Don’t know what to do about my dress!

Hi everyone,

 So I found “the dress” last summer (enzoani ingwiller) but unfortunately it’s out of my budget 😫 I’ve since put a deposit on another dress, now just waiting for it to arrive. It’s NOTHING like the enzoani and I wasn’t 100% sure when I put the deposit down. But it was the first one that caught my eye in the shop (only the second shop I’ve been to) and I left the shop thinking it was OK. Had dress regret for a couple of days afterwards but managed to talk myself into loving it. I thought that was the end of that! 

Anyway - to cut a long story short, I found out recently that my best friends REALLY dont like anything about my dress and they don’t think it suits me at all. (Genuinely don’t believe they were just being mean intentionally as they were mortified when I got upset.) I understand it’s not their day but their opinions do matter to me!

Now I’m left wondering what my options are? The dress is due into the shop any day now and I will need to pay the balance! All I’m thinking is how can I wear a dress that I know people think I look rubbish in?? Help!!


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    Do you have a photo of you in your dress? x


    If you're a size 10 there's one on ebay for £400? or a size 4 for £480?

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    Realistically your options are to wear the dress you've bought as it is, have it altered in some way so you like it, or buy a new one. You could also sell it. Regardless you'll have to pay the shop the remaining balance.

    Try it on again first with accessories and see how you feel before doing anything drastic. You may feel different when you have it on again.

    When is your wedding?

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    This is the dress I’ve bought. This sample is 2 sizes too big and obviously ridiculously long so that doesn’t help when I look back at the picture. 🙁

    Im hoping that when I go to pick it up either I fall in love with the better fitting version or the shop lady takes pity on me and let’s me swap but I cant see that happening! 

    Thanks for letting me know about the Enzoanis on eBay! I’m normally a size 6, the size 10 sample in the shop buried me but I’ll have to keep an eye on eBay in case I decide i need to get a new dress!


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    I think your friends are being mean the dress looks beautiful on you and once fitted I’m sure you’ll feel miles better. Why don’t you ask to go back and get them to pin it and take a photo? 

    I’m Sure they are used the people having dress wobbles and you’ll feel better once it’s on again 

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    I don't know you so I can't speak for your personal style and whether it suits you in that respect... But it definitely suits your body shape! And my personal opinion is that it's incredibly beautiful and I prefer it to the enzoani!


    I actually can't stop looking at it I love it 😂

  • I think the dress is stunning! I personally thinks it suits your figure and the lace detail is beautiful on you :)

  • 180oly180oly Posts: 8

    Thank you so much everyone 😊 Feel a bit better now. I just felt like I needed to get it off my chest! This is pinned as far as possible with the sample and She couldn’t do much more with the chest area as I have no boobs! 



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    I love the dress... I made the mistake of telling my bridesmaid what I was planning for a cover up and she hated it.  It made me feel so down about it all, I couldn't talk to  fiancé because I wanted it to be a surprise but he knew I was upset.  He said I chose it for a reason, I would look great it whatever I choose and he is marrying me for me not what I am wearing.

    I am still going for the cover up... But still have Wobblies about what other people will think.

  • So gorgeous! Lovely colour and lace detail.xx

  • You look gorgeous! I bet when you try it on again you will feel loads better! 

    If you still really don't feel happy then you can cross that bridge when you come to it and decide whether to buy the other one on eBay. 

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    I think your friends can't see beyond the fact that it's too big for you. I think it definitely suits you and it's gorgeous. Once you've had it altered to fit you perfectly and have your hair/makeup done i've no doubt you'll look absolutely stunning. 


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    I think it's lovely! I agree your friends probably just can't see past the ill-fitting aspects of the sample. I looked up the Enzoani and I actually prefer yours :)

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    I absolutely love your dress, but this is the sort of style I would have liked when I first started looking for mine. I much prefer it to the enzoani tbh. 

    I think the lace detail is gorgeous and the shape flatters your figure beautifully. Once you have the dress in your size and altered to fit your shape I'm sure your friends will change their tune. 

    My best friend wasn't keen on my dress when I first showed her it (I hadn't bought it yet) but she cried when she saw it on me all fitted. It can be difficult to see the full effect when the dress doesn't fit properly so try not to worry until you've got the dress back in your size!

  • I am just going to repeat what everyone else has said, that dress is beautiful and when you have the correct size on you are going to look stunning, ignore what your friends have said and go back to the shop and try it on, I hope you fall in love with it as you will look amazing on your big day :-)

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    That dress is stunning! I want it!! 

  • Your friends are crazy the dress looks beautiful! I even prefer it personally to your dream dress xx

  • 180oly180oly Posts: 8


    so update! Dress came in today in a smaller size, tried it on but with a petticoat this time and I love it 😍

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    Wow it's beautiful, you look amazing in it!

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    Yay! It looks stunning, glad it’s all worked out 

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  • It’s a gorgeous dress! I‘m glad you’ve fallen back in love with it. It really is beautiful x

  • Oh sweetheart I think you look lovely!  It's obviously not fitted to you yet but it's a gorgeous dress.   

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    I love it! It would look great with an up-do.

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