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Just looking for a bit of help with a couple of things, we have our final meeting with the venue to confirm all details in June and just wondered if there was anything I needed to ask? I do have a couple of questions but am having a real mind blank and don't want to forget anything. 

Also what flavours did you go for with your cakes?




  • FutureMrsTomlinFutureMrsTomlin Posts: 408 New bride

    Not really sure about what questions to ask - it really depends on what you've already spoke about. I'm sure you will come up with all the necessary questions when you're talking to them and you can always contact them after if not.

    In terms of cake, we are having lemon drizzle, Bakewell and gin & elderflower

  • Kitty12Kitty12 Posts: 119 New bride

    It’s worth confirming the timeline with the venue, and checking things like when suppliers etc can arrive, who will be available from their staff if you have any issues, etc. If it’s the final meeting, you’ve probably discussed all the big things, it’s really a good chance to double check the little details.


    For our cake we had a strawberry and cream marble cake, with strawberry milkshake flavour buttercream :-)

  • Future-Mrs-GFuture-Mrs-G Posts: 148

    We have our final meeting tomorrow, I'm just gonna. Double check all guest numbers, menu, chair sashes, timeline, room access times, time to arrive day before to deliver stuff, and , look at outside photograph areas.

    we have previously confirmed everything so just chance to double check xx

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