Capris marquee or conventional one

hi I’ve seen on previous threads that some people have recommended capris marquees and I love the look of them it’s like a mini festival feel. I’ve had a quote in and it seems very reasonable, my budget is around 2.5k for 110 guests for bar / toilets / tables etc Excluding food booze obv

What are people’s experience of them and would you Recommend? my concern is if u have windy conditions with rain :( anyone had that with a Capris marquee? 

Also any Surrey based company suggestions welcome.

thanks in advance 


  • Maybe I need to be more specific, a marquee with no sides like a festival tent or a marquee with sides and windows..??



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    I’m having a sailcloth tent - you can remove the sides if the weathers nice but have clear panels on if it’s not.

    Personally there is no way I would risk a stretch/Capri tent - whilst I’m praying for nice dry warm weather, you can never guarantee it! Also I don’t think they have flooring? If the ground is muddy in the run up to the wedding that could be quite unpleasant...

    I think your budget sounds very tight for a marquee for those numbers. I’m really pleased we’re having a marquee wedding as it means we can get exactly what we want, but it’s definitely not a cheap option.

    You’ll need a decent toilet block (cheapest I found was £500 and that was no frills...), tables will be £4-7 each (take into account that you’ll likely need linen too), chairs £3-5 each, bar depends on how fancy (ours is £350)... Oh and add VAT onto all those prices. 

    Dont forget the generator and all electrical cables, lighting, flooring, a walkway or entrance, catering tent, chiller trailer / fridges, heaters, stage and dance floor if you’re having a band...

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    Just to clarify - you can have sides down or covered on stretch tents, but not capri tents (as far as I can tell); you may want to have a look at stretch tents to give yourself the option of doing that if it's windy or raining, but still want the capri tent aesthetic? They can also have wooden floors if needed.

    We're having a stretch tent for those reasons - preferred the more 'festival' look, but needed to be able to enclose for when it inevitably rains in Scotland! They are fairly pricey though - cheaper than marquees, not as cheap as capris. Our supplier is stretch and tents (, they have a base in London as well as up north. 

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    £2.5k is absolutely amazing considering you get all that! Can I ask who you went with? We have been quoted about that for a tipi, but just the tent, floor, and tables and chairs. 

  • Hi all

    thanks  much for all your posts. I cocked up with understanding the quote , toilets weren’t included and it was just basic so proabbly nearer 3.5k. I’ll check Who that quote was from. 

    I was actually going to ask if the capris tent had sides you can drop down, not sure wht the difference is between Capri and a stretch Tent but seems stretch tent would be better! I like the festival feel of those tents anyway! 

    ill check out the company u suggested in London thanks 😁

  • Also is everyone going for a lining or just the tent, in some cases it’s an extra 500 quid? 

    The quote was from out is in. 


  • Slaith cloth tents look lurvel actually! maybe This over a Capri or stetch tent I think. Any recommended companies near Surrey by any chance? 


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    Wedding2k18yeehaa wrote (see post):

    Slaith cloth tents look lurvel actually! maybe This over a Capri or stetch tent I think. Any recommended companies near Surrey by any chance? 


    I’m up north so not much use for recommendations, but you could try Papakata - they have a base down south. Heads up though, depending on the size you go for, you’re looking at £2.5-3.5k for just the tent..! 

    I think stretch and Capri tents are much easier to put up and transport which is partly what makes them cheaper. 

  • We have Sailcloth and Stretch Tents (a bit like the Capri Tents, but with window walls that can make it weatherproof if necessary)! Our website is - we're based in Leeds, but our prices are very competitive, so we work all over the UK, from Kent to Scotland etc.

    From my experience, the Sailcloth Tents are lovely - light, airy with panoramic window walls that can be removed etc, and the Stretch Tents are almost a cross between the sailcloth tent and a tipi.  They combine the best of both - a modern, beautiful silhouette with the cosiness of a tipi, but a little more practical with window walls rather than brown tipi walls that reach the floor (on a sunny day, the difference is really noticeable). Stretch tents are also a little quicker to put up, hence they can be more cost effective - there are packages for both on our website, and the stretch tent is about £1k less when comparing marquees for 100 guests (£3,950 + vat rather than £4,950 + vat, including lighting, furniture etc).

    Pinterest is a great place to look if you want to get a feel for the inside and out of each style - good luck, enjoy browsing, and if you need anything else do get in touch x

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