How did your mermaid dress fit?

Hi Ladies, 

I bought a mermaid dress for my wedding in the Pronovias sample sale.Its a size too big for me and when the lady pinned it back around my body really tight it looked really fitted, slimming and amazing.

I'm a bit worried that when I actually go to get the dress fitted it won't be stitched as tight as she had shown me in the store (as I'm guessing the seamstress will probably adjust it to my measurements) whereas this lady had squeezed me in a bit making my figure look quite nice. The dress doesn't have one of those belts to strap you in so it would really be down to the alterations to give me a nice shape. I hope this makes sense. 

I was just wondering, has anyone found that their dress didn't fit as tight and snug as when it was sold?

As my dress is from a sample sale I need to find a seamstress who will be able to alter it for me, unfortunately I couldn't get it done at the store.  



  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    My dress wasn’t mermaid but Ive read quite a bit about how they are quite loose fitting, because you need to be able to sit, bend and dance in it without bursting the seams. If it’s very tight you won’t be able to do any of those things.

    You would have to speak to the seamstress about how tight you could go, but you can always wear something underneath to pull you in.

  • Hol90Hol90 Posts: 34

    I had a fishtail dress and I had it really tight for the silhouette to look as I wanted. I am going to be honest, I struggled to manoeuvre properly! I only wore it for a few hours as I had a different one for the reception and I couldn't wait to get it off. My advice would be to chat to the seamstress and get her recommendations for the shape versus comfort factor. You could always get some sculpting undies to help give you the shape without compromising on being able to sit down easily x 

  • KittyFiennesKittyFiennes Posts: 775 New bride

    Most of the brides on here seem to agree with Hol90: their fishtail dresses ended up too tight to move properly. There are lots of complaints on threads about not being able to dance much, chaffed/ very sweaty thighs and legs, not being able to use the loo, etc. One bride from several years also crash dieted and ended up nearly fainting in hers at her drinks reception. She had to go lay down in the shade for a while!  You definitely don't want the dress to be too tight. You could actually add a sash/ belt too if you want to create the look of a more defined waist.

    I would make sure my seamstress has my correct measurements and leave it to her qualified hands. And definitely have a final fitting shortly before the wedding, in case you've gained or lost weight. 

  • Bebe2Bebe2 Posts: 60

    Thanks for your replies! Good to know it can be done, I'm only wearing it for the ceremony and photos so I'm not too worried about discomfort however definitely don't want to be fainting! Maybe I should just lose the weight instead of expecting my dress to squeeze me smaller haha. X

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