Alterations for a short bride?

Hi! So I have been eyeing up a beautiful trumpet/mermaid dress but am concerned about that style of dress on my height. I am 5ft exactly, and plan on wearing 3-4inch heels. I just wondered if anyone else had had this style dress altered to fit a smaller hight? I am just thinking that if you just shorten/hem it, it would be out of proportion? Are semstresses able to shorten the bodice as well?

I obviously will also ask these questions if I do decide to go try this dress but just wanted a rough idea if it can be done before I really fall in love with it!

(Also if you did have this done, how much did it cost you?)



  • I think they would have to alter both the bodice and the skirt/ length, or you're right, the proportions would be off.  I'm short too and went with that same style for my previous wedding - it was not a good look on me.  Not at all.  I made the mistake of both buying my dress and getting it altered at David's Bridal, and not only did they not take proportions into consideration, they didn't even finish the alterations.  I ended up with a dress with too short a bodice, too long of straps, and a flare that hit too high.

    I can blame them, sure, but the fishtail look just wasn't a good look on my short stature to begin with.  An A-line or a dress with just a slight fit-n-flare look would have been a better choice for me.

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    Thank you!

    All the other dresses I have looked at and liked have been A line or similar, I too think these will look best, but suddenly this one trumpet dress has come to light and I keep staring at it! I think I may have to try it and ask about the alterations just to get it out of my mind one way or another

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    I’m tall and when I tried on that style the proportions of the dress were way off. The neckline was too low, the waist was too high and the hips were too high, everything was in the wrong place.

    So maybe you will be ok when you try it on, it obviously wasn’t made for tall people!

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    I'm petite and had a loose fishtail style. I was very lucky that Ellis do their dresses in a petite length so once I had my choos on it didn't need altering at all in terms of length. I think Enzoani also do a petite version. Ask the shop.

  • Look at different designers - I am 5ft 1in and have gone for that style. My dress is a Ronald Joyce dress and has the option to come in 3 different lengths.  

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    TThanks all :) it' a sample so can't order in a petite but good to know it can be done :) 

  • I feel the same. I have seen some gorgeous looking wedding gowns online. (I'm yet to go and try any on) but same as you I worry that I will ruin the look of the dress by altering it. I'm only 5"1 in height. 

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