Mexico, Italy or Croatia?

Okay so a bit of a varied honeymoon choice but I would really appreciate all of your opinions! We get married July 2019 😊

We've never actually been on holiday out of Europe, so Mexico will be a bit of a change for us! Our main options so far are the Riviera Maya in July, or Italy (Sicily or the Amalfi Coast) or Croatia in September. But, if there are any other destinations that people think might fit the bill, please tell 😁

We really want somewhere we can relax at the pool or beach in the sunshine, but also somewhere where we can do some exploring into old towns, and have a bit of fun too (but nothing TOO stressful after the wedding!)

We aren't that concerned about the price as we have plenty of time to save! We have been to Greece and Spain so we aren't too bothered about going to either of those.


Thank you in advance for any help! 


  • Jules24Jules24 Posts: 2

    Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding. You could check out the region of Puglia in Southern Italy. There are some amazing Masserias there with the most amazing facilities, the architecture is stunning. Much of the food is sourced locally and the people are incredibly warm and friendly. 

    There is also a very enchanting place called Alberobello (home of the pretty trulli houses) which is a UNESCO world heritage zone. 

    I must admit I am a bit Italy fan, but thought this would place would be worth you checking out. 


  • ThiebauldThiebauld Posts: 5

    Congratulations for your wedding :)

    Italy has an amazing number of architecture and historic places.
    You can travel from the North to the bottom south (though Tuscany)

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