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Hi All,

Curious to know who else met their H2B via on-line dating?

I met my fiancé through the E-harmony website in June 2015, we moved in together in April 2017 and he proposed in December.

I've been looking at people's planning threads etc. and a lot of you seem to have met via friends etc. Just wondering if its that unusual that we met on-line? :) x


  • Rach371Rach371 Posts: 826 New bride

    Nope, I'm a tinder bride!! There have been many jokes about asking people to sit on the left or the right!

    I went on tinder to boost my confidence after leaving a pretty horrible relationship when I was 25. My now fiance was on there as he works in a 99.9% male dominated industry and was finding it hard to meet people. Most of his friends were in relationships, as were mine.

    Everyone we've told has been pretty supportive, apart from my mum who asked why I couldn't have met him in a normal way like in a bar. To me meeting someone for a drink after talking to them on tinder is the same thing! 

    I'm looking forward to telling our kids that daddy got mummy off the internet!!

  • Hehe, hoorah, glad I am not the only one! We were the same really - I'd had bad experiences with dating and H2B was working in an engineering company and not meeting anyone... I don't mind at all telling my friends, but I do feel a bit embarrassed sometimes with some of his older relatives when they ask how we met... I don't think they really get it!

  • Rach371Rach371 Posts: 826 New bride

    I did used to tell the older relatives we met through friends, however my 87 year old granny asked if I'd been on tinder so I thought I should come clean with her!

    I know at least 4 couples who met online, 2 of them are getting married this year. I think it'll become more and more common and people won't think much of it. We can be trailblazers! 

    I only went on tinder to boost my confidence really, I didn't think I'd end up meeting the one .

  • Bebe2Bebe2 Posts: 60

    We met on plenty of fish! It makes me cringe to say it even though it shouldn't. He said hello on the weds and we met up on the Saturday nearly 4 years ago :)

  • We did, and my ex-husband also met his wife online. We met on Match. I don't feel bad/ odd about telling anyone; we're both workaholics who would never met anyone any other way.  His home is also in the middle of nowhere & he has kids, so getting out much just never was a possibility. Also, both of our ex's were alcoholics so we don't do the bar scene at all.

    We met back around this exact time in 2012.

  • britbirdbritbird Posts: 1,453 New bride

    We are a Plenty of Fish couple :-)  

  • I met my fiance on okcupid in 2015, several of my friends recommended it as they had met their partners on there and i think most of them are still together too.

  • Guardian Soulmates, and no embarrassment here - just gratitude that it helped me find the love of my life!

  • MrsHowgateMrsHowgate Posts: 1,154 New bride

    Me and H2B met on Facebook, of all places. We were friends for a few years playing online games. I then made the move and asked him for a date. The rest is history as they say!

  • We met on Tinder. Our siblings and friends know how we met but we still haven’t told our parents. I guess they’ll find out fore the wedding. I was a little embarrassed at first but I’m over it now. 

  • RS2017RS2017 Posts: 198

    We met on Tinder! As did 3 of the 4 couples whose wedding I have attended in past 18 months. Nothing to be embarrassed about In this day and age I don’t think!

  • Julia101Julia101 Posts: 161 New bride

    We met on okcupid too... I'm not embarrassed to tell people we met online,  I had moved hundreds of miles for work so had no real social network to fall back on, h2b was just getting into dating again after a divorce. It's funny that we actually went to the same places and enjoyed the same things but may never have spoken if it wasn't for the internet!  I'm so pleased I took that chance and reached out... My life has changed immensely for that one act of bravery (used with humour, I'm very shy in social situations!) 

  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,415 New bride

    Another Plenty of Fish marriage here! Although I have to say my husband was my last attempt at online dating given I’d met some right weirdos online over the years. Thank god he turned out to be normal. We’ve been together for 4 and half years now.

  • Mine is very bizarre... We met on Xbox Live whilst playing Gears of War . He was already online friends with someone who I was friends with in the "real world" (see I told you it was bizarre).

