What kind of veil?

I would really love to wear a veil with my dress but no sure what type? Below are somepics of the dress. Ideally I would like cathedral style with lace around the edges but i'm not sure that this goes with the bottom 1/3 of the dress. Would plain & short be better? I would so apprciate people's opinions!




  • Midd2SturtonMidd2Sturton Posts: 320

    Have you thought about how you’re wearing your hair as that will impact on how the veil sits?

  • sophie284sophie284 Posts: 2


    Hoping for this!

  • Midd2SturtonMidd2Sturton Posts: 320

    I think a chapel or cathedral veil would look lovely. Not sure about the lace edge with the dress without seeing a specific one as you’d have to compare laces with the dress and veil. Perhaps one with a thin/delicate lace or applique edge as opposed to a thick bold lace which would be harder to match up. I absolutely love the veil edge so I can understand the draw; could look good if you find the right one. A full length veil similar to the very bottom of the dress would look good in my opinion, perhaps with some sort of scattered pattern around the edge rather than solid. 

    Best thing to do is try some on alongside the dress really but i know that’s not always easy to do. 

    I think a fingertip length would also look good. I don’t think you need to go short unless you particularly want to.

  • KittyFiennesKittyFiennes Posts: 775 New bride

    I think I would go cathedral length, but plain. I wouldn't do a fingertip or any type of shorter veil because it could hit right where the interesting detail is on the back of the dress, and that would mar the beauty of that detail!

    I would go with plain, not just because different lace patterns might not coordinate well, but also because this is a modern gown.  You definitely don't want to pair a traditional, highly detailed veil with this dress.

  • mrsdivinemrsdivine Posts: 161 New bride

    I think a cathedral would look stunning, Perhaps a 'barely there'. less full (less gathered) cathedral and fairly plain. Your chosen hairstyle is gorgeous.

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