Kuramathi Maldives

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Has anyone been to Kuramathi Maldives and would you recommend?

Looking at a Garden Villa and upgrading our all inclusive?  If anyone has been can you let me know if there are restaurant restrictions? (i.e. how many nights you can dine in the restaurant and not just the buffet)



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    We went in 2014 (eeek) and it was absolutely amazing! We went for the garden villa and updated our all inclusive to the a la carte option which meant we could eat in a restaurant (rather than the buffet) every night. It was just spectacular - absolute heaven and I would go back in a heartbeat.


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    I think this is where Lubes went? If so then the pics looked stunning! Can't say anymore though as it is well out of our budget! I am sure you will have a fab time!

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    We havent been yet but this is where we are honeymooning later in the year. We’ve gone for a beach villa and upgraded to the al a carte all inclusive. I’m so excited for it, especially now our wedding has been and gone. We booked through Kuoni and get an upgrade to the next available room type on arrival! X

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    We’re going there on our honeymoon in 2 weeks time - I’m very excited & i think my friends are fed up with me always talking about it ha. One of my friends has already been and recommended it to us, she said it’s wonderful.

    If you go basic all inclusive then I think you are assigned  a buffet restaurant closest to your room.If you want to eat elsewhere you can but I believe it will be expensive. From what I hear it’s well worth upgrading to the al la carte all inclusive option. Luckily for us Kuoni included this in our deal for free. The al la carte option means you still have an assigned buffet but you can eat at no extra cost at any of the other 9 restaurants - unless you want lobster or champagne. You can only book a restaurant up to 3 days in advance but I assume there is no limit into how many times you eat there.

    It should be lovely in March!! 



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    How strange I thought I'd check in on here today and see this thread at the top!

    We went to Kuramathi for our honeymoon in August 2016 which literally feels like a lifetime ago now. I still miss it every day and I could not recommend it highly enough - it is absolutely the most AMAZING place. Perfect for a honeymoon and incredibly special. We chose it over the other islands because of how it was a little bigger with more options for restaurants etc.

    We upgraded our all inclusive because we didn't want to be having to add up bills as we went along. We stayed in a water villa with pool and as a result, we didn't really take advantage of the all inclusive as much as we could have done so I'd say it's a good option if you don't have a private pool as chances are you'll be going to the pool bar and using the facilities more often than we did. We worked out that it probably would've been cheaper to have actually paid the bill at the end as we aren't massive drinkers and only ate one/two courses. We weren't bothered though as it still took the financial stress away at the time.

    There are no restaurant restrictions, but when we were there you had to book dinner 48 hours in advance which did take away the spontaneity a little bit, as you were always having to think where you wanted to dine in two days time (this is one of the first things they do when you check-in which is a little overwhelming when you've been travelling for 20 hours!). You can't just turn up somewhere as such. You don't have to book the buffet and can eat there as much as you like (they do different themes every night to keep it interesting!!) and they have one restaurant which you don't need to book (it's more casual dining like burgers, spag bol...) so you don't have to commit to somewhere each night if you don't want to. The only other thing about the dining was that you could only book either 7pm, 8pm or 9pm slots. This didn't really bother us though as they do it so the restaurants aren't overcrowded. 

    Hope this helps  x

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    We just got back from here. 

    We had a garden villa (if you ask for a villa numbered 1 - 12 it’s right on the seafront and in a better location than the more expensive accommodation)

    i would say upgrading to select all inclusive is a must. We did it and you can eat at any restaurant without worrying about paying (prices are extortionate if you don’t upgrade)

    the food was out of this world!!

    we met a few couples there who had been to other islands and said Kuramathi is the best one so good choice :)

  • thank you for all your amazing comments! we will definatly be booking this island! I cant stop looking at pictures!


  • Guys what times of year can you go Maldives? We are getting married in September so not sure if that is bad weather...

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    OrganisedBridexxxx wrote (see post):

    Guys what times of year can you go Maldives? We are getting married in September so not sure if that is bad weather...

    Maldives is a nice location year round with temperatures staying around 30 degrees all the time. However May to October is the monsoon season so there is more chance of rain. The plus side of this is that it’s a lot cheaper and will be less busy. Of course the negative being that it is technically the rainy season, but then there are never any guarantees when it comes to the weathe. We went to Kuramathi in May and whilst we had some rain it never lasted long and in no way detracted from our holiday - you will be in paradise after all. 

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