Bridebook versus hitched

Elle25Elle25 Posts: 37 New bride

Hi everyone,

I have finally booked a venue for a June 2019 wedding! Now the fun begins...

I downloaded the bride book app for my phone and found it helpful when looking for venues and starting to think about guest list. I'd like to use an online tool to keep track of spending and plan the budget rather than creating a spreadsheet from scratch. It also means that I could access from anywhere.

What are your experiences of both of these websites? Or any alternative tools / websites you'd recommend? 


  • Barbie3Barbie3 Posts: 340

    most of the apps are pretty much the same, but we ditched ours in the end because they all encourage u to worry about, and spend money on, things u don't need an didn't think u wanted before u read them on some stupid list!   

    my hubby2be made a spreadsheet 2 suit our own list, its really simple and works perfectly 4 us

  • Elle25Elle25 Posts: 37 New bride

    I started trying Hitched and agree with you - I deleted or amended half the items on the to-do list and budget planner. I am also finding it too restrictive - too many sub menus you have to go into to edit the simplest things - so thinking a spreadsheet is the way forward! 

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,202

    I looked at the online ones and found they would all need some editing to match my needs so I just did my own in the end, didn't take long at all and I used the online ones for inspiration. Just save it to your onedrive/google docs and then you can access and edit it anywhere on your phone?

  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 1,903 New bride

    Done the same as Jenni, spreadsheet on Google docs we can both access from laptop/phones.

  • MrsMcSMrsMcS Posts: 235

    Another vote for spreadsheet on Google docs! Mine is a thing of beauty 😁

  • Elle25Elle25 Posts: 37 New bride

    Thanks  definitely the way forward and use cloud storage

  • I looked into it and decided it was filled with rubbish we will never ever use. So we made a Spreadsheet and shared it online with each other, it's always available, updates and has everything we need!

  • MrsR17MrsR17 Posts: 76 New bride

    Another vote for your own spreadsheet, kept mine on onedrive so could access it when out and about :) 

  • MrsK2018MrsK2018 Posts: 84

    Hie Elle25.In terms of checklists I used an app called Lady Marry.Its an American one but you can customize it and its simple to use.

  • Elle25Elle25 Posts: 37 New bride

    Thanks - I will take a look and it may give inspiration.

    Currently my wedding spreadsheet is sat on the cloud and I’m pretty proud if myself 

    Excel colour coded seating plan anyone?

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