Rose Gold theme

Has anyone had rose gold at their wedding and wouldn't mind sharing some photos to show how it looked? 

I've googled loads of images but it would be nice to see some 'real' photos. 

Thanks x


  • I'm interested in this as I'm going for a rose gold theme too!x


  • Yes please cough up ladies, I am interested in rose gold/copper so would love to see pics! 

  • I really want to have numbers for the tables with these:

    Filled with fake flowers. If anyone sees any numbers, let me know!


  • MrsT2017MrsT2017 Posts: 225


  • MrsT2017MrsT2017 Posts: 225

    I also had this perfume which my mum bought me for my wedding day, I didn’t realise it was rose gold until I opened it the morning of the wedding! 😁


  • MrsT2017 Thankyou! Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing those. 

    I originally thought of pink & gold until I saw rose gold and just fell in love with it. Our flowers look very similar to yours. (Mine aren't real though, DIY foam ones) xx

  • I wish this post had been made a while back haha. My wedding is in 5 weeks, and it is a blush, ivory and rose gold colour theme. Pretty much most of it is done now. The rose gold i did myself with a can of spray paint mostly. 

    I've loved rose gold for so many years, way before it became in trend& popular again. It's handy that now i'm planning the wedding that it is 'in' again as it made it easier to get my wedding rings done. My engagement ring is rose gold too. 

  • Heather146, my engagement ring has rose gold on it as well. When we looked at wedding rings recently I saw a beautiful rose gold one that would compliment my engagement ring perfectly so rise gold seemed the way to go. 

    Look forward to possibly seeing photos of your wedding :) x

  • Check out the wedding photos on for some more rose gold inspiration. Photos include a Rose Gold Wedding Cake made by my wife. 

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