Post-Abroad Wedding Reception (Scotland)

Hi All

Getting a bit stressed out over my budget lol. We are getting married in Florida in September 18. There are more people attending than originally expected (which I'm delighted about) but obviously it stretches our budget a bit.

We are looking to have a reception party when we get home but I literally have no idea how much this will cost. It'll be a venue for approx. 100 people and we'll be looking at a DJ and buffet. Can anyone give me a ball park figure for a party?

I've heard some people say as soon as you mention 'reception' the costs go up. Don't really see a way around this though as I'dbe planning on wearing my wedding dress.

Any information/advice would be greatly appreciated :)


  • Agadoo72Agadoo72 Posts: 41

    Whereabouts in Scotland are you?

    We got married in secret just last week.  We told our families.  And now we're thinking we'd like some sort of party.  Partly because i want to wear my dress again.   it probably won't be for a couple of months.  By the time we get it organised and then invitations to go out.

    We've looked at prices for the local town hall and for evening reception only its prices at around £500. Still to cost in a buffet.  Which was £3.95pp for a choice of one roll.  And £4.95pp for a slighty better choice. Which we would do ourselves but have to go through them.

    Local church hall is about £100 to hire but would need to decorate the hall ourselves, But could do the buffet ourselves which would save money. 

    I can imagine hotels would still charge a fortune but i'll contact them during the week. 

  • Hi Agadoo72

    Congratulations on your secret wedding! I hope you both had a wonderful day 😊.

    I'm in Cumbernauld so would be looking for something here or a bit closer to Glasgow. Thanks for posting, gives me some idea what to expect!



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