Can my banns of marriage be read at 2 churches on the same sunday?

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Me and my H2B are getting married in the church where he was baptised, and since we live in a different parish, we have had to have our banns of marriage read at both churches 3 times each. 

Here's where I am... Last Sunday, I had the 3rd and final banns of marriage read at the church we are getting married. I had previously arranged with our local parish to have our banns read a few weeks ago now so they should have been read by now. 

I emailed my local parish last week to ask when I could visit him to collect the certificate of proof they had been read. I received a message from him on Sunday evening, to say that he's really sorry but he had not read my banns of marriage at all on the previously agreed dates. He said luckily I contacted him when I did as at that time I had exactly 3 Sunday's left till our wedding.

However that Sunday he read the 1st banns(at my local parish) was the same day the other church (we are getting married in) read the 3rd banns. Is this allowed or do they need to be read on separate days?

I've tried googling this but haven't seen any mentions on this topic. I'm scared to ask my priest as I'm worried that it is not allowed and they will tell me we can't get married... I just need to put my mind at ease as I have less than 3 weeks to go till the big day...Help please!! 


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    No it’s allowed I think. As long as they’re read on three Sunday’s before the wedding :) 

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