How many trials should you have?!

Hi everyone, 

I am getting married in July 2019 (I know, I know...I've still got ages, right?). I am wondering how far in advanced you should have hair and make up trials. I have booked my MUA and hair stylist and I have a clear vision of what I desire, however, I also know how picky I can be. As we all know, we want to look perfect on the big day and I have read so many horror stories of ladies HATING their hair and make up after a trial. 

Is anyone else desperate to have their hair and make up done this early? 

Thanks, Em x


  • I'm a November 2018 bride, and won't be booking my trail until around August time (although I have already paid my deposit for the hair/ makeup artist I wanted). I think it would be a mistake to have it too early (for me personally, at least) as I'm sure my hair and skin will have changed by the time my wedding rolls around. What might work for me now, might not in 10 months. 

    Also, although I have an idea of what I want, I'm not 100% certain. I won't be buying my hair accessories yet, and my choice in that will obviously effect the hairstyle I opt for. 

  • Cat93Cat93 Posts: 109 New bride

    Im getting married in October 2019. My original MUA that I wanted emailed back a month or so ago was already booked for my date!!! So I have just paid the deposit on my next preferred MUA and just fighting over hair stylists at the moment! 


    Once I have them secured with deposits I don't think i'll be worrying about having trials till far nearer the time, perhaps 2 months before JUST in case I didn't like them or something! 

    Got to think..they do this alllll the time, they know when we should do the trials and what is best etc, the only thing is my hairdressing lady said we should have a trial sooner JUST in case I need to get my hair dyed/cut in a certain way if you are needing extensions etc then this is always going to take a long time!!! :) 

  • Amanda198Amanda198 Posts: 152

    Hi. I'm getting married end of July and have just booked my hair and make up trials for end of March.  I would have probably waited a bit longer but my sister isn't able to get weekdays off therefore we are fitting in around weddings so we can have a trial on a Saturday.xx 

  • I get married 3rd March and I had my trials today :) x

  • Lexi90Lexi90 Posts: 971

    I’m getting married 19th May and having my trial mid February. If I then hate it, I will do the make up myself. I agree 3 months isn’t really enough time to find a good make up artist if you didn’t like them but still wanted someone else to do it! 

    I‘m not really sure why most have it close ish to the wedding, maybe because your skin, hair etc could change if you had it too early before! Or maybe people are more likely to change their mind! 

  • Mrs-17Mrs-17 Posts: 87 New bride

    It sounds like I might be the exception here, but I had my trials before booking either the make up artist or hairdressers. I just wasnt going to risk booking someone unless I was already happy with their work, if that makes sense? So I had both my trials about 14-15 months before, but my MUA did give me another one 'on the house' 2 weeks before the wedding as she had new products she wanted to try in advance! 

  • Most artists advise the trial to be done in the last 2-3 months before the wedding date. This is usually done so you've had time to sort everything else before the trial (dress, accessories, colour scheme). Hair length, colour and skin tone also have to be considered as these can obviously change over time. 

    I obviously can't speak for your artist but some artists will offer an earlier trial if you're wedding isn't for a while and you're worrying over it. There's also the option to have two trials (one now to calm your worries and one later to actually decide on the final look). Another option is to book them for a special occasion makeup for a night out etc, so you can get an idea of their style. 

    I've had quite a few 2018/19 brides who booked me for their weddings last year and who also booked me to do their makeup over the Christmas period. They'll still be having trials nearer their wedding dates but if they were worried at all it set their minds at ease as they were able to meet me and make sure they were happy with my style:)

    if you're worried i'd advise talking to your artist. Remember, they likely hear these worries very often if they work in bridal and will be more than understanding and happy to help 

  • Bebe2Bebe2 Posts: 60

    I'm getting married at the end of October and have booked a trial for the end of Jan as I don't feel comfortable booking someone without doing a trial. It's a make up only trial then nearer the time I will do a full hair and make up trial with accessories if all goes well!

  • I get married in June this year and I am having my makeup trial in March. I booked my makeup artist a year ago or so. I was advised to wait til closer to the wedding when I had my dress and knew what style/look I was going for (me and the wedding) which I think is good advice. I think it would be a little too early for you now if I am honest, you could change your mind on the style of the wedding in that amount of time and you should wait until you have your dress as this may have an impact I.e if you go for a vintage style dress you may wish to go for a vintage look with your make up. good luck with everything xx

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