    We got talking and texting and then I came all the way to Scotland to meet him for real and the rest, as they say, is history! We had a long distance relationship for 18 months then I moved up here from Leamington and we lived happily ever after haha <3

    This is not a story people know outside of this forum so I have to trust you guys haha x

  • We're e-harmony folk. X

  • Giraffe888Giraffe888 Posts: 678

    We met on plenty of fish!

  • Plenty of Fish here too! I didn't mean to find the love of my life on POF, I had been loving the single life for a year after splitting from my ex who then harassed me for 9 months thereafter so a relationship wasnt something I had in mind...I'm not ashamed to say it but I was literally on POF to have a bit of fun 😂 My H2B messaged me some random line that I was just going to ignore but my friend encouraged me to message him back. We chatted non stop for a couple weeks, got into some deep conversations and then eventually met for a date. Unfortunately after the first date he got very sick, an infection in his heart so he was bed ridden for weeks and I dropped a 3 door oak wardrobe on my foot and broke it. I felt different about this guy so even with mu broken foot, every couple of days or so, I would go round his house, cook for him and his house mate and nurse him better. After he started to get well again he told me he loved me, 6 months later we moved in together, 3 years later and me changing several jobs we bought our first home and 5 1/2 years later we're getting married! 

  • redhair82redhair82 Posts: 289

    We met online. My Mum still doesn't know!!

  • HelenNHelenN Posts: 123 New bride

    POF for us too 😂 got together November 2013, 11weeks until the wedding!

  • I’m so pleased to see this thread. I did meet my OH through friends but a particularly close friend of mine has been wanting to settle down for a while but she isn’t very outgoing and just tends not to meet people. I’ve suggested that she goes online but she feels it’s abit ‘taboo‘ and that they are just for people who want a quick you know what. Totally showing her this as proof it can work!!

  • Anyone old enough to remember ICQ? That's how my brother and his wife met !

  • MrsS2019MrsS2019 Posts: 128 New bride

    Me and my fiance met online. 6 years later we’ve got 2 beautiful children, and getting married next year . Not at all how I imagined it all happening but I’m so happy things have gone the way they are as he can be a pain sometimes but I only have to look at him to put a smile on my face.

  • We also met on plenty of fish . His best mate convinced him to create an account. I had gotten out of a bad relationship and wanted to date to boost my confidence.

    Not in a million years did I think creating that account would end up in marriage. But here we are.

    We haven't told anyone though. 

  • MrsPBtobeMrsPBtobe Posts: 274 New bride

    I met my H2B on okcupid and no embarrassment here. He lived a bit further away than what I was looking for but sent me a really good message so we started talking. We met up and after a few dates became official in January 2016, moved in together August 2016, engaged May 2017 and getting married next April 2019.

  • Love hearing your online stories! 


    We met on POF. 

    we Met in Aug 2013 and the wedding is Aug 2020 

  • So lovely to hear :-) I do wish we had met in a different way, but I can't imagine how I would have met my Fiance in 'real life' as he is quite a bit older than me and just in a completely different sphere ... I guess it all happens for a reason :-) I am just grateful to have found him!

  • I almost forgot - my former longtime assistant at work also met her husband on Match.com! I had met my Mr. Right and still had some time left on my Match.com membership, so I told her to rewrite my profile with her picture and personal info!!  She had one or two dates and then met an engineer, who became her future husband.

    Not sure why people would be embarrassed of meeting online?  When I was on eHarmony, it didn't even let you browse profiles. If there was a match based upon your survey data, it sent you that match, and if there wasn't, you might not get any profiles sent to you for days.  It wasn't exactly designed for a cheap hookup. I'd say it would be a lot easier to head to the local pub and grab a snog with a half-drunken bloke than spend the time (and usually money) writing a profile online and hoping to snag someone local for a fling.

  • Julia82Julia82 Posts: 123

    We met on a bereaved spouses forum! It takes all sorts... ! x

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