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Hi guys, we are looking at having a band at our wedding as we both love music. Just wondering if any of you know of any good bands that do weddings that are not extremely expensive? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated 😊


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    where r u, what sort of music do u like, and what do u consider 'extremely expensive'?


  • We are in Cardiff. We want somebody who can cover pop songs, classics but also able to do some stuff like chilli peppers and some more rock music as well. We want to make it suitable for everybody and have somebody who can play music that all guests will enjoy. We don't have a specific budget but I would say we don' want to pay more than 500. Thanks 

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    I'm not sure about prices in Cardiff, but the cheapest we found was £750 in Leicester. Try searching on Facebook, go to gigs at local pubs etc. 

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    I think you will need to look locally, a lot of wedding bands are £1000 up (one I looked at was £5k- nearly passed out when I received the quote). 

    You also want to be looking at trios or even duos, something I hadn’t considered was how much the cost goes up when the band gets bigger- large jazz band out the Window! I guess it seems obvious with hindsight but may help on your search

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    I can't help with recommendations in that area but I also wanted to warn you that you will probably struggle to find a band for under £500. Bear in mind that the fee has to cover travel, expenses and payment for each member of the band, so as Sian said the cost generally goes up with the size of the band. We're paying £800 for a 3-piece band in Glasgow and we had quotes as high as £1800 for a 5-piece!

    Try Gumtree, or see if there's a "local brides" type Facebook page for your area. Bands who are trying to get into the wedding circuit are likely to advertise in those types of places, and they may be cheaper.

  • For your budget the best bet would be local pub gigs and finding a band you like there. Try searching Facebook too! Be prepared to buy more than £500. If you have a band off 4 members, they need to travel etc, then you have to think how they will make a profit. 

    You'll have to go for a band just starting out on the circuit so you may not have as many reviews of them.

    Good luck!

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    Hi Hannah,

    I got married down the road in Newport and I think you may struggle with that budget. We looked at a lot of bands in the area and most of the quotes were between £1200-1600 for a 4-6 piece band.

    In the end, we sacrificed drums and booked a duo from Swansea who were fabulous, for £550.

    It's probably worth me mentioning here though, that I work in a pub and the duo do not charge £550 for a pub gig - it goes with the wedding territory, and the expectation that generally a band may have to learn a new song or 2 (first dance) and will be expected to put shirts etc. on. Also, in the pub I work in at least, most bands will have a few(!) drinks for free during a gig and can comfortably get drunk. I would be unimpressed if a band did this at my wedding and especially not on my money haha!

  • Hi Hannah,

    This isn't a region we play in so we couldn't offer you anything even if we could go that low on price but, as manager of a busy wedding function band I can advise you that if you definitely can't pay more than say £750 then you will definitely need to approach a band directly (not via an agency or large bands directory website), Experienced wedding bands will not perform for £500 so I would identify the highest regarded live music pub venue in the area you are getting married and go and see bands that play the sort of music you are interested in. If you see a band that impresses you then approach them at the end of the night (unless any are drunk, in which case avoid them). Pub bands generally get paid around 250 to £300 so there's a chance they may be interested in a £500 gig. A wedding involves a lot more work though, and some bands really hate weddings for some reason. Don't try offering any less than £500!

    You'll be better looking at trios and quartets. Anything with more band members is definitely going to be a challenge to get for £500, even with a pub band.

    I think you are taking a bit of a risk not looking for a specialist wedding band this way, but there are some fantastic semi pro bands that play pubs. Just make sure you see them live and have a good chat with them. If possible get personal recomendations too.


    Good luck!



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    £750 is the cheapest quote i got from a pub touring band in the midlands 

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