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Hello everyone,

We are from Ireland and are looking to travel to the West Coast on honeymoon in July time.

I have never been and I am open to suggestions. A few places we had in mind are San Fran, Yosemite, VegasSan Diego and maybe LA. We have around 2 weeks. I know there's a lot there but we don't have to go to all those places and as I said open to suggestions.

Does anyone have a similar itinerary?

We are up for plenty of activities as well as lying and chilling out.

Is it easier to book this through a travel agent or just book on ourselves.


Any help would be greatly appreciated as we have never been and want to make it special.




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    I did 23 days in West Coast America for my honeymoon in July. It was amazing, the trip of a lifetime and 6 months on I still think about it with happiness almost every day!

    I have written about it in my report in quite a lot of detail if you want to have a look there. Feel free to PM me after you read it if you have any questions  The link is in my signature.

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    Hey c-2

    We spent just over 2 weeks travelling a very small part of the west coast in 2016 - I would choose a couple of places you really want to see and prioritise those as 2 weeks will fly by. 

    As a rough guide we split our time:

    4 nights Las Vegas - could have spent more time here but I'd say 3 night minimum

    2 nights Sequoia National Park, CA

    2 nights San Diego (not enough time at all, didn't get to see muhc)

    2 nights Hollywood (awful, did not enjoy much at all, but Santa Monica is very nice)

    5 nights Anaheim (for Disney and also to drive back into LA a couple of times as it's so expensive)

    We didn't even make it up to San Fran and there's lots of other places on the coast I'd like to have seen 

  • HailsHails Posts: 2,455

    i got engaged on a west coast road trip. I found the trip advisor forums very helpful there are loads of sample itineraries and if you post yours people will comment. 

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    We did the west coast for 2 weeks as part of our honeymoon. We booked everything ourselves rather than through a travel agent as it worked out cheaper for what we wanted to do in the end. Our accommodation was either through booking.com or air b n b. Our itinerary was:

    3 nights San Francisco

    1 night Yosemite National Park

    1 night Bass Lake (day spent hiking in Yosemite)

    1 night in Carmel (stops in Santa Cruz and Monterey)

    1 night in Cayucos (stops in Big Sur)

    1 night in Santa Barbara (stop in Solvang)

    1 night in Santa Monica (stop in LA)

    1 night in Long Beach (stop in LA)

    1 night in Anaheim (Disney)

    2 nights in San Diego (stop at La Jolla)

    We really enjoyed everywhere we visited but Yosemite, Carmel, Long Beach and San Diego were our favourites!

  • ShitGotRealShitGotReal Posts: 435 New bride

    I done 5 nights in Vegas, 3 in San Fran and 5 in LA . Each place was so different and amazing in its own way. 

    Vegas is amazing, best place on earth! You'll need a good few days here as there's so much to do and see, but you'll be absolutely knackered so make sure you set aside a pool day - you'll need it! 

    San Fran is a place i like more as i look back on it. At the time i didn't appreciate it as much as it felt a bit of a come down after Vegas. In reality it was just going from the complete madness that is Vegas, to the much more laid back atmosphere of San Fran. It is beautiful and there is lots to see and do, you just do it at a much more leisurely pace! I certainly didn't appreciate this at the time but i do the more i remember it.

    LA again i loved, but it was non stop and exhausting! The best tip we got here was to stay somewhere with a concierge. Doesn't have to be fancy, and most of the hotels have them there. They literally organised everything for us. We told him what we wanted to do the next day and he either gave us public transport details, or organised a shuttle taxi service to pick us up. He told us how to avoid getting ripped off by the touts and what prices we should expect to pay for everything. He ended up saving us a fortune on the Hollywood Homes Tour and Disney Anaheim tickets! 

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