, we started thinking about it. In contrast to the other brides my husband was actually the driving force behind wanting one! I am pretty shy in front of the camera so wasn't sure.

    As it was never in the budget we went for a cheaper one around £600- their base price was £500 but we asked them to stay later than they included in their package. Other quotes we were given were around £1800!

    I'm going to sound cheesy now, but it was honestly the best decision we made all wedding planning. I was a little down after our wedding as the whole day went past in a big blur and I really struggled to remember most of it. It sounds weird but it was like the whole thing was just a dream. So for me the video is absolutely priceless in bringing the day back to life in a way a photograph never could. If I had to choose between a photographer and a videographer for a hypothetical second wedding I would go for a videographer! Honestly that's how much my opinion has changed since we had one.

    I didn't notice the videographer for 90% of the day. I was much more aware of the photographer as they ask you to pose while the videographer just films. There's so much footage I had no idea they were capturing!

    Like the others say, it's not something to force with your hubby if he is really against it- but I would certainly have a very long and hard think. You can't go back and change your mind after the wedding if you have regrets.

  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,775 New bride

    It depends really. For us, there just isn't room in the budget (not even for a 'cheap one') and although I know I may regret it, unless some miracle happens then we won't be having one. I have mentioned to friends about it and they have said I should get one, find the money from somewhere else in the budget, but we have compromised on a lot of aspects already and if I do it anymore then to me the day won't be worth looking back on

  • gill17gill17 Posts: 568 New bride

    We didnt have one, we didnt even consider having one tbh. I hate my recorded voice (strong accent) and I know loads of people whose expensive videos have sat in a drawer since they got married. They will never mean as much to others as they do to you, i have sat through a fair few and can vouch for that! We spent big on photography instead, and have images displayed around house and in work on desks, on phones etc, you cant do that with a video! We had a very small wedding, and I didnt feel for one second that it passed by in a blur or that I didn't remember it properly or anything like that. We took 20 mins to be alone together and I dont need a video of that or anything else to remember it. Although to be fair we didn't have any speeches or first dance or anything. I felt on display enough with photographer and guests snapping away, wudnt have wanted a videographer as well! I think the 'I need to in case I regret it' is a dangerous road to go down! Think about what you want and why you want it, don't be pressured by what others have

  • HailsHails Posts: 2,455

    I totally agree with Sammy Kate. I was blown away by our video, even more so than the photos as although there are some stunning shots, the video lets us capture the day more than pics can. I started a similar thread when I was having the same dilemma and received some interesting responses here:


  • Hails wrote (see post):

    I totally agree with Sammy Kate. I was blown away by our video, even more so than the photos as although there are some stunning shots, the video lets us capture the day more than pics can. I started a similar thread when I was having the same dilemma and received some interesting responses here:


    Thank you for that! You’re right, you got some interesting - and eye opening - replies! 

    Im not sure my budget can stretch to the £1000+ some coupeles spent, but maybe it can stretch to a cheaper one around the £200 mark. Then again, I’m not sure it would be worth it if I didn’t pay the big bucks as it could end up being a little basic and not worth anything at all 🙈

  • HailsHails Posts: 2,455

    I think mine was 7 or 800 but I feel it was excellent value for the quality of it.

  • LizzieBHLizzieBH Posts: 196

    We want one just to help us remember and capture the day, but our reasoning is that while we'll obviously share our photos widely, the video is just for us - I don't intend to make anyone else sit down and watch it. So we've hired someone who's about a quarter of the cost of our photographer, and he'll keep the editing to a minimum - really we just want the raw footage of the ceremony, speeches, and some snippets from the cocktail hour.

  • Ali's goneAli's gone Posts: 544

    One of my parents' friends video'ed my first wedding and although she tried very hard to be unobtrusive, there were times in the day when one or other of us noticed her too much or just thought 'enough now'.  And then we watched the finished article a grand total of 2 times in a 10 year marriage - so for me it was absolutely not worth it and we haven't even considered it this time round.

    To everyone who is worried they may regret not having something to show kids/grandkids/friends etc 10, 20 or more years down the line....  how many of other people's wedding videos have you seen?  How many did you want to see?  How many changed your life?   How important do you think a video of your wedding will really be to other people, or to you and your spouse when you're busy just getting on with the rest of your lives?


    And for me the single most important thing in this whole thread is your statement in your OP that your H2B doesn't want a videographer.... which makes me wonder why you're even considering it still, let alone talking to strangers online about it rather than your fiance?


    (apologies if I've missed something)

  • lubeslubes Posts: 1,555

    I think one thing you need to consider in terms of the cost is what you want out of the end product. Please don’t dismiss a cheap package on the basis that ‘it won’t be worth anything’ because perhaps just having someone there to capture the raw footage of your ceremony and speeches could be a priceless memory for you! 

    I definitely recommend shopping around even if it’s just to gain an understanding of what you’d like and if it’s worth paying for. Look at the expensive videographers and see why they charge thousands, not just in terms of the quality of their videos, but their packages. All sorts play a factor in a videographer‘s cost: multiple shooters, lots of equipment, expensive equipment and extensive editing time being just a few! Check out some cheaper options too. You may find someone does just a gooder job as a pricier videographer in terms of how they shoot and edit, but perhaps they only provide a highlights reel or shoot alone (like me!).

    There‘s no harm in researching your options to decide whether a videographer really is something you’re willing to pay for 😊 x

  • gill17gill17 Posts: 568 New bride

    Totally agree with Ali here that I've seen wedding albums of parents and in laws etc, but only ever one wedding video and even then the bride herself fast forwarded through most of it! I'm not biased at all as I'm not a videographer or anything, but don't lose sight of what is 'essential'. You, them, a registrar, a licence and witnesses. Thats it! 

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