Did you go with groom when buying the suit?

So in laws have offerd to buy grooms, best man and usher suit. Grooms has went with them and seen the one they want. They are going back at end of this month to get. Just off the peg from Debenhams so if not correct sizing in stock we can just order online.

I asked if I could come along when tbey get them and was told by FMIL that I can't come. So ovs I'm a little miffed about this. She said I shouldn't be allowed to see suits if groom can't see me in my dress ? Has this always been the tradtion?  Or something else she has made up for our wedding ? 

Also on the convo of suits... groom will wear a different colour of waistcoat to others ? I said I think he should (ovs he is the groom) but his mum said they will all look fine the same. 

Thanks girls xx


  • I’ve been along with my fiancé to try on suits because he wanted my opinion and input. However I’m not going to go with him when he decides on the final colour combo because I want the surprise of seeing him on the day. 

    I think the tradition is just about the bride‘s dress but I’m not 100% sure. Either way it’s up to you and your H2B what you want to do. 

    Re: different waistcoat. Yeah they will look fine wearing all the same but it’s the groom’s special day too so I think he should stand out like the bride gets to! X

  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride

    I am going and I am helping pick as I know what the rest of the wedding looks like (he has been hands off mostly) so know what will work well

  • MrsMGMrsMG Posts: 359

    My husband ordered his kilt outfit from my Amazon account so I saw exactly how it looked online and when it arrived, I saw him try it on too. If he bought his outfit from a shop, he'd have let me go too. He saw me in my dress before the wedding too. The choice should be up to you and your partner what traditions you want to do, no one else.

  • I wasn't welcome at his suit appointments but I couldn't really complain as I didn't want him to see my dress.  

  • I asked my partner if he wanted me to see suits or have an input and he said yes. However now it's bought Im not allowed to see it again until the day in the flesh. Whatever he said I would have been ok with, even if that was me not seeing any suits at all. I think the only annoying thing is that it's come from future MIL, I would be a bit miffed and want to hear it from the groom. But in this instance I would let it go, don't let the little things stress you out :) 

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    I’d be miffed if my MIL said that to me! 

    I’m not sure what we’re doing yet but I probably will be involved x

  • MrsHowgateMrsHowgate Posts: 1,223 New bride

    I’ve been with him when he’s gone to try different styles on etc but I have left the decision upto him. It’s between Navy and Grey and he knows I’ll be happy either way as along as the suits match their ties lol.

  • MrsMcSMrsMcS Posts: 235

    My H2B is wearing a kilt. We chose the tartan together so that we could coordinate the colour scheme with it and I went with him to get measured and book the hire to help him choose the options (he hasn't worn one before). I won't see him wear it until the day though, as he didn't get to try it on at the measuring appointment.

    I do think it's nice for the groom to have something a bit different to set him apart - mine is wearing a tartan tie to match his kilt, and the best man is wearing the same outfit but with a plain navy tie to match the bridesmaids dresses.

  • Its YOUR wedding not your MiL's and it is perfectly normal both for the bride to be involved and for the groom's outfit to look slightly different.  

    What does your fiance think?

  • We are going together to get his wedding clothing. It won't be a suit as it's a beach wedding so will be shorts and a shirt with some moccasins or boat shoes.

    We are lucky to be in a position where there is not any involvement from any family members, they are just letting us crack on with it and do what we want.

    The only aspect that we are having involvment in is the wedding cake as my FMIL is making it. Oh and my dress as my FMIL came with me and helped me pick 

  • MrsGtoBMrsGtoB Posts: 681 New bride

    I’ve chosen options for his suit and although he’s going with his best man to try some on I’ll know what he’s wearing (kids are having small version) 

    He’s also going to wear a different waistcoat to Bm and Kids as it’s his big day

    I would ignore FMIL! 

  • My fiancé went to buy his wedding outfit with his parents, I wasn’t invited as it was really important for him to do this without me, so I’d have a surprise too on the wedding day.  

    None of the wedding party need to match him colour wise so I was happy for him to do this, it would have been different if there were other men wearing the same suit or bridesmaids dresses needed to match waistcoats

  • Lol we're doing it totally opposite! It was just me and OH in the shop when I chose my dress, he's the only person that's seen it on me in the flesh, but he wants to keep his suit a surprise and doesn't want me to pick it which I'm more than happy with! He's been very laid back and trusting in letting me take the reigns with the planning because A) I'm really good at it B) he finds it really difficult to visualise things and C) I know what he likes :) but the suit is the one thing he wants to do completely on his own and I'd love him to do as much for the wedding as he'd like to so him making this choice for himself is important to me too. I just worry it'll turn into my wedding and not our wedding so I try to encourage him to make decisions without my input.

  • Mine had his custom made, and i didn't go to any appointments at all so we both had a surprise on the day! 

  • We picked out the suit together but he didn‘t let me see it all on him until the day. I saw my dad I his though so knew what the suit would look like. All our men wore the same waistcoat, apart from the dads who didn’t want one. Lots of weddings I’ve been too have had the grooms wearing a different waistcoat though so that’s completely normal- provided it’s what you and he want and not just want his Mum wants.

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