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Hi All

I was just looking for opinions on using Turquoise for my honeymoon? I approached them on 29/11/17 requesting a quote for my honeymoon and I did initially receive a quick response giving me some information on the destination we queried (Bora Bora).

I didn't receive a quote until 8/12/17 and this was after a couple of chase up emails and a phone call. I realise this doesn't seem like a massive amount of time but Kuoni got back to me much quicker. I also asked for an updated quote from Turquoise but haven't yet received a response.

From what I can gather on this forum, people have had a positive experience with Turquoise - should I persist with them? I would've liked a couple of honeymoon quotes before making a decision, but waiting for information isn't great when I'm keen to get booked up. My other concern is we request another tweak and it takes another week or two to get a quote.

Any experiences you can share would be appreciated. If they've generally been good with other people, I don't want to book up quickly with someone else (especially if their quote might be more reasonable).





  • weatherwaxeweatherwaxe Posts: 860 New bride

    I booked with Turquoise and I had a response and a first quote within 24 hrs of enquiring with them, so you having to wait sounds odd based on my experience. It only took a week from first contact for us to hammer out our final honeymoon itinerary and we enquired about several different options!

    I actually got an email and a phone call from them over the Christmas period which I didn't expect, as there had been changes to our original flights, so communication has still been really good after booking. They were cheaper than Kuoni for us, so it may be worth waiting, but if the service had been as slow as it has for you I would definitely have reconsidered.

  • LizzieBHLizzieBH Posts: 196

    I'm having the same problem! Got a really quick response initially, but I've now been waiting over a month and still no quote! Will have to chase them I guess, but to be honest I'm tempted to leave it. This is for the Cook Islands, where I know communication can be slow, but I've contacted a couple of resorts directly and they got back to me within a few days.

  • Hi both

    Thank you for the responses! I actually phoned them this morning (I'm so impatient!). He apologised for the late response and advised he had been on leave (in relation to my first quote coming through late) and then the Christmas holidays resulted in a delay for the updated quote.

    I have to say he was definitely knowledgeable! He says he'll get a new quote over to me today so fingers crossed that's us on the move.

    I'd give them a phone Lizzie - I might be wrong but it seems they like the phone rather than emails! 

    Glad I waited now weatherwaxe - I told him about the othet quote I got and he seems confident he can beat it. Fingers crossed 🤞 

  • SC2BxSC2Bx Posts: 93 New bride


    We just booked through Turquoise after probably going through the same process as you. Initially we were going to use Kuoni but the prices didn't seem to add up so I looked at a few others.
    Hopefully your phone call has sorted things out for you as I received excellent communication from them via email, looooots of back and forth and indecision. I only got two proper quotes the initial one then my final plan, all other tweaks he just gave me prices via email such as flight upgrades and cost of extra excursions etc 

    Hope you get sorted :) 

  • Hi SC2Bx

    Thanks for your reply - unfortunately a quote didn't come through today so I'm a little bit disappointed! Not giving up hope yet though (maybe it's just the guy I'm dealing with!). Hoping I get a quote through first thing tomorrow instead.

    Still really keen to hear from them because he did say he's sure he can better the Kuoni quote I received.

    Just looking forward to it all being booked and I can just look forward to it! :)


  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700

    We booked our honeymoon to the Cook Islands through Turquoise and it was exceptional.

    We are well travelled (approx 5 int. Trips per year) having used numerous agencies, including Kuoni, and on own steam and have never had a better experience.

    It wasn’t so much the quoting stage but the quality of the trip itself - including numerous free upgrades on accommodation literally worth thousands of pounds.

    To be fair it was 5 years ago, and things may have changed but Turquoise was a fully bespoke  service and I recommend them to everyone and 3 couples I know booked with them and one of my more well off friends won’t holiday with anyone else now.

    The contact should definitely have sent a quote when they said they would but I would give them a couple of days at this time of year. I don’t think what they do is the same as Kuoni and unless you are literally comparing the exact same trip (dates/hotels/flights etc) a flat comparison wouldn’t be beneficial anyway. 

  • Hi SadSack83

    Thank you for your message! I actually came on to post that I stand corrected - I was delighted to find a quote in my inbox at 7.30pm (wasn't expecting anything as his signature states he works until 5.30pm) so I appreciate this all the more :)

    On top of that, he has beaten the Kuoni quote with better hotels. Kuoni quoted for 2 4 star hotels (we're looking to visit Moorea and Bora Bora). Turquoise have quoted on 2 5 star hotels so pretty happy.

    They even provided information on restaurants and menus as I'd queried the cuisine when I spoke to him on the phone.

    If we go ahead and book I'll look forward to good customer service from them :)


  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700

    That‘s great and Moorea and Bora Bora are stunning.

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