Eloise secret closet for bridesmaid dresses

Has anyone used Eloise secret closet for bridesmaid dresses?

how did you find them for customer service?




prices seem good, but although the business address is a uk address they appear very similar in layout/styles available etc to many Chinese websites, which I’m not adverse to providing they have good reviews.






  • Bunny87Bunny87 Posts: 180

    My friend used them for her bridesmaids dresses and they looked fab. I don't think they needed to have any alterations. I've only had swatches from them but they arrived quickly. I think they were shortlisted for an award with bridebook.co.uk so you could always check with them if what they're advertising is true?

  • Rachel-41Rachel-41 Posts: 17

    I have ordered a bridesmaids dress to try from they, although we didn't go with that style dress in the end the quality was good and I had no issues with the dress. 

    Can take a long time to come in the summer months as they're busy, but they kept me updated and replied quickly.

    Had to pay to return but this was no problem.

  • Yeah, I had noticed but was just a little sceptical given the similarities in website layout, swatch charts etc,


    its great to know the dresses are of good quality, now just just to find out if I can get colour samples of custom colours  


    Thanks Bunny87 and Rachel-41



  • Sophie323Sophie323 Posts: 1

    I brought three custom made-to measure "Riva" dresses from Eloise's Secret Closet in October 2017 for my wedding in March this year. Being a UK company I thought they would be trustworthy and was willing to pay more to be made-to-measure rather than buying standard sizes and then paying to get them re-adjusted.

    I contacted them by phone and they were very helpful and they arrived in December within the 8-week timeframe. However I was utterly disappointed, upset and and beyond disbelief at the state of the them. All three did not fit, too long and out of proportion. The only thing right about them was the colour. I had to pay more for all three to be re-adjusted as I didn't have time to sort out buying new ones. Even the seamstress' was shocked at the state of them. I have yet to contact Eloise Secret Closet however I know they don't offer refunds for custom-made dresses and reading other reviews the general response from them is that the measurements were not taken correctly.

    It seems that some people have had positive experience with them so it may depend on what you buy. I will be contacting them to see what they say.



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