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Gemma361Gemma361 Posts: 21

We have asked our guest (who are all family) not to bring phones or cameras to the wedding, as we don't want them to be in our face taking photos are posting them on social media, we have a photographer who will take all the photo and the family will be able to pick and print any photo' they want after the wedding. Most guests seem to be fine with it accept my OH mum was doesn't seem to happy about it. What do your think about it?


  • CJB2CJB2 Posts: 2

    This is exactly what I want as well, it also puts the focus on you and OH and your guests can be more in the moment, rather than watching it from a screen just to watch later. 

    It's your wedding, they should respect your wishes! Only problem would be policing your wedding, do you really want to interrupt someones speech as an unruly guest is recording? That would be my only concern!

  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,775 New bride

    If a couple asked for no pics that would be fine but I wouldn't be happy about being told I can't bring my phone at all

  • August2018BrideAugust2018Bride Posts: 204

    I've said that guest photos are welcome after the official photos have been taken by the photographer so no snapping away until then, phones firmly in pockets people! 😂 Mainly because my mother thinks she's a world class photographer (she's not and barely even close) but she'll try her damn best to prove herself better than the photographer we've paid for. I've also asked for no photos on social media until we have had chance to review them but this is mainly because my friends adopted children will be in attendance who are not to have any social media presence. It's so difficult to keep an eye on whether they are in a picture or not when it's uploaded straight away. 

  • Gemma361Gemma361 Posts: 21

    The issue is all our family' are going to be there so not like they need then for emergency, the only way they would need there phone are for taking picture and video are browsing social media, which I am sure is not important on our wedding day... me and my OH do not post on social media although we have it to keep in contact with family abroad so wouldn' be happy if anyone posted anything. All photos will be taking by photographer even any photo' they want taken. Ok would rather for the one day to see people faces than there face in a phone. 

  • MrsTraceyMrsTracey Posts: 802 New bride

    I can understand not wanting phones everywhere and wanting to see people's faces instead of phone screens. for that reason, we're having no photos in the ceremony and then after that we want our guests to feel they can take pictures, as a bit of a balance. However, I have to be honest, if I was told I couldnt bring my phone I'd be a bit miffed. I know it's bad but I'd be gutted if I couldn't take a couple of snaps during the day too! I love looking back on the memories. 

    However, this is just me and it's totally your day - I can see why you don't want as many photos. Could you maybe have a couple of signs, or a note in your order of service to gently remind of this, and encourage guests to be present without setting blanket rules? I think people just dont like being told they're "not allowed" to do something! X

  • Abigail56Abigail56 Posts: 102

    We won’t be asking guests to not take cameras or phones. But we are placing little cards on each seat at the ceremony that says “We are honoured to share our day with you, please keep this event private by not sharing photos from today on social media until after we do, thank you”. Although they are welcome to post photos of themselves and their children etc. I just want to be the first to share photos of myself, my husband and the bridal party.

  • KittyFiennesKittyFiennes Posts: 772 New bride

    I'm guessing when you say "not to bring" you don't mean you plan to check everyone's pockets and handbags to make sure they've left their phones elsewhere.  I'm guessing you meant you're asking guests not to use them. Lots of weddings have gone "unplugged", especially the ceremonies in recent years. 

    Google search or go on Etsy, there are loads of pretty signs that you can post at your ceremony courteously asking guests not to use their phones.  I've also been to ceremonies where the officiant (minister, priest, whomever) asks/ reminds guests at the beginning to please "silence the ringer" on their phones and not take photos.

    It's neither an unusual nor an unreasonable request.  I'd ask my OH to kindly remind your FMIL that she'll need to keep her phone in her handbag, silenced, like everyone else.

  • AwhelenqtAwhelenqt Posts: 778 New bride

    Agree with most of the above. We'll be asking guests not to take any photos during the ceremony and keep photos of us off Facebook until we've posted some. But asking people not to bring their phones at all I would ignore if I were a guest to be honest. I'd want to take pictures of my little boy and I just get super paranoid about not having my phone on me in case of an emergency.

  • Rachel-41Rachel-41 Posts: 17

    I got married a few weeks ago and have a 6 week wait until I get my professional photos, the guests photos have been the only thing keeping me patient, I look at them almost daily, just something to think about maybe? 

  • Julia82Julia82 Posts: 123

    I think no photos during the ceremony is fine if not perfectly normal. But wow the things you will miss out on if you ban them after that. And as someone just said, you will have a wait for the pro photos, your mates pics will be all you have to look back in that time. I’d hate to have none and I’d hate to be told I’m not allowed to take any! 

    At my previous wedding , everyone asked me if it was ok to fb photos which I thought was nice. I just said yeah whatever! I loved seeing them all and 6 weeks later interest from attendees has most certainly died down. If you don’t have them you miss out on the post wedding reminiscing and excitement. 

    Just food for thought xx


  • KittyFiennesKittyFiennes Posts: 772 New bride

    I don't personally see the harm in them at all during the reception - it's the ceremony where it gets to be downright obnoxious.  You look towards the alter and all you see is a slew of screens pointing at the couple. It makes for really bad looking pro pics too - who wants to look at ceremony photos where every shot except close-ups of the couple features guests holding up a phone?

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