Scottish Brides - Did you match your kilts to your colour theme/bridesmaids??

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I am at the stage where I need to get my bridesmaids dresses organised before time runs out. My general colour scheme for the wedding is warm neutrals - thinking creams, taupes, browns with gold hints. I'd like the bridesmaids to be in a shade of taupe and i always envisioned the kilts featuring the colour of the bridesmaids somewhat, BUT I can't seem to find a nice kilt that centres around that colour scheme. Our local kilt shop has 3 main kilts (which H2B loves) which are a purpley/grey, a bluey/yellow or a dark blue/navy style. He said he won't go anywhere else as he is friends with the guy who owns this one...

Will it matter if i go for one of these and it doesn't necessarily complement the bridesmaid colours? Has anyone else paid attention to this or am I thinking too much? Any photos would be greatly appreciated! 


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    It won't matter at all, honestly. I think perhaps in past years it might have, but the super matchy-matchy thing isn't really trendy any longer. Saying that, I think it would be different if the kilts were red and the dresses violet, but neutrals go with anything don't they?! 

    My husband wore his family tartan, and was adamant he was doing that, so I had to work round a green, red, and blue kilt. Sounds horrendous I know but when I get home from work I'll either send you or post a photo on here of the kilt and the bridemaid's dress together (I only had one BM) - we ended up going for red and it worked. 

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    I've coordinated them with the kilts, but not matched exactly. I always liked the grey-based tartans but H2B wanted a brighter one with a blue background. He and the best man are wearing this tartan, and the bridesmaids are wearing navy dresses with purple shoes and flowers.


    My dad is wearing his clan tartan which is more muted green and blue, so there will be a few colours going on but I'm hoping they'll all complement each other without being either too matchy-matchy or a terrible clash.


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    Our kilts didnt even match each other, never mind the bridesmaids. But I still loved it all anyway and I don’t think it looked daft that they weren’t all matching. Can’t seem to find a picture of the kilts next to the bridesmaids, but hopefully you can get the gist from the pics below:



    My husband wore a yellow kilt so I had to throw any idea of colour matching out the window anyway!

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    I don't think it is necessary for them to match and it can be very difficult when kilts have so many different colours within them.

    I was lucky in that hubby's kilt is very modern and is mostly black with a gold stripe through it, so I managed to get them to wear gold cravats that matched the BM dresses but I really don't think anyone actually noticed!


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    Moggle your pic is gorgeous!   My h2b is wearing a blue based tartan and our bridesmaids are in a silvery grey, I didn't really think about matching them tbh 😐  his dad will be in a different tartan, I'm not even sure what colour though 😆 they are both owned not hired so couldn't really ask them to match. The best man is not Scottish so we won't ask him to wear a kilt, so he definitely won't match 😂. Some other guests will be wearing kilts but probably a random assortment of tartans... In short I don't think it really matters, not sure if anyone would notice that much... (At least I hope not!) I was thinking of incorporating flowers in the general colour family of h2bs kilt to pull it together a little.... 

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    I agree with comments above, h2bs kilt is bright green and I'm having pale blue flowers. If it complements then  brilliant but don't change what you were going to have anyway. Brides maids dresses are difficult enough as is ! 

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    Thank you everyone for your comments.Perhaps I am being too anal about the colour scheme!! Your picture is gorgeous Moggie! I guess in the grand scheme of things, 1 - will anyone even notice and 2 - does it even matter! 

    I think i had in my head everything would fit in the scheme but like you say Dee if i am going netural bridesmaids anyway it should tie in with anything! Such a good point!

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